Monday, February 17, 2014

Morning Charts and President's Day 02/17/14 SPX /ES

Our current potus better hope we focus on reflection today rather than on his current administration. I'm positive though that this President's Day will be celebrated with a selfie, a Carney conference to praise his highness and with a fawning MSM full of propaganda lifting his him above all. Oh, don't forget a good dose of Ocare sales pitches and shameless pleading for political donations as well. In the New America, we can not allow the former terrorists that founded and nurtured this great country be celebrated. It's all about the O.

Sadly, SC representative Joe Wilson had it right back on 09/09/09 when he called potus a liar. What's so sad is most knew he was lying then, and we the sheeple have allowed him to continue to lie and get away with it since. It's truly pathetic that you can do a Google search on "Obama Lies" and get 36 million results. For those that say what about Bush? Well, a "Bush Lies" search - that would include both presidents - yields only 13 million results. So, Obummer has those horrible Bush's (which they are some of the most corrupt ever) outnumbered 3 to 1. That's really saying something.

At least the the Bush presidencies concealed most of their lies. Obummer just blatantly lies to your face. I suggest you visit where a large number of his lies are documented for you to see. Transparency, bin Laden raid, Ocare, Benghazi, pick your favorite there are supposedly over 250 to chose from the list goes on and on, it is almost more difficult to find truths from this president than lies.

We now have a president that disregards laws and believes he has a, "pen and he will use it" for whatever he sees fit. He enacted the NDAA that allows him to use the NSA, TSA, DHS and judicial system regardless what the constitution says to intimidate and control this nation. We now have an out of control president that rules with an iron fist similar to a Stalin or even a Hitler. We have what many deem the worst president ever and he's gonna leave this country in ruins if we do not get him out of office sooner than later. Sadly Ann Coulter may have it right when she says Obummer would be impeached if he were not America's first black president.

So this President's Day I ask that you celebrate the terrorists that founded this great nation. You need to honor the Constitution and what it represents. Do your own research and question the current authority and ask yourself, is this the way we're supposed to be governed? If not, then what should you be doing to change things?

On to the lie -

This post from Zero Hedge this morning says it all - Spoos Rise To Within Inches Of All Time High As Overnight Bad News Is Respun As Great News By Levitation Algos. Everything is about QE and will or will we not get moar. That's all there is to investing these days. All it took at the lows two weeks ago was for Yellen to hint that she'd taper the taper and poof! the slide stopped and the rally resumed. Bad news is definitely good news for the markets, because it means the liquidity pups will remain on and flowing.

No charts here today. I will post some below in the commentary.

Have a good week.

GL and GB!

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