Friday, February 28, 2014

Open Weekend Post 02/28-03/02

You know the drill, share the love and the knowledge.

Well, what a week. What an ending to the week as well. Apparently Russia is not like the US and they will use the new moon to their advantage when it comes to raids and invasions. We'll have to follow the news on this one closely. Apparently the markets did not like this action at first, but they were not long to discover it has bullish underpinnings - death, destruction, destabilization, increased lending needs, increased military sales - all are positives. Well, to "them, they are. To the rest of us pawns, it's not so glorious and funny. Maybe O will finally get his much needed war.

As for the charts. Well, we discussed the near perfect top scenario all day Friday. The red rising wedge of death throwing out a pink ED, which threw out a green ED, which both failed and then the blue ED popped up to complete backtests of pink and green and hit the upper resistance diagonal of the red rising wedge of death all within a long yellow channel that has not broken down yet. That's a lot of stuff. All that culminated right when the Russians invaded. Did TA nail the top to the minute? We'll have to wait and see. That may have been one of the best technical reversal points I have ever seen. Apparently the PPT had enough of the red action late Friday, rammed some green shoots up the markets keister and shot the minis back up 17 points to correct most of the 21 point 45 minute tumble. As usual, they made a statement, do not short or else.

I'll be around. I'll update the chartbook this weekend. If you see it, post it.

Enjoy the weekend.

GL and GB!

Morning Charts 02/28/14 SPX /ES

After Yellen yesterday, I'm left a bit speechless. Not sure why. Nothing has changed, and nothing will change. There is one path only now. I'm pretty sure that for some time everyone has known that it makes no difference if they try to fix things or not. Either way complete financial destruction is immanent. 

The path is set. You can see it clearly in the actions of both the Fed and the government. The Fed continues on the course to financial ruin, while the government furthers its nanny/police state total control grid. Time is the only element that matters now for them and us. About the only question left is how long can they keep us distracted and believing we still have individual freedoms?

Fortunately more sheeple are waking up everyday to the new normal. The IRS, NSA and various other scandals combined with the mounting debt and faltering economy are actually providing a common ground for the conservatives and libtards to stand on. Common ground, coming together, is not what the government wants. As one we can defeat them (or at least slow them down), divided (see the popular results of the last election) the have us right where they want us.

It's becoming blatantly clear the end is near. For goodness sakes they were about to try and put FCC monitors in national news rooms to control news on a "need to know" basis. And some still believe what they hear from the MSM? The 4th Estate has been occupied, and all that's left is the alternative media to disseminate the truth. Sadly that can be turned off with the flip of a switch. You do know that propaganda is now lawful in the US? That's right, the Current congress, yes, the one with the 9% approval rating, repealed the propaganda ban last year.

Thanks to what's left of the Constitution (we still have guns - thank you founding fathers) we still have it better than the rest of the world, but what we do have left we're losing fast. Listen carefully to what they say. Read the alternative media. Heed everything you see here and in the comments section. Wake up to what's going down around you. Time is running out, and you will have to make the decision. Either you will make a stand and be part of the solution, or you can be another sheeple and be absorbed into the entitlement state. Either you are a patriot (now deemed a terrorist), true to the Constitution, or you are an entitlement slave subject to their socialist rule. You have a choice to make and not long to make it.

On to the lie -

RUT Weekly - LOOOOL. One thing of interest is that the 38% retracement, the 200wma and the prior ATH levels all are coming aligned. Dig the neg divs in the MACD hist and the MFI. I have to ask, does that look like the greatest bull trap run of all time to you?

NDX Weekly - Are you serious? they are actually overthrowing the channel resistance? Can you say arrogance? Another question, is the MFI busted?

DOW Weekly - Improbable? Are things really this good?

SPX Weekly - Overthrowing the LT channel resistance and setting ATHs? Really?

You draw your own conclusions as to if we're near an end game or not.

More to come below.

Have a good weekend.

GL and GB!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Morning Charts 02/27/14 SPX /ES

Yellen at 10:00 and the Russians, with a new moon coming soon, have air patrols over the Ukraine's border with troops being deployed. Those should be the headlines today. As for Syria, Japan (don't forget Fukushima), China, N. Korea, the entire EU, MENA, Israel ..... please just focus on the disaster/distractions du jour please. The global juggling act is front and center and the two balls/chainsaws in the air today are the Fed and Ukraine.

The Ukraine is the real deal. Our CIA has done a spectacular job on the ground there destabilizing yet another country. What, this is 6 or 7 in the past several years? They are getting good at this. Can you say, generating massive weapon sales that must be financed by the banks all the while protecting the petrodollar's dominance. One might be led to believe that the central banks and the military industrial complex were working together, but that would just be conspiracy hogwash wouldn't it?

It appears that their timing for this debacle is near perfect. STB has been discussing for years now how this financial collapse will would end in a war.The war will serve multiple purposes. The war will be a distraction to mask reality and will allow the government even more reason to expand its power and authority over the sheeple. I've often wondered which would come first, the crash or the war. We may be about to get that answer.

As for the Yellen testimony today, it means everything to the markets. As I've told you almost daily for the past several years, it's all about QE and nothing else at this point. As long as there is the slightest hint that the Fed may end the taper or even increase QE, the markets will remain in bull mode. If the threat of further taper and ending QE becomes real, the markets will collapse. If the Fed's liquidity backstop is removed, it is game over for the markets.

The one thing the Fed can not abandon is ZIRP. Interest rates can not rise period, or it will be game over. If rates tick up we will then not be able to service our own debt, and default is not an option (yet). Massive global default comes as a result of the war as predicted by STB back in 2009. Then comes the retirement plan confiscation and severe capital controls, but tlet's not go there today.

So, the war Obummer desperately needs may be on the horizon. If so, so is the end game for everything as we know it. Liberty and freedom are on the line here as well. Get your popcorn and your AR-15's ready, the show is about to start.

