Friday, September 28, 2012

Open Weekend Post 09/29-30/12

You know the drill, share the love and knowledge.

Thanks to all for another great week on the blog and for all your sensational efforts bringing information to STB for all to see. It is not only appreciated by me but also the many others that visit.

GL and GB!

Morning Charts 09/28/12 SPX /ES

All is quiet on the Western and Eastern fronts this morning. Markets appear to have stabilized for the moment with the E-minis stopping at and holding the 1432 level for the most part. The Potter cronies at the PPT with the HFT algo bots did their job and halted yet another slide (as has come to be expected) in spite of recent economic data that would deem the markets do much otherwise.

So here we sit, yet again, waiting on the EU to pull something out of their ass pocket book to stave off yet another round of bank runs and riots. Good luck! This trick appears to have lost its luster and the people of Span and Greece are letting their displeasure be known. Good for them I wish we had that same spirit here in the US.

I'm still struggling with the top call and believe I may have missed it this time. Briefly, as your market Sherpa, the emotional turmoil I have gone thru with this specific top has been miserable. The past tops were so clear and telegraphed. This time with Twist and QE3 rumors and then QE3 coming at these elevated levels top calling has become almost futile.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Morning Charts 09/27/12 SPX /ES

Let's just blast thru some headlines and you form your own opinions this morning - 

SocGen's Albert Edwards Lowers Equity Allocation To Minimum On Fears "Fed Will Destroy The World" and the last time he did this was in May of '08. Although this man works for the system, like Rosie, I take his words and thoughts seriously. 

Final Q2 GDP Disaster: 1.25% Growth Comes Below Lowest Estimate - yet the market does not retreat. They lie and expand their estimates up, up, up and the markets follow and the sheeple get right in line. Does the market correct on this news that the economy is in the dumps? Of course not. This means that more market levitating easing will be assured as we QE to infinity. 

Santelli on GDP Numbers: 'Depressingly Weak' I only wish he could tell the truth, the real truth. 

Chicago Fed Asks "What Are Asset Bubbles" As Its President Calls For Even More QE I spoke with Mr. Evans' brother (we golf together) about the Fed and what they are doing not that long ago and all I got was a hung head and a groan. 

Claims for Jobless Benefits in U.S. Fall More Than Forecast Is this a surprise right before an election when the president controls the data. The only surprise to me is that they did not skew the numbers even more than they already are. 

Contempt for Congress Rampant as Public Rejects Sacrifice Well, I did not get any fireworks out of DC as I thought we might before the recess. It appears that they will continue to drive more important issues like gay rights and abortion going into the election and leave minor issues like fiscal cliffs till after the election. The funny part of this post is that we, as typical Americans  want to eat our cake as well. "Fifty-four percent aren’t willing to cap Medicare benefits and raise the eligibility age to 67; 52 percent don’t want to reduce the cost-of-living adjustment for Social Security recipients; 64 percent balk at an increase in individual tax rates; and 58 percent don’t support eliminating some tax deductions, such as those for home mortgage interest or charitable giving." We're so ignorant. 

All the while China took another little blue pill looking for a for hour erection yesterday which makes the global markets happy. It never ceases to amaze me how we celebrate going even deeper in debt like this is good for all. 

Daily SPX - Cause no other charts matter (if any actually). Blue wedge overthrown and waiting on my catalyst. 

Minis Daily - There are three support diagonals for this wedge - Blue which is long gone and at the apex of the blue original wedge was where price began to break down. Yellow was the second support, or support after the first breakdown of the blue wedge, which is what's got price here. Pink is the last line of defense before white and the 200 DMA. 1342, 1400 and 1374 are the key support points. 1502 is key resistance (gotta throw that in cause of the QE love fest). 

Minis 15m - Interaction at the top of the blue wedge and fall to yellow support diagonal and s/r at 1432. Next stop is 1400 if this goes. Potter and friends are doing a great job this morning controlling fear and pumping price. 

GL and GB!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Head for The Hills 09/26/12 SPX /ES

I believe it is time to head for the hills. If you disagree with any of the below let me know in the comments section.

We all know that the charts have been saying major top for at least a month now.

We all know the fiscal cliff is coming.

We all know that earnings season is set up to be a disaster.

We all know that our government runs trillion dollar deficits and has not had a budget for nearly four years now.

We all know that congress can not and will not do anything to curb real spending.

