Thursday, March 28, 2013

Open Weekend Post 03/29-31/13

You know the drill, share the love and the knowledge.

Not much to comment on. All systems are go - well, on the charts and for the Feds, so the tug-o-war stalemate inch to new highs is all we get. Friday was truly amazing with loads of bad data, Cyprus and all, but the march to new SPX highs (and the 1566 triangle target on the minis) continues. We must remember, bad news is the best news. As STB always warns going into holiday weekends, they want everything up and giddy for families to be happy about. They don't want us focusing on anything other than all our wealth and how much shit we can buy. Good times indeed! /s

I really want to discuss the topping process, me calling a top and how I am planning on doing that. This is what I have built my reputation on, so I don't want to screw it up. That call is to come in the near future, but till then let me say that this time will be different in how I call the top. Bottom line is the top in everything is in. It has been in for over a decade. There are multiple tops. Say what? Well, first there is a Constitutional top, then market tops and currency tops and ... well you get my drift. Everything is ending as we know it because of the bankster takeover and the move to global debt serfdom is afoot. This may come in multiple posts. I am not sure.

Two charts for you over this long holiday weekend. First ,you all know what has happened in the past when I travel. Second, Monday is April Fools Day. How poetic would it be for Monday to open down say 100 handles? LOL, not gonna happen, but ...... I don't think we get into any real trouble till the next country's savings are looted. Then the bank runs and capital controls really hit. Then the sheeple get truly pissed. I still can't believe how well the Cypriserfs took it  - and without any lube!

I could throw out a million charts at you but let's just look at a few.  Trust me, they all look just as bad as these.

SPX triple top - No need for further discussion.

 SPX Weekly -

I am totally distraught. I can not find my Easter Bunny chart. totally bummed about that one. May try and recreate him if I have time. Bummer. 

The Tournament cranks back up tonight and the STB NCAA challenge moves to the next stage. Rich Cash is the surprise (to me at least) leader heading into the sweet 16 (is there anything this dude is not an expert on?). Of course LS1, LS2, LC and a gaggle of others are right on his heals. Some dude that was running his mouth early about whipping my ass is buried near the bottom somewhere (Mr. 13/34 that is). Good luck to all there this weekend. 

I want to wish everyone a happy Easter or Passover. Say some extra prayers for the globe and whatever your inclined to pray for. We need all the help we can get now. Trying to bring God back is what this time is all about. That was our mission from the beginning, so do your part. Many thanks to all of you for your support, insight and continued excellent participation on the blog. STB is all about you, not me.

GL and GB!

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