On to the lie -

Top, do we discuss that taboo word? Sure, why not? Nothing is taboo here at STB. We ain't sceeered of nuthin - as we say down here. Regular readers know my trials since the 1/15 miniscule short, and you know I'm thinking of entering another short here. I almost pulled the trigger yesterday, but frontrunning Yellen's testimony today forced me to hold off. Let me add that even after this top (whenever that is), this QE on/off game will be employed by the Fed and will cause great gyrations.

Technically this position is even better than the one I shorted in January. All the stars are aligned, but the one problem that remains is that this is still the Fed's market. They maintain complete control, although it appears some of their power is waning.

SPX Weekly - The ED and the indicators below tell a fantastic story. How many double tops in overbought markets with technical overthrows of disastrous internals can they have before this thing implodes? I've shown you this chart with the support diagonals on the indicators and the yellow boxes indicating how much time they have left. Three of the support diagonals below were breached last week, only to have the markets rally to new ATH's all the while leaving disastrous negative divergences. Does the Fed have one last overthorow in their bag of tricks? I've told you all along to remain patient, follow the Fed and that TA would get it right. Welcome to the moment we've all been waiting for. We should be within months now, if not there right now, of this farce finally coming to an end. Is it STB's "event" time?

This chart is Nasty! Two overthrows (black dashed vertical lines) of points where the Fed has gone out of control delaying the top and now here we are again? With that ED? With those values? With a crumbling economy and everything else? And see the VIX at the bottom? It's broken LT resistance and backtested. BLS BS, propaganda and a controlled MSM, NSA blackmail, DHS and police brutality, bought and paid for congress, potus that is a foreign born muslim, that hates America, is a pathological liar and may be the antichrist, debt out our ass, crippled economy .... you tell me how much longer they can hold out.

I've not called a top since the one in April of 2011.I suspect I'll pull the trigger any day within the next couple of months.

I'll do the minis below.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Morning Charts 02/26/14 SPX /ES

Not gonna moan today. I hit y'all pretty hard yesterday, so I'm gonna give it a break today. I will say it's really bad out there and getting worse. Stay in the alternative media and away from the MSM. Gather your thoughts and feelings. Get your mind right. See reality for what it is, not for what they want you to see. The propaganda is horrendous.

On to the lie -

SPX 60m - The perfect double top? Double negative divergences at this top. This is a recipe for disaster.

SPX Daily - On our 19th consecutive negative divergence without a major correction. Bout the only think I don't like about this chart as far as downside is concerned is the fact that the BB's are so wide.

SPX Daily - Are we about to enter yet another overthrow situation? The last one did not last that long, which is indicating weakness and a possible top. Can they push the daily thru yet another set of negative divergences that indicate very weak support? This double top black wedge support backtest is really juicy with all the neg divs below and the news what it is.

Minis 30m - Fighting for its life to hold that pink rising wedge support. New rollover rising green wedge support is getting beat on as well with neg divs on the short term charts as well. This set up is looking rather dire and may require me to pull the trigger on another swing short soon.

More to come below as I digest things. If that green support goes (1844 s/r area) it could get interesting again.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Morning Charts 02/25/14 SPX /ES

I may have to change the name of STB to Dodger's Blog or something like that. Maybe Neo's Place? Somehow I have managed to dodge calling a top on this miracle run for the ages. What appeared to be against all odds to most, yesterday, yet another new ATH was hit. Just how does a permabear like me continue to get this market non-top thingy right?

It's simple, I believe! I believe baby! I believe in manipulation, corruption, deregulation, greed, conspiracy, I'm 100% bought into their control state. I wholeheartedly know that this market is no longer real. It took a while, but sometime I'd say in 2011 I finally bought in. Once I figured out QE and the path they had chosen and separated their Matrix from reality, it all became crystal clear.

Back in the 90's when I first got into conspiracy stuff, it was for fun. It was like reading a real life fiction novel where all the characters were real. Full of what if's and all sorts of twists and turns that were unimaginable. then a funny thing happened along the way. The more I read, the more my knowledge grew and as time passed the dots started connecting. Conspiracy theory, once a ting for the kooks and hippies, started to become conspiracy fact.

Funny, when I first started STB I tried pretty hard for some time to keep conspiracy related stuff off the blog, but soon I found it impossible. It was impossible because everything market oriented was rooted in these whacky theories I'd been fascinated by for so many years. The Creature From Jekyll Island was REAL! OMG! Well, the rest is history and everything is starting to fall into place. From Eisenhower's warning of the military industrial complex, to JFK's secret societies, 9/11, the Patriot Act, FEMA, DHS, NSA, all the way to Obummer - IT IS REAL!

If you think you have freedom think again. You've been reduced by the system to be nothing more than a debt serf. You are prayed on and fed upon by a greedy money sucking parasite. We are the host organism, and sadly that virus that is central banking is about to kill its host. To make matters worse the government fully supports and represents the parasite and no longer us, the host. The virus has taken over complete control of the system.

Unfortunately, history has taught us how this will end. Life will go on, but how, none of us know. Technology is the game changer and where we're headed towards some form of corporatocracy I'm guessing. Think Robocop. Most long term readers know where I think we're headed, so I'll discuss this more at another time.

This does however, lead me back to possibly my greatest call and possibly the greatest market call of this age (IMHO of course) - the STB "event" call. What can stop and out of control machine that dominates every corner of everything and has nothing to stop it? There will have to be something so large that it stops everything and resets the system. I firmly believe this is where we're headed.

Now, if this is literally biblical or not, that I do not know. It sure seems that way, I'll ask that you be prepared for either outcome. Keep Him close, but you may want some extra food and ammo just in case He's not ready yet. Bottom line is Agenda 21 and the NWO are real. There is a secret cabal that runs the show. The Rothschilds and Rockefellers are real. The banks want war for profit. They want war for destruction so they can fund the reconstruction. The current administration must have a war to conceal reality and make their mistakes disappear. Some want war for eugenics reasons.

I can go on and on. The paint is on the canvas and there is no changing that now. Once dried, its all over. So, the great illusion, the market, will continue to distract till they can no longer manage it. Soon the false flags will come inciting war to cover the economic and financial disaster they have created. We're on the verge of a massive global reset. How this ends up is anyone's guess. It's not hard to see a situation like the Hunger Games or pick any Stallone or Schwarzenegger movie theme evolving. All I can ask is that you wake up, buy in and believe the way I have. Prepare yourself, cause time is running out.

