Sunday, March 31, 2013

Who are the Fools? Morning Charts 04/01/13 SPX /ES

Are the Cypriserfs the fools this day? I don't think that is fair to say. They are unwilling participants, thus no blame or scorn can be thrown their way. Not one iota. All the STB readers know exactly who I think the real fools are. There are none greater than the citizens of the USSA. The suckers that have elected and supported the politicians that have allowed this crisis to continue. The same politicians that support special interest groups over the citizens they should be serving.

The sheeple that have taken every penny in credit the banks have offered and spent like there is no tomorrow or consequences. The sheeple that allow the Fed to spend the taxes of current and future generations to support a spending and debt addition that will one day destroy this nation and the world's reserve currency. The same ones that allow close to half of the monthly POMO to be sent abroad to support foreign banks. We are the fools this day.

We are the fools that sit idly by with the Cypriserfs and others to come that allow the crooked and corrupt capitalists to steal everything we have worked so hard to achieve. We are the fools that are so self absorbed, so passive, so indifferent, so ignorant, so unbelievably arrogant. It just pisses me off to no end to see us throw it all away. All so we can live comfortably now not acknowledging the consequences of our current actions and lack of any moral or ethical compass. Sadly, we are the fools.

Everyone on the globe has now been set up to be a perpetual debt serf. The real theft is just now beginning and the Cypriserfs are the first to allow it (sans the PPG, O-MFG and LIBOR thefts) to go down without a fight. The template is set. The path is set. The rich and privileged get out first and the rest have their wealth plundered in order to save the financial system. Who's next? I don't know, but more theft is coming and coming soon. You know the sad part, there is no way out. They can pay this lot off with the spoils of the savers, but what happens when the savers have nothing left to steal? The debt will not just end unless as STB called years ago at the beginning of the blog there is massive global default aside the "event" that rips control of the system from the Fed.

So we are the fools. This can not be disputed. On this day think of yourself, your idle indifference, your complacency, your lethargic passive manner that concedes everything to the elite without lifting one finger. Now ask yourself if you have the fortitude to turn this tide? Will you defend your rights, your liberty or your dignity? You better find the answer to this question. They are taking over from bottom to top. They are just beginning their rape of the lower class.

Don't for one second think you are one of them or that this can't happen to you. As I have warned for years as well, the $19 trillion in retirement savings is their goal, and they will take it all and distribute it as they see fit. Don't think there are not any deposit restrictions in the USSA? Go try and withdraw any amount over $5,000 today and see what happens. You won't get it today. You can have it next week. They don't have it.

Wake up fool. They are on the march to their final conquest.

On to the markets -

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Open Weekend Post 03/29-31/13

You know the drill, share the love and the knowledge.

Not much to comment on. All systems are go - well, on the charts and for the Feds, so the tug-o-war stalemate inch to new highs is all we get. Friday was truly amazing with loads of bad data, Cyprus and all, but the march to new SPX highs (and the 1566 triangle target on the minis) continues. We must remember, bad news is the best news. As STB always warns going into holiday weekends, they want everything up and giddy for families to be happy about. They don't want us focusing on anything other than all our wealth and how much shit we can buy. Good times indeed! /s

I really want to discuss the topping process, me calling a top and how I am planning on doing that. This is what I have built my reputation on, so I don't want to screw it up. That call is to come in the near future, but till then let me say that this time will be different in how I call the top. Bottom line is the top in everything is in. It has been in for over a decade. There are multiple tops. Say what? Well, first there is a Constitutional top, then market tops and currency tops and ... well you get my drift. Everything is ending as we know it because of the bankster takeover and the move to global debt serfdom is afoot. This may come in multiple posts. I am not sure.

Two charts for you over this long holiday weekend. First ,you all know what has happened in the past when I travel. Second, Monday is April Fools Day. How poetic would it be for Monday to open down say 100 handles? LOL, not gonna happen, but ...... I don't think we get into any real trouble till the next country's savings are looted. Then the bank runs and capital controls really hit. Then the sheeple get truly pissed. I still can't believe how well the Cypriserfs took it  - and without any lube!

I could throw out a million charts at you but let's just look at a few.  Trust me, they all look just as bad as these.

SPX triple top - No need for further discussion.

Morning Charts 03/28/13 SPX /ES

Let's start this post with the worst thing I have seen since I don't know when. This event, here in my home state of Georgia, seems to put a cherry on top of all that is so wrong. A grocery store was forced to close by STI (SunTrust Bank) cause they had not paid their bills. That's not the problem.The problem is what happened to all the merchandise and food that was removed from the store.

You have to see it to believe it. Easter week of all times, with hungry, homeless and poor people surrounding the mass of food, they do not give it to the crowd. The crowd had to watch as state police threw it all into a large dumpster. How Christian! I told you in my first post of the year that God was gone. That He had been removed from the equation. Welcome to your bankster dominated future folks. Compassion? Gone! Greed lives.

Could this have been handled differently? You bet it could have been, but alas is wasn't. Bottom line is this was the cheapest way to handle the mess for the bank. If they had given the food away and someone got sick then the lawsuits would have been much more costly, so they chose the easy route. That's a simple decision from the top. Now, how well does that describe the system we live in? This is your Hope and Change in action.