We all know that kicking the can or extending and pretending will solve nothing and is only making the current underlying problems even worse.

We all know that our government is powerless to control or even curb the financial collapse that is on the horizon.

We all know that the banskters and special interest groups control basically everything.

We all know the markets are totally rigged, and we live in a period where unprecedented market intervention is the only reason the S&P still has a pulse.

We all know that current debt levels are unsustainable and they are expanding.

We all know that when the first CDS triggers that the Quadrillion dollar market of derivatives will implode taking every ounce of wealth (not in PM's) with it.

We all know that the government data is manipulated to give the illusion that all is well.

We all know the Constitution, the greatest document ever written, is being dismantled and your freedoms are being taken one by one.

We all know that the DHS has purchased enough bullets for domestic use to put 5 in every one of us.

We all know the NDAA is real and has destroyed basically every God given right we have.

We all know that the government is rapidly trying to implement a police state to control and track your every move.

We all know that I am most likely considered a terrorist for posting what I post here, and that you are most likely on a terrorist list for even reading this site.

We all know that on the other side of the globe things are actually worse.

We all know that I could continue to list many other factors that continue to support that everything is on the verge of total collapse, and that the world is in the early stages of a transformation that will totally change the way of life for everyone (but the poorest) on the globe.

Given what we all know, then why are we here and where do you think we are headed?

Please watch this video. The problems we face are much larger than the market crash. The markets and their elevated state are a distraction to the real agenda of the globalists.

I believe it is finally time to start really studying the charts again. I believe we have or are about to enter a period where true market forces will demonstrate their will. I believe the top is set, it is just a matter of me making the final call in an official post.

Daily SPX - This is the best chart I have to show the current situation. I believe this was the final wedge in the multi year formation and it is all downhill from here.

Minis 30m - 1432 support hit on the number. Let's see if they can get some sort of pop here. If not 1400 is the next stop.

Fear is being generated again. This time I think it is real and the central bankers have real trouble on their hands. Germany is not playing along and may take their ball and go home. Is it possible that some country somewhere has a set big enough to stand up to the globalists and actually support their people over the system?

More on all of this in coming posts. It is time to get serious folks.

GL and GB!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Morning Charts 09/25/12 SPX /ES

Is there really any point in doing market analysis this morning? About the only two farces to be discussed today are the Seahawks touchdown and ESM Purchase Details Leaked. I may have to place the NFL side by side with the globalist agenda to illustrate for the sheeple what is happening as the NFL drifts into a Nazi oppressive style of leadership that is destroying the game all in the name of profit.

We all know now that every EU meeting that is supposed to generate a solution only generates band aid solutions that garner even more meetings.  So the question must be asked Is Draghi's Bond-Buying Dream Circling The Drain As ECB/Bundesbank Lawyer Up? All I have to say is the rumor that started this whole ramp and the unprecedented intervention I warned about a few months back is about to be refuted. Will the markets give back the gains that accompanied said bullshit? Of course not.

So let's spend another day watching another volume less rumor based ramp on the hopes that even more bailouts will save the system (when all we really know is that more bailouts are the worst possible thing that can happen here).

I am still leaning very heavily on calling a top soon. I don't see how the Fed will be able to fight off the coming storm.

Daily SPX - same chart as yesterday. I just wait on my catalyst. There is a chance we have a sell the rumor spin here very soon.

Minis 15m - Enough to make you sea sick. No volume and consolidating with 1445 as support. That will be your key number today.

I've been asking you to learn about Agenda 21 for some time now. If you do not understand where we are headed as a society under UN and globalist rule, you need to read this and see the video. This is some freaky shit and it is real. Globalists Want Chinese-Style Control for Americans Under Agenda 21

I need to add that I am very leery of all the recent updates that Microsoft has been installing on my computer. What seems like more than the norm and more like a flurry of updates have come, and I must admit my computers have been slowing down progressively since their installations. Flash player crashes are far more common and I even got the dreaded blue screen on LS1's computer last night for no apparent reason.

As usual, if something were to happen I'll cover it real time below with targets and such.

GL and GB!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Morning Charts 09/24/12 SPX /ES

Well, I delved into updating the chartbook this weekend after some time away and discovered that there was nothing there to learn. Overbought extreme conditions were confirmed. The confirmation of market exuberant lunacy was acknowledged. Not sure why I updated the chartbook as we all know nothing real matters now in this fully tilted casino called a stock market that runs solely on rumors of easing and perpetual printing.