On to the lie -

Is a chart really necessary after all that? I think not. I'll reiterate that I believe that TA will get it right in the end, and that price will never lie. It rules all. Thus, I trudge on.

Minis 60m - The rising pink wedge fighting to hold support after the completely improbable run over the past two weeks. 

SPX Daily - Seriously, that backtest of the busted rising black wedge support could have been the moment. I'm considering it.

More to come below.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Morning Charts 02/24/14 SPX /ES

Good morning. Ready for your daily dose of distraction courtesy of the almost ATH stock markets that no one can take their eyes and ears off of? Hot dawg! Ain't this special. You sheeple, please, come on to the trough of fortune. All are welcome. UP, up, up, rich, rich, rich, a fortune in every box. Broadway Ben has retired but Yellin it from the mountain tops has the reigns of this side show now, and she's got your back. Risk on, risk free, the Fed's backstop is in place, nothing can go wrong, so bring the system everything you've got. Let us make all your dreams come true.

Well, that's my market coverage for today. If you'd like to know their agenda for the week, you can see it here. Sadly this link does not include pre-release data or the BLS BS curve that they use to manipulate the numbers with. Those are only for the insiders and are not currently publicly available. Sadly you probably don't have a co-located server that can make algo driven, no liquidity required, penny skimming quotes that can within nanoseconds place your insider knowledge based trades. That's OK! These machines are there for your benefit, so just get long, BTATH and ride this sucker to prosperity.

In case you missed the message hidden in the above - baffled by BS is my point. As STB has preached for years, the market is the great illusion that is meant to keep you calm, keep you from becoming involved, to keep you from waking up to the reality that surrounds you. That reality is a crumbling everything that is economic and social. You need to pay close attention to the Ukraine and Syria issues. Guess what, they are distractions as well. You really need to be watching your government very closely right now. They are stealing freedom and liberty right from under your nose. I suspect a really large false flag is coming soon.

On to the lie -

I snatched this from the OWP. Since posting this over the weekend I've seen several others discussing 1860 which is a number I was throwing around late last week. 

Minis Daily - Rising pink wedge of death? Double top, watch the 60m 200ma here with pink wedge support for a critical point. Sadly for the bears a massive (like massive) inverse HnS is potentially setting up. This would lead to the overthrow bull trap from hell if it were to happen. I don't like it, but with Team Manipulation's back against the wall they may make one last push for glory to suck in those last few idiots. I'm not calling that, just noting the potential. I don't like up here, but as usual will never leave the possibility out of the equation. What I'm kinda looking at as an alternative if the double top does not work is the pink wedge to the green wedge backtest. This kinda works with the IHnS above but the wedge/backtest intersection is all the way up near 1880 in early May. Just a technical road map that one must consider. What I don't like is this seems way too obvious, but it would make for one heck of a bull trap. 1858 is red resistance and 1880 is green backtest. If things don't turn here, those are the numbers I'll be looking at.

Sorry, this chart is not the best. I'll get into more detail below.

Have a good week.

GL and GB!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Open Weekend Post 02/22-23/14

You know the drill, share the love and the knowledge.

So, the minis are at a point where I would like to add to my 1/15 short on "principle" reasons only. This double top (some say triple which is fine) should be one of those technical points where the "end" could really happen if the 1850 level was really "it". The problem is that if I add here, then this would have to be it, THE top. Not sure I am ready to pull that trigger, and I was certainly not about to do that on a Friday. All that said, this situation leaves the door open for an "event" this weekend. One of those things that TA can eerily predict.

Minis Daily - Rising pink wedge of death? Double top, watch the 60m 200ma here with pink wedge support for a critical point. Sadly for the bears a massive (like massive) inverse HnS is potentially setting up. This would lead to the overthrow bull trap from hell if it were to happen. I don't like it, but with Team Manipulation's back against the wall they may make one last push for glory to suck in those last few idiots. I'm not calling that, just noting the potential. I don't like up here, but as usual will never leave the possibility out of the equation. What I'm kinda looking at as an alternative if the double top does not work is the pink wedge to the green wedge backtest. This kinda works with the IHnS above but the wedge/backtest intersection is all the way up near 1880 in early May. Just a technical road map that one must consider. What I don't like is this seems way too obvious, but it would make for one heck of a bull trap.

If you see if, post it. Sochi closing ceremonies Sunday could be an "event" worthy moment.

Have a good weekend.

GL and GB!

Morning Charts 02/21/14 SPX /ES

and ...Overnight Futures Track USDJPY Tick For Tick, As Usual

USD/JPY - They are running out of time and room.

Minis 60 - The pink rising wedge with upper red resistance just above near 1860 -

More to come below.

Have a good weekend.

GL and GB!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Morning Charts 02/20/14 SPX /ES

OK, I'm running late, took a peek at the news driving things this morning and came up with .....nothing. Scanning ZH - JPM never loses, employment is friggin awesome and the PMI number - well that beat is completely confusing. As to the PMI number, I guess the bad is good meme can't be all bad, so they have to throw in some fluff good stuff for balance. Of course this is all BS and none of the numbers represent anything that is real. They print what they want when. With the PMI, maybe how, why or when they printed what they did are the best questions? I think they are dazzling us with BS and doing their best to keep us confused and guessing.

Things are way too quiet this morning. 

On to the lie -

SPX Daily - Neg divs setting up again. See dashed red lines. These are not good.

Minis 60m - 1833 is critical resistance for the bears if they want to stay in the game here. 1823, 1806 to the round level are critical support areas.

More to come below.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Morning Charts 02/19/14 SPX /ES

ZH and other sites reading like obituaries again. Obummer looking into Syria is a big concern now. He's gonna need cover for what's coming. As I've noted things look technically like they should end by July. Can the globe spin that much out of control in the next four months? I'm not sure, but the markets can top before the SHTF that's for sure.

