Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Morning Charts 02/25/14 SPX /ES

I may have to change the name of STB to Dodger's Blog or something like that. Maybe Neo's Place? Somehow I have managed to dodge calling a top on this miracle run for the ages. What appeared to be against all odds to most, yesterday, yet another new ATH was hit. Just how does a permabear like me continue to get this market non-top thingy right?

It's simple, I believe! I believe baby! I believe in manipulation, corruption, deregulation, greed, conspiracy, I'm 100% bought into their control state. I wholeheartedly know that this market is no longer real. It took a while, but sometime I'd say in 2011 I finally bought in. Once I figured out QE and the path they had chosen and separated their Matrix from reality, it all became crystal clear.

Back in the 90's when I first got into conspiracy stuff, it was for fun. It was like reading a real life fiction novel where all the characters were real. Full of what if's and all sorts of twists and turns that were unimaginable. then a funny thing happened along the way. The more I read, the more my knowledge grew and as time passed the dots started connecting. Conspiracy theory, once a ting for the kooks and hippies, started to become conspiracy fact.

Funny, when I first started STB I tried pretty hard for some time to keep conspiracy related stuff off the blog, but soon I found it impossible. It was impossible because everything market oriented was rooted in these whacky theories I'd been fascinated by for so many years. The Creature From Jekyll Island was REAL! OMG! Well, the rest is history and everything is starting to fall into place. From Eisenhower's warning of the military industrial complex, to JFK's secret societies, 9/11, the Patriot Act, FEMA, DHS, NSA, all the way to Obummer - IT IS REAL!

If you think you have freedom think again. You've been reduced by the system to be nothing more than a debt serf. You are prayed on and fed upon by a greedy money sucking parasite. We are the host organism, and sadly that virus that is central banking is about to kill its host. To make matters worse the government fully supports and represents the parasite and no longer us, the host. The virus has taken over complete control of the system.

Unfortunately, history has taught us how this will end. Life will go on, but how, none of us know. Technology is the game changer and where we're headed towards some form of corporatocracy I'm guessing. Think Robocop. Most long term readers know where I think we're headed, so I'll discuss this more at another time.

This does however, lead me back to possibly my greatest call and possibly the greatest market call of this age (IMHO of course) - the STB "event" call. What can stop and out of control machine that dominates every corner of everything and has nothing to stop it? There will have to be something so large that it stops everything and resets the system. I firmly believe this is where we're headed.

Now, if this is literally biblical or not, that I do not know. It sure seems that way, I'll ask that you be prepared for either outcome. Keep Him close, but you may want some extra food and ammo just in case He's not ready yet. Bottom line is Agenda 21 and the NWO are real. There is a secret cabal that runs the show. The Rothschilds and Rockefellers are real. The banks want war for profit. They want war for destruction so they can fund the reconstruction. The current administration must have a war to conceal reality and make their mistakes disappear. Some want war for eugenics reasons.

I can go on and on. The paint is on the canvas and there is no changing that now. Once dried, its all over. So, the great illusion, the market, will continue to distract till they can no longer manage it. Soon the false flags will come inciting war to cover the economic and financial disaster they have created. We're on the verge of a massive global reset. How this ends up is anyone's guess. It's not hard to see a situation like the Hunger Games or pick any Stallone or Schwarzenegger movie theme evolving. All I can ask is that you wake up, buy in and believe the way I have. Prepare yourself, cause time is running out.

On to the lie -

Is a chart really necessary after all that? I think not. I'll reiterate that I believe that TA will get it right in the end, and that price will never lie. It rules all. Thus, I trudge on.

Minis 60m - The rising pink wedge fighting to hold support after the completely improbable run over the past two weeks. 

SPX Daily - Seriously, that backtest of the busted rising black wedge support could have been the moment. I'm considering it.

More to come below.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

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