There is nothing more poignant than this act to frame the global catastrophe facing us all right now. The Fing banks chose to throw away perfectly good merchandise rather than feed the poor and the homeless. No, this really happened. Not kidding. One of those you have to see it to believe it things. You better wake up now folks. You better pray and prepare. Times are about to get really really tough. 

Onto Cyprus ....Or Syria...Or N Korea ... Or whatever other place on the planet you chose to pick, everything sucks. Well, everything other than our BS rigged stock market. Remember Greenscum said that it was the most important thing right now. Illusions folks, the Matrix, red pill/blue pill, chose your reality. One simple question, why do they want your guns? Is it really to stop violence against children? One word - Tyrants. Welcome to your new reality. You can keep on popping those red pills all you like and live in a fantasy where nothing bad exists and your future is bright, or you can take the blue pill and see things as they really are. A bankster dominated police state, run by tyrants, turning you and me in to debt slaves to serve the system. The choice is yours.

On to the markets -

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Morning Charts 03/27/13 SPX /ES

I have some school h\things with LS1 this morning, so this is it for a post till I get in later,

No big deal. This is the SPX's last shot at an all time high before the Cypriserf banks (those that are left) open. tomorrow.

I'll be in close to the open I think. I'll sling some charts at you later.

Daily SPX -

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Insanity - Morning Charts 03/26/13 SPX /ES

Small, insignificant, meaningless, all terms that are associated with the Cyprus crisis in the backs of the minds of the elite. Lab Rat may be a more honest term. Cyprus, being the smallest of the small has been reduced to little more than a modern financial theory experiment. Well, not exactly a modern theory, more of a throwback to socialist dogmas and precedents. How'd they work then fellas is all I have to ask?

These poor people. Like the old lower than pond scum jokes, these people have been kicked to the curb by the financial elite and are now the poster children of the latest debt bubble. Those awake know that this crisis is the worst one yet, and it will have to end at some time. Someone had to be the first to test out exit strategies for the crony capitalists. Congratulations Cypriserfs, you were the first one left without a chair at this game of musical bailouts.

Raw pure theft, there is no other way to describe the situation. At one time this would be an act of war on an ally of the US. At one time we'd actually defend a nation under this type of oppression. Not now. Or, well, not now, for several good reasons. First and foremost (IMHO) it is the Fed (our personal banksters) that is truly the ring leader in this crisis. It is our government that failed to regulate the banksters that allowed this crisis. London led the uber rehypotecation ring. The banks now control most of the world's governments via blackmail (TBTJ). Thus we idly sit by and watch the carnage.

Everyone got cheap and easy credit. Politicians around the globe could not turn it down. You borrow, you build and improve, citizens feel like they are really wealthy, then you can't pay it back, banks take over assets and they win. Was this the plan from the start, or was this just the natural result of greed and stupidity on the part of the governments and sheeple of the globe? Either way, the banks win and own everything.

What's to come of this? Well, personally I'm quite surprised at the level of tolerance the sheeple have been demonstrating. Raw theft of your life savings from your bank by a government that is not of your country? I don't know about you, but to me that would be a great time for vengeance. Forget justice, that will never come. I honestly hope that some desperate actions by a few can lead a nation in revolt of what's going down right now in Cyprus. If not, that will only give the banksters the green light to move to the next and the next and the next looting even more savings.

The two big things I see - First, I was half right yesterday (they middled me). They pushed back the bank openings to Thursday. This leaves a one day window before the long weekend. The most religious holiday of the year may help to keep a lid on things at least till Monday. I do know that they will have to open the banks at some point in time, and when they do that is when all hell breaks lose. I would suspect subsequent closings, because there will be significant demonstrations, lack of funds and a need for military (possibly UN) presence at each bank from now till the banks ultimately fail.

Second, did the Ruskis and other elites get their money out first? If so, this really ain't right. I suspect we'll never know the truth about this.

Something else, is this all about war? This is an angle that some have hit on that I don't necessarily get. Why pick on Russia? We have enough troubles elsewhere. I know this will all end with the next great war. No financial crisis of this magnitude has ever not ended in a major war. Why that is an angle, I don't see. Plus, you know my opinion on this, Russia, China and the US have already divvied up the globe. They know how the next war will end and who gets what.

On to the markets -

Monday, March 25, 2013

Test Run - Morning Charts 03/25/13 SPX /ES

Well, we've had O-MFG and PPG events here and several other (think Argentina) invasive maneuvers of the elite to see how easy it is going to be to steal all our cash (cause just making us poor is not good enough). All of them have been great successes so far. A billion here and there from institutions has worked out well. There has been little clawback, the courts are definitely to be on their side and no one is going to jail. Brilliant! for the crony capitalists.

Let's see how the Cypriserfs react this week when their haircuts are revealed. Let's call this a test run on a whole country to get its reaction to blatant theft. Maybe they chose Cyprus cause it is a very small isolated island. You know, if the fires get out of control there is water all around it to act as a fire break just in case the serfs get a bit too rowdy after finding their most of if not all their cash has been stolen. We all know Russia has a bunch of cash there. That makes them the wild card.