The real SHTF moments like complete capital controls, retirement plan confiscation and marshal law may take a bit of time. They will come most likely after Obummer gets his major war (he's got two options to expand now - Syria and Ukraine), or the most horrendous false flag event that has ever hit this nation.

The biggest deal and most telling of how much trouble were really in financially (as in the global Ponzi scheme - they buy our bonds and we buy their lead laden trinkets) can be seen in China's redemption of the treasuries. Refresher course - we now buy close to 70% of each treasury auction. This amount used to be purchased by other nations. This means we're printing massive amounts of money to keep the dream alive. This will not work and has not worked, and it will eventually destroy the dollar. Debt is bad. Massive amounts of debt is worse. We're worse than worse now.

This brings us to the MyRA product - your "savings" invested directly into treasuries. Are you starting to see it now? Confiscation is all it is, to "support the nation". Except you are not supporting the nation, you are supporting their system of corruption and greed. There is a big difference.

Out of control, lawless, unregulated, TBTF, TBTJ, is what we the sheeple serve. We're debt slaves to their system, nothing more. The problem is their system is about to collapse and they need moar money to perpetuate their farce. Where will this money come from? Simple, a large war or false flag that will kindle the homeland spirit and rally us around the flag, so we'll give up everything to protect the nation and liberty. (I can't wait to hear Obullshit give this speech.) They are preparing for the last push. I just hope we're not dumb enough to go along with it. 

On to the lie -

Minis 4her - Triple top? All near tern support is gone excepth for the rollover (yellow) channel. It looks like we may have another very shortable moment. Similar to the 1/15 top I shorted, but it may be even better. More on this below as I monitor it throughout the day.

More to come below.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Morning Charts 02/18/14 SPX /ES

You know things are screwed up when Wiemar chooses to take the next steps to go all Wiemar again. That's what happened when the, "Bundebsbank's tacit approval to proceed with this plan which would make the ECB's bond monetization mirror that of the Fed where bonds are purchased on an unsterilized basis." In other words, the last holdout of rational just left the playing field in the EU. Right now we have a near perfect QE storm going on. Why? Because the financial world was about to come to an end, literally. The EU, China, Japan are all printing wildly, and the hint Yellen gave the other week all add up to some very confident stock markets regardless of the consequences of the additional easing.

And there you have it all in a nutshell folks. We get in trouble, things are not working right, policy fails - then print, print, print and all will be well. Kick that can as far down the road as you can. Transfer the problem to another administration or generation. Let them deal with it. The problem is, we've run out of generations to punt this problem to. Keep the sheeple in the dark and mask the problems with ATH stock markets while things spiral out of control.

I keep telling you folks, it's all about QE and nothing else, period. When the QE music stops, so does everything. They can't print forever, but they are apparently ready to risk everything and die trying. It's their only option now.

On to the lie -

SPX Daily - So, should the markets have recovered from the last fall? Should we be about to hit new ATH's again? I think not, but you draw your own conclusions there. One thing that is for sure is the indicators are neg diving again and they say this recovery is a lie. Sadly, that's been the case for years. Normal market function and pulse are no longer a thing of reality. This Robomarket is part market and mostly machine now that can accomplish feats that a historical market could only dream of thanks to QE.

Bottom line is we're close enough to a double top for negative divergences to matter, and they are there yet again. Combine these with various other overbought signals and we have yet another witches brew for a quick collapse. What drove these markets off the lows was the recent QE stick saves in China, Japan and the promise of ones to come in the EU and US. This can't last forever, but till they run out of QE bullets it is what it is and all we can do is ride it till it eventually implodes. 

Minis 4hr - What we have here is either a potential rising wedge or channel up to a double top situation with negative divergences and overbought conditions. Maybe the QE news has down its work for now and it's time for a correction. QE's effects are not what they once were. Sure, they were able to pick up over 100 SPX points over the past two weeks, but there was a time when all these announcements would have done this in three days. QE no longer has the turbo effect it once had.

I'll give targets below. Back at the top on 1/15 I discussed their need for a sizable pullback to be able to generate the ability for them to lift the market without having to go vertical. Formations get tired and run out of room to grow. At that point price needs to reset and make room for another run. They may need another pullback here as well before attempting to push thru to new ATH's.

A bothersome issue for bully is the RUT and DOW are lagging bad. Are their tops set, or do they still need to run? The Q's are off in a world of their own and have set new ATH's again. Are the Q's the leader of the exception? Bottom line is QE. What happens with QE. Nothing else matters. the announcements and implementation of new programs has us here, but that's it. They got their pop. Now what is the big question?

More to come below.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Morning Charts and President's Day 02/17/14 SPX /ES

Our current potus better hope we focus on reflection today rather than on his current administration. I'm positive though that this President's Day will be celebrated with a selfie, a Carney conference to praise his highness and with a fawning MSM full of propaganda lifting his him above all. Oh, don't forget a good dose of Ocare sales pitches and shameless pleading for political donations as well. In the New America, we can not allow the former terrorists that founded and nurtured this great country be celebrated. It's all about the O.

Sadly, SC representative Joe Wilson had it right back on 09/09/09 when he called potus a liar. What's so sad is most knew he was lying then, and we the sheeple have allowed him to continue to lie and get away with it since. It's truly pathetic that you can do a Google search on "Obama Lies" and get 36 million results. For those that say what about Bush? Well, a "Bush Lies" search - that would include both presidents - yields only 13 million results. So, Obummer has those horrible Bush's (which they are some of the most corrupt ever) outnumbered 3 to 1. That's really saying something.

At least the the Bush presidencies concealed most of their lies. Obummer just blatantly lies to your face. I suggest you visit where a large number of his lies are documented for you to see. Transparency, bin Laden raid, Ocare, Benghazi, pick your favorite there are supposedly over 250 to chose from the list goes on and on, it is almost more difficult to find truths from this president than lies.