I do believe the charts have it right. I believe the charts will always get it right. Raw price will never lie. It may mislead in this HFT algo bot driven BB Put supported world, but like the flow of water price will always find the weakest point and then the flow will follow. Till that weak point is discovered and it is excavated, all investors can do is wait till the storm comes.

The storm is coming. The evidence keeps on piling up on the shore. It is hard to look around and find any positives. Economic issues to political and social strife, trouble is everywhere. Central Bank printing can only carry to load so far and when the printing stops it will be the day the music died (and we'll be singin ...).

The news bits that caught my eye this weekend (other than the nastiest, dirty, most disgusting democratic/socialist presidential campaign and the current administration's policy of lie first and force the MSM to report falsehoods to the sheeple) were Greece Caught Underreporting Its Budget Deficit By Nearly 50% and The Fed Has Another $3.9 Trillion In QE To Go (At Least). Does either surprise you?

Proving that even the best are getting burned by the Bernanke Put (so don't feel like you are on an island) Janjuah Stopped Out delivers, "While Nomura's Bob Janjuah remains 100% correct in his diagnosis and prognosis of the current 'grossest misallocation and mispricing of capital in the history of mankind', his tactical short was stopped out last week. The modest loss on the position though provided clarity on the importance of the 1450 level for the S&P 500 and he remains confident that on a multi-month timeframe he expects 800 to be hit with only a muted 10% possible upside in global equities due to underlying growth, debt and policy-maker concerns. Critically, he suggests it is premature to go aggressively short risk at this precise moment, urges traders to stay nimble, and warns "...risk assets are in a bubble which of course can extend, but which can reverse sharply and suddenly. Up here, 'valuation metrics' are not going to help much... this bubble could extend for maybe a few months and by up to 10%, ...but that we could see global equity markets 10/15% lower in virtually a 'heartbeat'."

Now, where have you heard that virtually every day (except I do not delve into upside potential any more other than I have offered 1502 as next major resistance)? Again, STB loves confirmation from the pros. Gangsta style trading, scalp and run, don't get committed short till the turn is set. Wait on the catalyst to turn the momo and then the "event" will come. I believe THE turn will be extremely clear to all.

As for the charts - make of them what you will. You know what I'm doing.

Minis Daily - Hard to read. Let me help you, price just goes up. If something happens I'll drill in and give you the numbers you must know. 1432 is first key support.

SPX Daily - That is one big nasty blue rising wedge that has price overbought and overthrowing upper resistance and should target somewhere near (uhem) 1170.

As usual, more detailed analysis and news below.

Have a great week.

GL and GB!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Open Weekend Post 09/22-23/12

You know the drill, share the love and the knowledge.

That's about all I got to say. Please feel free to share anything you'd like with your audience below.

Have a good weekend.

GL and GB.

Morning Charts 09/21/12 SPX /ES

And here we sit once again waiting on Spain and the ECB to get their stuff together for the umpteenth time. So someone tell me again, will they or will they not need a bailout? When gunning for $300 billion plus in bailout funds and an economy like theirs did anyone really take that "we don't need a handout" rhetoric very seriously? My best guess is that they are employing their stalling tactics (Full flaps! Full flaps!) thus delaying any sort of news good or bad. This keeps the broad market suspended which is their best way of benefiting the whole (for the 1% at least).

I enjoyed this moment of truth from CNBS. Jim Grant: We Are Now All Labrats Of Bernanke And The Fourth Branch Of Government (do you think if I went with the Princeton Poindexter look people would take me more seriously?) It is a good listen.

This could be an eventful weekend as the global powder keg continues to erupt. One noteworthy development and disturbing trend (for those rebellious types) is the blocking of internet and phone use during times of social unrest. Pakistan blocks mobile phone signals in 15 cities is just another example of this recent disturbing trend in government control. Don't for one second think they wont do that here (and cut off your power and water supply as well).

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dude! This Is So Cool! 09/20/12 SPX /ES

This post is meant to be read with a valley girl/dude accent in your head -

It is so comforting to know that our government and other authorities around the world are working so hard to protect us and keep us safe from harm. I mean where would we be without people like justice Roberts and others to bend the laws to impose government policies that, although unconstitutional, are put in place so that you and I can be safe.