I'm not sure any of us have heard what's really happening in Cyprus. In true STB style, don't guess or over analyze from the start, cause these days nothing happens till the 11th hour (like clockwork). I don't think this saga has ended quite yet. Personally I think the people of Cyprus would rather eat dirt than sell their soul to the ECB for a 5th time, but hey, what does it matter at this point?

Just like Greece and the rest of the EU, when you are this deep into the shit, why stop now? Look at what the Bernank and the Fed are doing here. When the ultimate outcome really can't be that much worse, why stop the party now? When you already owe more than you could already pay back in the next century and the fools are willing to give you more, why not?

OK, so say the deal is done and the haircuts come, now we sit on pins and needles waiting for the banks to open and for the reaction of the millions that have had all their money stolen. How bad is it gonna get? Will that fear, panic or anger bleed over into the rest of the EU? Deposits have been shrinking over the past few years for various reasons. The rest of the PIIGS have all had this direct theft idea thrown their way in the past week. What would you do?

Maybe we've reached the point where someone in power will actually pay the ultimate cost for their sins? It would be about time a banker or politician somewhere received their just dues be it thru a court system (impossible) or via vigilante justice. I believe they have finally opened Pandora's Box. The STB catalyst has finally arrived. Hell, WTF are they gonna do in 6 months when they need another bailout? Take all the Cypriserf's cash? You know it is unsustainable and that they will have to go to the table again sooner than later. This is so stupid. What's even more stupid is that the people are not in a total revolt across the globe against the banksters and governments, but that's a whole nother post. .

On to the markets -

Friday, March 22, 2013

Open Weekend Post 03/23-24/13

You know the drill, share the love and the knowledge.

I guess it will be all about the Cypriserfs this weekend. All we can do is watch the news and see what develops.

Enjoy the weekend.

GL and GB!

Morning Charts 03/22/13 SPX /ES

Top of the bracket - LS 1&2 and LC - Seriously. My two kids are in the lead? Some dude named Inc rubbed his fingers raw yesterday texting shit to me and is solidly behind me, RC, Sky, MP and others which is where he belongs. Another 16 games today. Fun stuff. Still wide open, but taking early bragging rights for my boys to the bank while I can.

Speaking of March Madness, the Cyprisurfs appear to have the clock running out on them, down by 13 and their lead 3pt shooter just fouled out. The banks are putting a full court press on their deposits. I have to agree with Mark Grant in this ZH post, where was the problem three weeks ago? Stress test results gave no clue of the coming implosion. Nah, never mind, we here at STB know better not to trust any government data nor the MSM and are the wiser for it.

So we are reduced to sit and wait mode anticipating the usual 11th hour solution to arrive as it always seems to do. The market surely seems to be expecting this no matter the news to the contrary. Irony? The markets react positively to Greece coming to the rescue. Greece? We've always known that Greece is nothing more than a conduit to funnel money throughout the Euro Zone (much like AIG and TARP). It's still funny that Greece is going to absorb some of the bad banks.

I honestly don't get the calmness of the markets. Fear? What fear? What that says to me is that the complacency the Fed will fix all is firmly in place, the markets are totally rigged, retail has checked out and anything traditional related to the markets is dead. Here we sit on the precipice of a country (no matter how small) about to go bankrupt four years into the "recovery", and the markets at or near all time highs are acting like this is a non event. Whatever.

On to the markets -

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Morning Charts 03/21/13 SPX /ES

Well, I got my catalyst. Now all we need to do is let this thing play out. Remember after the Bear Sterns (or BS) announcement it took some time and another 150 up SPX points to finally get this thing to roll over. I still have a funny feeling that the CB's are not speaking zee truths about the real underlying issues  (think CDS defaults) that will come with the tumbling of each domino.

You don't need a rehash of what's about to happen but let's walk thru a simplified STB version anyway. Banks open, bank run, no money, people pissed, buildings burn, runs spread to other countries, no money, people pissed, buildings burn and so forth. I do believe that it will not be long till the banksters and politicians will face real personal threats. Instead of people burning themselves on the doorsteps of government buildings and banks, they may start burning banksters and politicians for the crimes they have committed. They may be too big to jail, but not too big for vengeance.

Global markets currently supported by the future tax liabilities of the American taxpayer (and soon to be funded by the soon to be confiscated $19 trillion in retirement assets of the American workers) courtesy of the Fed will remain resilient to the dismay of the few realists left out there until the first CDS goes down. Then true capitulation occurs as the banks finally turn on themselves. Everyone runs for the gates at the same time. STB has long predicted at least two market closures - it could be worse - a lot worse.

At some point in this scenario a war will be started. N. Korea, Iran, Syria - it will have to be a major confrontation. Now, this war's sole purpose will be to distract the citizens from the financial collapse. This will possibly be a coordinated event between the big three as they look to divvy up the globe while not totally destroying it at the same time. I suspect a nuke or two will be used to get some serious fear mongering going. There will be no one world government. You can forget that. I think China and Russia divide up their continent and we get the Americas.

(On a side note - I also contend that there is a chance they will finally admit that there is life out there other than ours. Yes, there is a possibility of disclosure. Sorry, I am a believer. Again, looking for major distractions to the financial crisis. Anything to get our minds off the loss (theft actually) of wealth and the social unrest that has ensued.)