We now have a president that disregards laws and believes he has a, "pen and he will use it" for whatever he sees fit. He enacted the NDAA that allows him to use the NSA, TSA, DHS and judicial system regardless what the constitution says to intimidate and control this nation. We now have an out of control president that rules with an iron fist similar to a Stalin or even a Hitler. We have what many deem the worst president ever and he's gonna leave this country in ruins if we do not get him out of office sooner than later. Sadly Ann Coulter may have it right when she says Obummer would be impeached if he were not America's first black president.

So this President's Day I ask that you celebrate the terrorists that founded this great nation. You need to honor the Constitution and what it represents. Do your own research and question the current authority and ask yourself, is this the way we're supposed to be governed? If not, then what should you be doing to change things?

On to the lie -

This post from Zero Hedge this morning says it all - Spoos Rise To Within Inches Of All Time High As Overnight Bad News Is Respun As Great News By Levitation Algos. Everything is about QE and will or will we not get moar. That's all there is to investing these days. All it took at the lows two weeks ago was for Yellen to hint that she'd taper the taper and poof! the slide stopped and the rally resumed. Bad news is definitely good news for the markets, because it means the liquidity pups will remain on and flowing.

No charts here today. I will post some below in the commentary.

Have a good week.

GL and GB!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Oen Weekend Post

you know the drill share the love and the knowledge

have a good weekend

gl and gb!

Morning Charts 02/14/14 SPX /ES

Numerology day? 2 14's? On a full moon? Who knows?

And your fun fact of the day - 14 is the atomic number of silicon. Valentines, silicon - I'll let your mind ponder that one. 

Very brief this morning, STB's kinda disgusted about the below disconnect and the results of such. 

But wait, I thought, you mean, no way .... ah, the new normal - Japanese Stocks Are Crashing As USDJPY Loses Critical Support Soooo, we're not tied to the pair anymore? Is this temporary? Did we break up just in time for Valentines? Must have been good, but not all that and a bag of chips. Maybe this is just a rough patch and they will get back together when the pair starts acting right again.

But all is well in our markets cause the EU GDP data is kicking ass! Now if you believe this after all the GDP revisions here this past week, be my guest. If you have not learned that GDP announcements are nothing more than a big lie to goose the markets then you are a bit slow, sorry.

Just keep on laughing folks. It's all you can do at this point.

Gold is breaking out? Well, well, well, someone around here back in January was harping on a DCB double bottom (that worked well with the 1/15 top in equities. Well, gold is moving up and equities are ... moving up? Something is not right here.

On to the lie -

Minis 60m - Back in the channel. Resistance and support runs from 1843 to 1803 in 10 point increments. May have another challenge of green support today. Not drawn but price may either be channeling or wedging out to the right here and in a new formation.

More to come below.

Have a good weekend.

GL and GB!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Morning Charts 02/13/14 SPX /ES

Look, I can only tell you so many times. I've been warning you for years. It's in their documents. It's been seriously discussed. It's their only way out. It's our retirement system and savings. The below is from the EU, but don't for one second think "it can't happen here".

""the savings of the European Union's 500 million citizens could be used to fund long-term investments to boost the economy and help plug the gap left by banks since the financial crisis, an EU document says." What is left unsaid is that the "usage" will be on a purely involuntary basis, at the discretion of the "union", and can thus best be described as confiscation."

I consistently tell you to take the ill-gotten gains and diversify them out of fiat into real assets.Sadly we're getting to the point those will have to even be burried deep in the grould far away and out of sight of the governments prying hands. What do you think the MyRA plan is?

"The solution? "The Commission will ask the bloc's insurance watchdog in the second half of this year for advice on a possible draft law "to mobilize more personal pension savings for long-term financing""

There is roughly $19 trillion in the US retirement system. What is the total debt? Uh, ya, about $19 trillion (excluding the $127 trillion in unfunded liabilities of course - those apparently do not count). Even Stephen baby!

So how do they continue the debt ponzi, the global financial lifeblood, when no government or banks wish to continue to fund the system?  They will simply "borrow" your funds for redistribution.

It's gonna suck folks. A revolution is coming. They are gonna steal it, and we're not gonna let them have it. The government just picked up another 140,000 rounds of .308 rifle ammo and has plans on buying a ridiculous 75 million rounds this year. They shut down the last lead smeltry, so all bullets going forward will have to come from overseas. Of course one would think this would be a national security issue, but apparently it is not. They can't get the guns, so they will take the easy way and just take all the ammo.

Agenda 21 folks, it's real. I highly suggest you take your heads out of the clouds and get in touch with what the UN has planned for us. Here, read the .pdf for yourself. 351 pages of goodness for mother earth and the elite. Sustainable development is what they call it, slavery is more like what it really is. This shit is real folks. You better wake up.

On to the lie -

Minis 5m - well, we got scenario two I was discussing yesterday, which is the not so good one for team manipulation. STB was all over the 1802 backtest just when it seemed impossible. They were not able to keep price in the near term green channel though which could cause a problem. Either way, this is the backtest that STB was looking for. The small HnS from yesterday has played out. Pretty clear that the resistance here is going to be 1812 and 1823 and support is going to be 1802 and 1795. What they do here at 1802 is key. If it fails the bears may make another run and the top is most likely set. If it holds, then higher highs are almost a certainty. I have no clue. They took out the STB bull/bear line (1802). My hope was they just stick a spike thru it and not get a close above it. We have to follow our master's lead. We have no other choice. Tuesday at 1802 was the day several here were pointing out to be an exceptional short point. Well, here we are back at that number. If blue diag support gives way, it could get interesting again.

More to come below.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Morning Charts 02/12/14 SPX /ES

As suspected here at STB the House Passes Clean Debt Ceiling 221-201 With Vast Majority Of Republicans Voting Against. If you have not figured out that hell will freeze over before they fail to pass a debt ceiling increase, well you are sorely lost and way out of touch with the new normal. The situation surrounding this fallacy is so disgusting that to regurgitate how we got to this point would surely make you all sick to your stomachs, so let's not. Let's just say that we have a potus with a pen and to challenge the tyranny is a potentially fatal proposition.

So, the Fed can taper ON but the government can not manage their spending? Somehow this math is not working out. Even Bernanke warned Congress to cool it on multiple occasions, but they apparently refuse to listen. Let me see, they want to avoid another embarrassing government shutdown, so we're just going to throw principles and responsibility out with the baby and the bathwater?

