Monday, November 21, 2011

Morning Post 11/21/11, SPX

STB having computer issues this morning (carryover from Friday), so Post will be late and developing as I have time. Running in safe mode while doing a full system scan (after cash clean and registry scan) is like a gazillion percent faster. Something is bad wrong with my PC.

Futures holding round level 1200 for now. Once they got back thru 1218 that was all she wrote as the October run should be taken back. STB November swoon better late than never. Like the July call they both topped early in the month and too thru the next month to fully materialize.

I told you the debt ceiling would be a disaster. I did miss in the rhetoric and bitching call. Not sure how they kept things so quiet, but I assume since they are not doing anything then there is nothing to bitch about. Bottom line is when you have spendocrats and republicons running the show nothing of substance will ever be achieved. Keep looking for that last massive easing to come. They are too deep into the lie to turn back now.

I love Germany. When this is all over they will be the ones to thank. I am not sure how the global syndicate was not able to force them to print with the rest perpetuating the Ponzi. Maybe the elite don't have their tentacles into every orifice on the planet as it seems.

Daily SPX -

Have a great holiday week.

Remember the reason for the season.

GL and GB.

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