Dire? Well, when the global banking system backed by quadrillions in CDS, funded by fiat and with no real collateral crumbles, it gets ugly. The hard part will be controlling social unrest. They can't can they? When we finally get pissed off enough police in riot shields won't cut it. The National Guard may be able to protect a few areas but not much.

Food, water filters, solar powered generators, guns, ammo, gold, silver, fuel, tractors, fertilizer, salt - these will be the important items not your savings in the future. Get ready folks. It's coming.

Since we're diving off into the deep end today, let's bring op one last subject that STB likes to hit on periodically. This is the toughest and farthest to fathom, eugenics. Now stick with me here. If you ran a government that could not possibly afford to feed, house and take care of a majority of its citizens. If there never will be enough jobs to keep everyone employed. If the cost to subsidize the lives of these people would never be affordable - what would be the best way to solve the problem? Elimination.

A virus that wipes out say half of the country would do just the trick wouldn't it? Cut the population in half and all of a sudden we're back to the good 'ol days aren't we? All of a sudden everyone is working, there is plenty of food and shelter. Those that are left will be the fittest and strongest. Orwellian, I know, and I only ask that you contemplate this as a possibility. This is not some wacky STB nightmare. This is one that they have documented in more than one instance. In other words, it is in their playbook if needed. Want proof? Just Google Agenda 21.  It's real. I'm not kidding. Would you put it past them? Especially this president?

On to the markets-

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Morning Post 03/20/13 SPX /ES

OK, so today we have the Obummer in Israel, FOMC and more rumors from the Cyprisurfs. Let's knock out the FOMC notes first - rinse/repeat, ZIRP and QEternity. Got that? Good. Obummer, who really cares to hear his BS anymore? On to Cyprus.

This thing's getting a bit confusing with so many potential angles. The Cyprisurfs have till the beginning of June to get this worked out, so time is available. Let's think about this, a Russian naval base in an EU country? Don't think so. How about the Russian's owning all the mineral rights under their dirt? Sure, if you want to just give away the farm (even Greece avoided this - so far). Russian depositors (probably mostly mafia) getting their accounts whacked? Uh, who's gonna get whacked? All I know is that there is a lot to do with Russia in this potential solution. Hey, great, now they're exporting debt laden countries to our enemies. Brilliant! Does China get Italy and Spain? Portugal to Iran?

Bottom line is you know they will find a solution to this mess. They always do (till they don't). Someone (American taxpayer) will write yet another big check to keep the farce alive. The problem this time is they have crossed the line and caused irreparable damage by going directly after the cash of the Cyprisurfs. This will bleed over to the rest of the EU countries. They may get their bailouts but the faith in the banks is now gone, and this they will never restore. Bank runs, holidays and capital controls will be the new norm. Me thinks the banks are about to find out that they need us more than we need them.

I don't know how this is gonna work out, but I believe the STB catalyst has arrived that will lead to the "event". I do not see how they will be able to get around this one. The banksters are at the end of their rope. The math has finally caught up to them. Bank runs across the EU are coming. Capital controls will only be able to slow the bleeding. The bank runs will spread across the EU and then the globe. Without these deposits, they are screwed. This should finally bring their system down.

Yesterday I mentioned the "IMF Riot" theory (well, it's actually in IMF documents so it is not a theory), this is where the banks want to create massive social unrest in countries after looting all the cash and valuable assets, and then come in and buy up everything at bargain basement prices. You need to remember this and think carefully about it. Think about where we're headed and why?

Remain patient traders. The SPX all time high is still above, and so is the 1566 triangle target. I think they have till tomorrow morning to get it or possibly Monday if they keep the Cyprus banks closed. Once those banks reopen, I think that is when the proverbial poop hits the fan. Reality is about to come down across the EU like a sledgehammer. The ECB, IMF and the Fed can't go any further and they know that. The only word that comes to mind is Kaput.

On to the markets -

Monday, March 18, 2013

Morning Post 03/19/13 SPX /ES

Cypriots? OK, who came up with that one? I guess it sounds cool being delivered with some wicked EU accent but to me it just does not work. Cypricitizens or Cypipeople, nah those don't work either. Cytizens is not bad. How bout Cyprisheeple or Cyprisurfs? Now were getting closer.

So we wait. Either way the CB's cards are on the table. Without doing a five paragraph summary that rehashed everything you've read over the past 24 hours, let's simply say the game is coming to an end. When you cant tax more or introduce more austerity and it comes down to directly stealing money from your people, it's game over. Cyprus is first and now they are bringing in Italy and Spain. How long till the CB's go after the deposits of the rest of the PIIGS? STB's catalyst has finally arrived. It may take a while still for this to lead to the event, but this is it.

The CB's have known all along these funds would never be paid back. I highly suggest you look into the possibility of a 15% looting on the Italiots, sorry that Cypriots thing has me all confused, I mean Italian's savings. Now ask yourself, is this another Conspiracy Fact -

"Are we now seeing yet another example of the “IMF riot” –
where the banking elite deliberately fosters social dislocation as a
ruse to seize control of a nation’s economy and begin the process of
asset stripping, just as happened in Greece and Argentina? Are Cyprus
and Italy now in the crosshairs?