I told you the debt ceiling would not be an issue. Since the sequester they want no part of hearing the people bitch and moan. Let's see, the sequester amounted to $84 billion in cuts. This measly amount is less than the Fed was spending per month just to keep the bond and stock markets from crashing at the height of QE. Bottom line is it is not worth our time to even discuss the debt ceiling anymore. They should just do away with it. 

And now O is going to use his pen to increase minimum wage. Whatever.

On to the lie -

Minis 4hr - Channeling up. All near term resistance is gone other than upper green channel diagonal. A backtest of the busted blue LT resistance diagonal may happen here, but who knows, The only thing that matters is what the Fed wants. The lie, that is the market providing cover for everything that is wrong with this nation, must not fail. 1823 and then 1842 are your next resistance points.

It's a joke folks. If you are still playing this farce, be my guest, but they are going to take it all one day. Every penny. Either thru direct confiscation or thru capital controls, they will get every penny that is in their system.

More to come below.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Morning Charts 02/11/14 SPX /ES

Nothing new this morning. Just another MSM pukefest of lies and misdirection as they lay cover for their masters as the US and global economies rot to their cores. Yellen says the Fed is "likely" to continue its taper ON course. That's just great. So the Fed tapers and the global economy, especially in emerging markets, get hammered as a result of the taper ON.

Wait, global, hammered, cause of our Fed? That's right dear American taxpayer. Your future earnings and those of your children and grandchildren have been taken (not borrowed) by the Fed to fuel global growth stability via central bank lending, and now with the taper they are pulling the rug so to speak on the liquidity situations of these piigs on the teat.

This is just fine by the way. The global recovery is so strong that no one really relies on the Fed's continued printing to stabilize anything, do they? Note the operative word stabilize. One would think that growth would be an operative word here after the trillions flushed into the system that were fractally expanded. Wait, where did all this money go?  Well, you'll have to ask the 1% that question.

As their new taper ON policy shines a bright light on just how awesome the the Fed's policies have been, maybe the Fed's plan on continuing to manage the USD/JPY pair should be a more viable question? Well, that will never be addressed as the MSM is A) too stupid and B) to owned to dare shine a light on the only thing that's keeping the markets and their charade alive at this point.

Let this farce roll right into the coming debt ceiling discussions.Wait, stupid me, we have a tyrant president (who studied Constitutional law) who has a pen and is not afraid to use it no matter what congress says. We will be just fine, and whomever votes for him or his party will get whatever assistance they need no matter the cost. What's adding another trillion or two to the budget? potus has already spent moar than all presidents before him COMBINED. Never let a good crisis go to waste, right? I mean when you (potus) have your opponent (America) on two broken legs and blinded, you go for the kill shot right?

Don't forget your new buzzword Amerika - Capital Controls. They are coming. They have spent almost all the "future" money they can. There is only one place left to come for moar - your bank accounts.

On to the lie -

Minis 60m - Pretty simple this morning. They have improbably rallied against all odds off the lows thru one resistance (STB's red line of death) backtest and are now facing another. Channeling up (green) price has now reached the backtest resistance point of all backtest resistance points. The upper blue long term (as in upper market resistance off the 2009 lows) resistance and the near term STB bull/bear line here at 1802 is a most severe test for bull and bear alike. Some would call it the top of a 2 wave (in that nasty worthless parlance). This point has the potential to be a incredibly pivotal. You can see in the chart that even after five years its resistance significance remains in play. If it breaks, moar of the same. If it holds and we get a strong reversal here, it should be game over. That's it in a nutshell. The Fed knows this and so do all the other players. This is a MAJOR technical spot.

More to come below.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Morning Charts 02/10/14 SPX /ES

Bout all that's in "their" way right now news wise is the budget/debt ceiling issue. This slight money problem keeps coming up for some strange reason. I'm not sure why. There are always checks in the checkbook, and it's not like they don't have a printer in the closet.

Taking a look at the US National Debt Clock, it says we're only $17.3 trillion in debt. That's only $150,000 per taxpayer. The good news is that the limited liability per taxpayer is only $1.1 million on the $127 trillion in unfunded liabilities. So, they got this under control and there is no reason to freak out (unless interest rates rise of course and then that huge pile of debt goes up in flames).

This is an election year. Do you think there is any way we're gonna have another shutdown or any bickering over the debt issue? Ever since the fiscal cliff and the super secret congress (or whatever that illegal unconstitutional group was called) met a couple of years ago, there have been no more issues getting an extension passed on government spending. I doubt there will be any issues this time either.

On to the lie -

Minis daily - Strictly looking at resistance points here. Price has made it back thru the backtest of the busted red support STB line of death. Now price is entering this area of critical resistance between 1795 and 1805 that holds everything from the long term blue market resistance diagonal, the 20and 50 dma and the 61% retracement (STB bull/bear line). True bears that believe the top is in should think this would be the best point to short for the long term if they missed the top. In EWT terms, this may be the top of a 2 wave. Thinking and believing are operative words here, cause playing against the Fed in their manipulated market is not a fair game. Let's watch this area closely.

More to come below.

Have a good week.

GL and GB!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Open Weekend Post 02/08-09/14

You know the drill, share the love and the knowledge.

It's all falling apart. Everything is held together at this time with lies and those are starting to fall apart. I believe it is just a matter of time now as they can't continue the charade much longer.

To add to the drama - 4m
LEW SAYS EXTRAORDINARY MEASURES MAY NOT LAST BEYOND FEB. 27.and thus the bonds are not playing along.

Keep an eye on Sochi for possible events. I suggest #sochiproblems as well for a good laugh.

Keep an eye on Sochi for great laughs like this ultimate WTF? moment - - Russian Police Choir performs 'Get Lucky' at Opening Ceremony 

If you see it post it. I'll be around updating some charts and such.

Minis 4hr - The STB ull/bear line is the 61% retrcaement and that sits right smack dab on the ole blue LT market resistance diagonal (a fantastic place for a final reversal to death).