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The First Catalyst - Morning Charts 03/18/13 SPX /ES

To those in Cyprus it must be comforting to know that after your government imposed austerity and raised taxes to beyond comfortable levels, the EU still has the goodness of heart to come directly after your bank account. It's down right kind of the EU to allow your government the opportunity to vote on the process first. I mean, it's not like this is some sort of socialist maneuver or central bank controlled theft.

This is one for all and all for one and you good folks get the chance to be the first in the EU to show your true patriotic spirit. No, no, no this is not some forced layaway plan being imposed on you to buy your country back from some fictitious entity that only exists on paper and in the minds of the elite. It's like, your obligation to pay for all of this mess anyway. What? Do you think the unregulated financial system that rehypothecated your deposits in London over and over and over again is to blame for any of this? Balderdash!

So, before you go to the bank and take all your money out (which is impossible now cause they have frozen everything - they did this to protect you from making irrational bad decisions that could harm your well being), before you take those funds and start diversifying into everything other than currency, remember your patriotic duty to you country and to the EU. Remember that all of this is happening so your children can have a better future. Remember that all of this is happening because it was your doing and not the governments horrific overspending and dealings with central bankers around the globe.

OK, I told you all I had a future as a propagandist writer for the system. Maybe this talent will save me from my certain future in a FEMA camp and reconditioning program. I really should write for CNBS. It's easy, just be as sarcastic as possible and throw in whatever statistics you want to make your story look good and wham-o!  you're pumping out headlines that the sheeple will take hook line and sinker.

On to the real stuff -

Friday, March 15, 2013

Open Weekend Post 03/16-17/13

You know the drill, share the love and the knowledge.

Minis blue channel domination with narrow range and no volume - let me know if you have any questions.

April tops bring market flops -

Bunches are bad, mmmKay -

Enjoy the weekend.

GL and GB!

Morning Charts 03/15/13 SPX /ES

Well, it's good to know that so many still look at my chartbook. With it going down yesterday - not sure why - I guess SC did some sort of update that screwed everything up as usual (I have not had a good beef with them in some time) - anyway, the barrage of emails as to its status was pleasing to say the least. It is back up now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Quick note - I'll have my 4th annual STB NCAA tournament bracket up today, and of course I expect all of you to have an entry.

CNBS has amazed me again this morning. With the SPX so close to a fresh new all time high and the DOW running away like Kapernick from the Green Bay defense (ouch!), it is funny to see the pundits and propagandists spouting their doom and euphoria. We all know which side the government sponsored market cheerleader is on.

The headlines are priceless. STB does no promotion and very rarely uses the tool of headline pump to bring in readers or garner more hits intentionally. It's just not my style. That makes the headline pump amusing to me. What they say to entice readers and the titles used to influence readership can be amazing (never mind the content that follows).

What's so sad is that, as USA Today has proven, is that most readers stop at the headline. So the pump machine today has junk like No 'irrational exuberance' in stocks now: Greenspan or Mila Kunis rotates from cash to stocks. Do I need to take this post any further? Really? An old coot that led us into this mess who stated that basically everything he believed was 'flawed' and a TV star's prowess are what they are promoting?

These are what they bring to the table to entice their readers to jump right in and follow the heard? Note the head fake as the Kunis post is about a potential top scenario, and the Greenspan post is pure hype. Biased? Balanced? LMAO! Just dive right in. get that money off the sidelines or you are gonna miss out brother. Can I get an Amen-ah!

I turned off CNBS a few years ago and believe my investing IQ immediately increased about 20 points. Outside of some eye Mcandy and Santelli, I see no other reason to turn on the pump machine. I mean they still have Cramer for goodness sake. Please dear readers, turn off CNBS. You will be much better off for it.

On to the markets -

Daily SPX - No further comments until we get a higher high. With the JPM and GS junk after hours yesterday and virtually zero market reaction to it (too big to jail), I see little sense in really commenting on anything. It's pointless when the markets are totally controlled and 100% manipulated. Compare the economy as you know it to the chart below. Then look at the negative divergences to price and the overthrow of the rising wedge formation.

Minis 60m - 9 days up in an 11 point channel with no volume. Perfectly normal as CNBS will tell you. Better jump in now or risk missing out of the best bull market in history! (/sarc of course)

Minis 30m - Everything you need to know. White channel upper resistance after the breakout of the ascending triangle formation (target 1566). Blue channel dominating trade creating a double resistance point with white. Yellow triangle NT support after breaking down is now on the backtest acting as resistance as well. Then throw in the LT red resistance and you have a spot where price is challenging all time highs with 4 resistance points just above it, AND price is driving up pressing all this resistance on near historically low volume. you better get in now! There has never been a better time. Rotate now! Risk on baby!

As usual more charts and links below.

Enjoy the weekend.

GL and GB!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Morning Charts 03/14/13 SPX /ES

How much sense does it make for the markets to be up again this morning? I guess that all depends on which alternate reality or parallel universe you choose to live in. Plain and simple, you have chosen the proper place if the Fed has promised to print forever and the government is about to cap off its decimation of you personal rights. For the rest of us that have chosen to remain in the stark cold past where dreams remain that truth and fundamentals could still matter, GFL.