Have a good weekend.

GL and GB!

Morning Charts 02/07/14 SPX /ES

When I saw The Farce Is Complete: Blythe Masters Joining CFTC yesterday I almost blew a gasket. I'm not sure why. It's like, what should surprise any of us at this point anyway? This is just the natural progression playing out, right? It's just a final positioning of players for the powers that be to cover every corrupt corner of their empire.

OK, if you put two and two together (which they are counting on you NOT being able to do), it is not all that hard to read between the lines.

"That's right - you read it correct: "Blythe Masters, head of JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s commodities division, is joining an advisory committee of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission" 
They are speaking to us here at STB now.

"It's almost as if they are explicitly telling the handful of people who still care about this entire charade a resounding "fuck you.""

They are sending a clear message. A message so clear that it confirms nearly every theory I've proposed and every rant I've raged over the past five years on STB. The markets are completely controlled. Of course if they control the financial system this leads to question, what else do they completely dominate and control? Defense, medical, food, oil, electricity - are you starting to get the picture? This all leads to the question of constitutional freedom and liberty. This leads to the police state, the NSA, DHS and FEMA. This all leads to the administration and congress. And it was all enabled by the Patriot Act. We've come full circle.

Welcome to the end game. Their final pieces to the puzzle are being put in place. Seriously, they allowed a woman, well Zero Hedge put it best - "this certified commodity market manipulator just got a job with none other than the head commodity regulators in the US? ", from the bank that paid over $25 billion in
corruption related charges to now head the CFTC? You have got to be kidding me?

The new normal, we talk about it all the time here at STB. This is not your father's market anymore. Nothing is real and the Matrix jokes are not that funny anymore. Is anyone questioning my "event" call from 2009 now? "They" are and have been in total control since they blackmailed congress for TARP. The TBTF banks have only gotten bigger and the "controls" that Dodd/Farce were to put into place (that the TBTF's wrote) have not even come close to being implemented.

We can place the blame in many places. Great revolutionary leaders warned and spoke of this exact scenario. Bottom line is greed and corruption dominate the system. America as we know it is dead. Socialist rule is being implemented. Get used to it. #sochiproblems is our destiny. Better yet, prepare your children for it now. They are the ones that will be paying for all this mess.

On to the lie -

Sticking with the corruption theme, and adding a bit more proof (not that it is needed anymore) to my corruption argument - What Did Gold And JPY Know Seconds Before The Jobs Report? You know, why do I even bother to do this anymore - what's the point? I could have very easily for the past two years typed, "Follow the Fed." and left every post at that?

I play the game because I honestly believe that price and technicals WILL get it right. They can not run from price and true natural market forces. Just like we can't screw with mother nature, well the markets have natural forces and rules as well and they will impose their will at some point.

Minis 4hr - All I can say is "whatever" after the jobs report. What a friggin joke, and americans put up with this shit. Unbelieveable!

More to come below when I get calmed down and my thoughts secured. It's complete BS.

Enjoy the weekend.

GL and GB!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Morning Charts 02/06/14 SPX /ES

TWTR - ripped here for some time may finally have found reality. Let me see if I can put this in 140 characters or less - $40 billion market cap and zero profit #insanity. There I did it. I think the poster child for this faux market just sent up some emergency flares. Another sign that the end may be near.

Sochi is about to crank up. I am in full wonder mode regarding this event. From false flag potential to the multiple #fail events and issues that seem to be coming, the games may be more memorable for Russia's lack of sophistication and organization skills than the events.

This is hilarious.

STB has a meeting out of the office this morning, so I'll be in a bit after 10:00. Hold down the fort till I get back.

SPX Daily - I have not shown this in a while. Bout the only thing that indicates a possible turn other than finally being oversold to a degree is the MACD Histogram (one of my favorite early turn indicators). I remain bearish near term, but wonder about a backtest or a small retracement of some sort to relieve a bit of pressure.

Minis Daily - A little different look from the travel computer. What may have stopped price? That yellow diagonal that used to be support for the original topping formation for the run off the 2009 bottom. This diagonal is in a different place on the work computer. Of course there is a yellow support diagonal for that old formation well below price here as well. Bottom line is price still busted my red diagonal of death.

I'm preaching patience and for you to remain calm and cautious. I remain bearish and would like to see 1710 or so before a backtest of busted resistance (or worse). Things are not good at all, but this is still the Fed's market. We've all seen things we never thought possible so far. Why would it be any different here?

I'll post more stuff when I get in.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Morning Charts 02/05/14 SPX /ES

ADP, been there - done that. It matters exactly zero, but that will not stop the prognosticators from singing its praises or touting its predictive ability (NOT). So we missed the target. It was the weather's fault of course (and will remain the weather's fault for months to come - cold or hot).

Why am I discussing or even mentioning this bogus BS? Cause in the game we play, unfortunately we have to take their "data" into consideration, real or not. Employment moves politics, politics moves the administration, the administration moves the Fed, and we all know the Fed moves the market. In the end it is a bogus number that is meant to set in motion a chain of events that they want to happen. It is a tool they use to steer their ship. It is a covert way of being able to implement policy at the "whims" of economic necessities as dictated by the (purely manipulated) data.

In other words it's horse shit - every singe data point is crap  made up to meet their political needs. This is why STB has preached for years for you to follow the Fed. They are part of a consortium that controls the data that sets the policy that drives the markets in whatever direction they want them to go.

Right now things are getting a bit unruly. The taper ON situation that was "priced in" - remember taper ON is bullish! - propaganda is not working in their favor. The markets are expressing their anger at the Fed removing the hopium direct infusion.

After all, in this market that is oozing excessive liquidity - sorry, scratch that - there is no liquidity - how can anything fail? Well, when something like 75% of liquidity is false bids and offers and those bids and offers are there solely (illegally) to hike prices so the central banks can skim off the sheeple's investments, we got problems. See How Many HFT Quotes Does It Take To Execute 3 Trades? (Hint - Over 2 Million)

Bottom line as I have been warning, everyone has an itchy trigger finger. At some point they all will head for the exit at the same time. As predicted here years ago, we did not see true market capitulation in the fall of 2008. We will see it in this next fall, and we're right on the edge of the cliff. As some great person once said, "You ain't seen nothing yet."And to summarize a long story, markets crash, false flags and wars come, marshal law follows that along with retirement plan confiscation (Obummer may or may not become dictator). End of America as we know it (unless we revolt).