Where are we now? Is there more to it than just letting the SPX hit its all time highs? Who knows? Technically at this time that is about the only marker left, and  once the dogs get the scent of their prey (especially with an $85 billion per month tail wind - 4eva) they wont lose the scent. They will ultimately take over their target. I'd seriously doubt that the SPX will be the only index left out when in the past it was the high water mark everyone wanted to beat.

I don't think this is the time to rush to judgments or top calls quite yet. Don't get me wrong, this market could top at any moment. It has clearly been overbought for months. Based on every economic aspect price does not deserve its lofty place.

We all know what's going down. The banksters and elite crony capitalists have taken control of the country. Blackmail, robbery or rape are all great words to use to describe what's going down right now. The government is obviously preparing for the worst to come. I honestly apologize and hate to say this over and over again, but we've reached the point where there is nothing that will stop the unregulated corruption and greed ruling the global financial scene.

There is no amount of analysis or chart trickery left that can predict when and where. Don't get me wrong, the charts will eventually get it right and are now pointing to the end and the great fall. The price and charts never lie. Sure the markets appear to like to top in April, and I think the set up for March is drastic but none of that matters. When the Fed used to pull liquidity it was easy to forecast the major turns, but with the Fed now incapable of pulling the rug for risk of losing it all, that crutch is now gone.

Patience and prepare is the new mantra for STB. We've progressed from follow the Fed to scalp and run, and now we're simply in a period where we must wait for their policies to eventually destroy the system from the inside. A catalyst will come that will turn the markets. Let it come to you. They will trip over one of their own land mines sooner than later, but until then you are living in their world. Get used to it.

On to the charts -

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Trading Thoughts and Morning Charts 03/13/13 SPX /ES

We all know we're back in bubble territory. Well, the ones that are awake and don't buy into the CNBS pump and those not on the entitlement bandwagon headed straight off the cliff. We've seen this euphoria at these levels before haven't we? Twice recently we've witnessed the results of irrational exuberance?

In order to avoid describing this bubble in detail let's simplify it. Debt and corruption, those two words concisely cover the current situation. Are there any worse two words you could combine? Not really.

You all know the story from QE1 to QE4eva. You all know the lies of the BLS and the propaganda of the government controlled MSM. You all see the $120 trillion in unfunded liabilities. You see the "stimulus" delivered via new avenues of debt via student loans and disability. You also see how unsustainable this Keynesian nightmare is. So does the government.

The DHS purchases of over 2,700 armed vehicles combined with over 2 billion rounds of ammunition should tell you they know what's coming. Their opening and staffing of multiple FEMA camps should give you a clue as well. When they hire "recondition" specialists, what does that tell you? The attempted destruction of the 2nd Amendment (and the rest of the constitution) should be another clue.

So what do we do investment wise at this point? STB has for well over a year recommended a hit and run, long or short scalp strategy. You have to separate reality from fiction. Reality is the above mentioned debt bubble and the coming collapse. Fiction is anything associated with the 100% controlled and manipulated markets that Greenspan just noted was the most important thin of all right now.

You have to check your brain at the office door every morning, dispose of all traditional market theory, delete all the charts and enter the world the Fed and robot HFT trading algos have created. It is a world of fantasy where nothing is real other then what the Fed wants you to perceive.

What will it take to end this? Who knows? With the retail investor out and insider selling peaking all that will be left will be the banks and hedge funds to wipe each other out. Can the end happen if they are as coordinated as it appears? I do know that it will end one day, and this time true market capitulation will be experienced.

As most know, I await the exogenous or external "event" that will rip control from the Fed and the crony capitalists. It appears that they are willing to spend till the music stops. Based on DHS purchases, FEMA camp staffing and other factors it appears "they" are not quite ready yet for the coming social unrest that will accompany this next downturn.

If that is the case shorting is not the thing to do quite yet and it may be to early to take profits with $85 billion per month forever coming from the Fed. It is definitely not to early to start protecting or hedging any long positions. It is gonna be a crap shoot, but I believe we'll see the "event" or the catalyst that will start the dominoes falling.

Remain patient. Don't worry about being the first in line or missing that first one or two percent of the fall. It is far more important to get the trade right and not get caught in yet another bear trap or short squeeze situation. A bull trap is coming. Heck, this whole run off the crisis lows is one big bull trap.

The current overbought situation is an extreme example of this. The market is ready to turn, but can the Fed let it? Can the Fed allow any sort of selling momo to take place and still control it? Could Potter and the PPT provide enough ammo to stop the follow thru of the next flash crash? Can the banksters, hedge funds and Wall St. control their machines when the selling truly starts? I don't think so.

I have not called a top yet, but I may soon. Right or wrong it will not matter much beyond this point, cause when the turn comes it will be a supportless violent move south. When this thing let's go it is gonna go like never before in history.

My suggestion, remain patient, take your shots but protect them. Don't over extend in either direction, don't trust anything, even your emotions. Remember nothing is real anymore. What "has to happen" does not. Let the play come to you and when the hook is set, then you may begin to reel in the big catch.

On to the markets -

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Morning Charts 03/12/13 SPX /ES

Fuss? Why bother? We all know whats going down. We can see the blatant manipulation of the markets, the endless printing and the coming social instability. Off the 2009 lows the light at the end of the tunnel was distant and dim. It was hard to recognize. It was believed to be a ray of hope that the best of times will be returning.

Some have discovered as that light approaches and gets brighter that is is not what we wanted it to be. The light does not hold promise. This light is the unstoppable freight train barreling down the tracks and has us square in its sights.

Unfortunately, some still see the ray of hope. They refuse to acknowledge the truth. They remain in their cocoons stuck in their static and selfish manners, thinking they are made of Teflon and that nothing would ever destroy their dreams or disturb their reality.

The truth hurts more often than not. In our every child gets a trophy - every person can have as much credit as they want society, we've been conditioned to think that nothing can possibly go wrong. This is America.

How delusional have we become? History is the best teacher and greed is the great destroyer. We exist in possibly the greatest paradox ever as the most inteligent and wealthiest nation of all time is about to piss it all away because of nothing more than ignorance, brashness and greed.

If you are not in tune with reality, if you believe that the recovery is still coming, if you think our future is bright, think again. Now is time to cross that line and consider the other possibilities. You may not be afraid now, but you will be. You will be.

On to what's left of the markets -

Monday, March 11, 2013

Morning Charts 03/11/13 SPX /ES Gold Silver EUR/USD

Conclave I guess will be the word of the week. If Peter Edro or Peter Turkson get the nod, then the Petro Romaus 112th pope of the papal prophecies will be complete. That my friend will be some really super freaky stuff if that happens. Too bad Intrade is now gone, cause I'd love to have seen the odds on this race.

In other news it appears the government's (banks) witch hunt against S&P may be hitting some snags according to this post from CNBS. We all know they have a solid case and this is not any sort of retribution or punishment for downgrading the "wrong" country or currency right?

N. Korea may be setting up to be a March event. Party Boy Un is flexing his ignorance again.

Interesting news from us dumb 'ol southerners, With the ATL supposedly on the verge of becoming the next Detroit (I don't believe that for one bit, but the corruption down here is close to lethal), the burbs are now forming cities of their own but with a twist. A twist hearkening back to the days of segregation or close to it.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Open Weekend Post 03/09-10/13

You know the drill, share the love and the knowledge.

In case you are awake, were not lulled asleep by the market action once the DOW hit fresh new all time highs and while we await the SPX to do so, please feel free to comment below.

Enjoy the weekend.

GL and GB!

Morning Charts 03/08/13 SPX /ES

Well, they deliver another NFP stunner. What's new? Once again look at the left hand and not the right as they revised the January NFP down from from a not so glorious 157k down to 119k (24%), but you will not hear that from the MSM as they are programmed to only report positive and glorious things. And you know by now when the denominator (total civilian labor force) continues to be revised lower with each print, the ratios begin to work in favor of those manipulating the number. I have no clue what they are going to teach in Economics classes going forward, cause the "new math", pick any number out of thin air or massage it till you like it theories really don't hold water now do they?

When will the lies end? I have no clue. We've devolved to as bad a government propagandist state as big red China. The global economic bullshit that is flying around will catch up to them (well, everyone) eventually, and of course "no one could have seen that coming". Remember the Bernank  said, "we're not in a bubble". I only expect the lies to get deeper and thicker.

Enough on all of that, what are the markets doing?

Daily SPX - Let's congratulate the Fed and the QE4eva crowd for another magnificent job in ramping the markets. They have not attained all time highs on the SPX yet, but give them time, they will get there I suspect. The DOW and RUT have made it, and in the last top nothing collapsed till the high water mark of the SPX had been attained. Congratulate them as well for weakening the underlying fundamentals as well. This latest ramp has only worsened the already dire negative divergences, and it has worsened the overbought/overthrow of the rising (bearish) wedge formation. SPXA50 is over 400 again.

Index Comparison - Effect of QE in plain sight. In a word the 30yrs are not buying it.

Minis 60m - Unprecedented market manipulation in action. Upper white channel resistance continues to hinder upward momo. The near term rising green channel support has given way and that should be a sign of weakness at this resistance level. there is a chance that another formation (rising) will evolve, but till then let's go with what we got.

Minis 15m - 1537 support to upper white channel resistance is the ball game right now. Lat night the minis gapped down (yes, I said gapped down) 6 points (gray box). That was taken back by the stellar NFP report this morning and has closed. So the game of pong will continue till 51 or 37 are taken out. 28 lower white channel support lies below and rising yellow triangle target near 66 lies above.

More to charts and other goodies come below as usual.

Enjoy the weekend,

GL and GB!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

SPX Triple Top Reversal Formation

I don't have anything new to bitch about this morning that you have not heard multiple times over the past several years, so let's just look at some chart stuff.

Have you ever heard of a triple top reversal formation? Let's look at this example from

Now let's look at a current chart of the SPX and see if there are any similarities -

See anything familiar? The chart of the SPX is actually even more textbook than the one SC is offering.

Now let's observe the qualifications that SC has given for the triple top and see just how this current scenario fits:

Morning Charts 03/06/13 SPX /ES

Chavez dies, possibly one of the first events of March I have been looking for as fears of violence ensue.