On to the lie -

Minis Daily - You have to break these moves up into segments and play them as such. The call from the top the the STB red line of death was the first section. We're in the middle of the the next segment - the move to the next obvious support point the 200dma. Then there is a potential third segment to the 1640 area, but let's not go there yet.

Right now I'm sticking with my 200dma target for this portion of the fall. How we get there is the question? It looks like there is a potential grey wedge that could lead us right there. I really think the red line of death will want a backtest before the 200dma cracks, but then again it is not necessary. You must remember, it all depends on what they want and when (see above). 

Right now it looks like "they" are finally losing control. We're one STB "Event" away from disaster for the markets and the dreaded aftermath that will follow. They know this and so do we. They are swimming with some big sharks down here. I'm not so sure what they are doing allowing this failure. My worst bear case scenario is as discussed - in order for the markets to move to new ATH they needed to create some space so price did not have to move vertically. Of course the only way to stave off this crash will be to un-taper and possibly increase QE. So there are two roads, and we must let the Fed tell us which one they will take - crash and end it all or one last stick save.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Morning Charts 2/4/14 SPX /ES

I found this delicious from Zero Hedge this morning,

"There is one main reason why complacency is bad: selloffs. Because as Bank of America explains, in an environment in which there are "too few bears", and where investors are "not prepared for a downside correction", when you do finally get a sell off for whatever reason, with nobody hedged and otherwise prepared for such an outcome, the only logical continuation is piling on until one gets selling exhaustion. And in a world in which hedge fund leverage is about 500%, by the time exhaustion comes, there will be very few left standing."
So few get it. So many have their heads stuck so far up their backsides worried about this and that (money, toys, perception) they miss the forest for the trees. Having basically a Fed run covert op with MSM and advisory deception at every turn does not assist John Q. Public identify the situation, but this is not rocket science. Apparently separating reality from fantasy has become increasingly difficult for the average and expert investor alike.

When, as I've shown repeatedly leading up to and at the top, CPC gets this whacked out there is a problem.

Or when Bullish Percent diverges to price like this there is a problem.

Add to that the internals, negative divergences, overthrows and bearish formations that have been begging for this market to turn. Anyway, the market is horrifically and most likely historically lopsided at possibly the worst time for it to be so in history. It's almost like everyone is trying to buy wish this economy back to prosperity, and that ain't the way things work. Soon, everyone will figure out that the Fed has pulled a fast one on them and that the recovery is a lie, and when that happens all those itchy trigger fingers will fire at once.

Minis Daily - All near term and long term support is busted. STB's red line of death has been breached. I'm a bit freaked out, as this should be finally the "it" moment. Of course we're also dealing with a more than desperate Federal Reserve that has a $4 trillion balance sheet and will do anything to protect its precious petro-dollar (although thru their arrogance and ignorance every policy they have done is killing it).STB still fears a market cheering reversal of taper and one last shot at moar QE for the last great stick save. Will this happen or is it over? No one knows, but that is the only fear the bears have left.

Minis Daily - I have no clue what or why price stopped where it did. Perhaps another index that I have not had time to check has a support point (I'll chart them all up today), but the /es simply stopped in the middle of nowhere. Off the top I called the red line of death as the point to watch and if that cracked the 200dma was the next stop. Perhaps we're about to get a backtest of the busted red support?

So much to figure and discuss. We'll take that all to the comments section below. Many options here, but bottom line is red wedge support is definitively busted. I've got to get my bearings a bit. I'm a bit shocked the red line of death was breached and the implications that brings with it are tremendous.

There will be some Fed speak later today that could be meaningful, so be watching for this.

More to come below.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Morning Charts 02/03/14 SPX /ES

Employment this week. After the disaster 70k print there should be only one way to go. Low hurdle, easy beat and markets applaud is what I'm guessing at this time. ADP Wednesday will add to the confusion and have the market chasing its tail as usual. Who knows? I can guarantee one thing, that the workforce will continue to shrink. 

The other issue this week is we have fed speakers three separate days. The possibilities of mixed signals going into the jobs report should be enough to confuse everyone. There should be plenty of after taper talk as the dust settles from last week. I doubt anyone will be tipping any hats towards future policy at this time, but you never know. 

So, we have markets at critical support junctures, some rowdy bears that have decided to come out of hibernation and the  coming potential for an employment surprise along with Fed speak. If the emerging markets behave, if Japan does not melt down, if China continues to ease and the EU just stays quiet (all of that is asking a lot) then maybe they will be able to hold support here and get a little lift. 

Apparently Japan is refusing to cooperate cause there are Alarms Going Off As 102 Dollar-Yen Support Breached. Fundamentally this is an issue. Technically I feel the 100 area is the line in the sand, so IMO there still treading above critical support. This charts that shows the long term upper market resistance and the rising wedge leading into it suggests it is only a matter of time now before a dreadful reversal comes in the USD/JPY pair.

STB suggested reading - Paul Singer's "Vision" Of The Coming "Riot Point" And The Fed's "Formula For Destruction"
"This is a formula for destruction. The crash of 2008 should have been smoking-gun evidence of the folly of this approach, but every mistake leading up to the crash, especially excessive and “invisible” leverage and interest rates that were too low, has been doubled down upon in the years since.""

On to the lie -

Minis 4hr - Price does the tango with STB's red line of death. If this cracks 1705 would be the next stopping point and then 1635, so the gaping supportless holes they have left via this manufactured run up could lead to a more rapid descent than most are anticipating. I'll be watching the 1760 area like a hawk for critical support. As for upside the blue LT upper market resistance diagonal sits near 1800. 1810 is resistance. 1815 is the STB bull/bear line.

More to come below. 

Have a good week. 

GL and GB!