Someone sent me a link to a post from the WSJ today that said something about how the DOW likes to run when it sets new highs. The last time it set an all time new high was in October of '06. That run lasted 2,500 DOW points (22%), happened in the RE bubble and being that all markets were correlated (other than the NAS) they were chasing the '00 highs the SPX had. So, they were all chasing the high water mark of the SPX, none acting independently. In other words what the WSJ is saying is complete propagandist bullshit. Of course then JPM then destroyed LEH and the rest is unregulated history. 

SPX monthly (with DOW) -

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Looking at all the Tops 03/05/13 SPX /ES

And awaaaaay we gooooo

Whatever is all I have to say this morning.

Minis 4hr - Higher highs are always welcomed in this cat v. mouse game. Ascending triangle (yellow) targets 1566 area. The last one nailed the 1530 target, so there is little reason (combined with QEternity) that this target will be missed either. This move got me as I was expecting consolidation yesterday and today, but nooooo. Yesterday near term upper diagonal resistance was destroyed and later in the day they took out both pink and white channel resistance diagonals. Strong? Insane move? This is nuts.

Lets look at some markets in relation to all time highs and current formations. My basic conclusion is that the markets can literally top at any moment (catalyst), but they look like they could run for the rest of the year if they can manage a true breakout.

SPY - You will see this recurring channel/wedge formation in all the markets. the wedge at the all time highs marks the perfect major top, but what will be the catalyst or event that stops the Fed and QEternity? Just ballparking this chart and the channel, if it were to make it to the upper resistance diagonal again this thing could make 170 easy.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Morning Charts 03/04/13 SPX /ES

Somehow they keep dodging bullets. Is this the Matrix? Well, they don't really doge bullets since they control all the guns and ammo. They just put on a good show. Hype, worry, even fear are spread to ignite angst in the investing and general public to motivate them in whatever direction the government needs. It is all a show, one big distraction to keep you as far out of touch from reality as possible.

So we've supposedly dodged the sequester bullet for now. The greedy bastards are in full control and at this time it appears nothing is going to stop them. The CNBS propaganda machine was in full swing this morning with Buffet still buying seeing good value and the new powerful force argument from JPM (risk on) pumping the good time mantra. Sniffing all time highs is not good enough for this crowd. They've come this far and to think something will stop them with QEternity in their back pocket would be foolish at this time.

Italy and the rest of the PIIGS are crumbling, China is apparently in trouble, currency wars, stealth inflation, withering consumers and more - the artillery barrage is coming in hot and heavy now and just like the Agents in the Matrix their moves are awesome. It won't be long till something clips them and they will realize that they can be defeated. STB waits on that catalyst or direct hit to arrive, but till then it will remain business as usual. They are in total control. They own the program. Get used to it.

On to the markets -

Catalyst, sorry, hate to keep repeating the STB mantra, QEternity till a catalyst, but that is all there is to say. Carts do matter still, but this is more of a news or event driven market now. March has the potential set up for some real disasters to hit the front page, and then every major top from the crisis lows has hit in April. I'd say they are finally ate or near the end of their rope.

Daily SPX - I have not mentioned it lately, but the daily RSI can be a great tool for monitoring the mood of the market.I like to slap a 25ma on it and watch the 50 line, both for support or resistance. Under the ma and under the 50 are not good things. It appears the rising channel (black) held support, and now price is nearing the upper pink resistance diagonal again all with weakening internals. If they can get a blast I'm suspecting it will be the last. If not, that should be expected as well given the fall just started and there is some overbought and overthrown conditions that need to be worked off yet.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Open Weekend Post 03/02-03/13

You know the drill, share the love and the knowledge.

Not much to comment on other than where they closed the market on a Friday in the midst of a game of ping-pong sequester.

I found this video very revealing. 1995 lost Walt Disney UFO documentary when they were promoting tomorrowland. Eisner is in it. You need to see this one. Well worth the time.

Enjoy the weekend.

GL and GB!

Morning Charts 03/01/13 SPX /ES

Welcome March folks, the month I have been dreading for quite some time.

I don't have much to say as "they" have proven once again it is nearly impossible to speculate or gauge their agenda. The sequestration roller coaster ride continues. Funny to see the entitled state react to the potential loss of what amounts to a month of QE.

OK, here is the bottom line - we're doomed either way, so just spend the money, don't make cuts and if the ship is gonna sink let's go down blowing it out. No reason to piss everyone off at this point. Seriously, as noted here and in many other places, there is no hope or remedy to the debt crisis. The MBS/CDS sham will eventually collapse taking everyone down with it.

Do the math, this country makes steals $2 trillion a year in income, spends $3 trillion a year, has roughly $17 trillion in debt and over $120 trillion in unfunded liabilities. It is game over no matter how you look at it, so why not blow it out? Hell, that's what the Fed is doing with the markets, why the hell should the sheeple have to suffer?

We're just gonna have to deal with their BS. There is no other option. Try to follow this crap in the media. You can't. It's impossible. One side lies thru their teeth and threatens reporters and the other got neutered and is basically powerless. I expect to see Boner to be the next Bob Dole viagra salesman. He's definitely got some issues.  It is hardly worth your time or mine to discuss this when in the end we all know they won't cut a damn thing, and if they do it will be some bullshit like we got now left over from the super congress that will be pushed out yet again to 2050.

On to the markets -