Looking at the recent reversal of the reversal of the NDAA (indefinite detention - total loss of due process) in Obama wins right to indefinitely detain Americans under NDAA we find, "A lone appeals judge bowed down to the Obama administration late Monday and reauthorized the White House’s ability to indefinitely detain American citizens without charge or due process."

Isn't this just awesome! Now those pesky terrorists will be running from our shores fer sure. Bitchin dude! Land of the free baby! Let's keep it that way. And to think some idiot judge tried to rule this was an unlawful act. Shame on him. He needs to do whatever potus tells him to do without question. potus is the greatest man to ever walk the earth. potus will set us all free and bring great prosperity back to this land of sugar and honey and endless entitlements. I'm not sure why they would not just make him like permanent ruler or something. Now that would be friggin awesome for sure dude.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Next Step? 09/19/12 SPX /ES

What is the next step? What other totally ludicrous or inconceivable acts will our government (the Fed is now included - no longer separate) try to pull off next? When you've launched every gun and broken every law what's left? We've been following the Fed for what seems like several eternities now. Where to next?

Where to next has to be separated into two piles, the sheeple and the government. How's that possible if we elect the people who run the government you may ask? Well we may put them in office, but they serve a different master. Do I really need to expand on this subject for any of my regular readers?

Thanks to the government deregulation and the elected politicians being controlled by their corporate special interest masters the sheeple no longer have any voice. This next election is a great example of that. Can anyone tell me why the Manchurian Manbat not only made it thru to this point but is actually in the running for reelection? Seriously? Jack Welsh on CNBS this morning said, "it is frightening that Romney is not leading the race." I totally agree.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Morning Charts 09/18/12 SPX /ES

So what have they achieved over the past few weeks to solve the horrific issues of the global economic and financial distress the world is experiencing? What have they done since June that stopped the slide in the markets and brought about a 200 point rally in the SPX? With imminent financial destruction staring them in the face and global political unrest rising, what resolution did they come up with that would substantially correct the underlying fundamental issues facing the global financial and economic malaise?  At the end of almost four years, what have our glorious politicians and central banks done to put us on the right track?

QE3 and an extension of the ESM and EFSF was all they could come up with. Sorry guys, throwing more money at the problem is apparently not going to work. Bolstering and continuing programs that have done nothing to address structural or root issues have not and will not do anything but placate markets and worsen the fundamental issues that we should be trying to correct.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Morning Charts 09/17/12 SPX /ES

I hate to start Monday morning this way, but things are downright depressing right now. I have to warn you that I may adjust into full panic post mode for the near future on the blog, because the time to wake up and sound the alarm is way overdue. I know I have been sounding the alarm since the beginning of the blog, but I believe we've reached the critical DEFCON Level 1 stage where immanent destruction is on the horizon.

I believe the Fed's QE3 decision is the tell that the fiscal cliff is about to be crossed, the EU is totally dysfunctional, the farce that China is the future is being exposed, the death of US citizens in MENA, global tension is expanding, and on and on. We are in the death spiral.

The worst part of this whole scenario is that our elected leaders have proven to be nothing but shills for the system. Representatives is not the term that should be associated with the bought and paid for politicians that work to serve nothing but the crony special interest groups that dominate DC. If we had true representation we'd never have gotten into this mess. If we had representation we'd have regulation. Of course we can't have any regulation at this point or the system that is built on bribes and fraud would totally collapse.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Open Weekend Post 09/15-16/12

You know the drill share the love and the knowledge.

Shit is literally blowing up everywhere. Obummer is going to get his war sooner than later. As STB has speculated for about two years, O would need to be a sitting war time president and this would happen.  He's really proving what a worthless leader he is at this point. Nothing like having a muslim for a president.

GL and GB!

Why The Bernank Eased Again 09/14/12

I'm not sure how to react to the Fed's decision to ease more yesterday. When you go straight to the bottom line the situation has not changed since 2008 (other than getting worse). They either print and save the banking system or they allow the banks to fail. What do you thing the Bernank's gonna do?

Let's review a little bit to refresh how we got to this point and why this is all so bad. The USA's job in the global economic network is to consume. We're not allowed to produce anything, just buy, buy, buy. It was China, Japan and the other major economies of the world's job to produce all the crap we needed to buy. This whole system was funded via the purchase of US treasuries by the producer nations which supplied the consumer nation with the cash they needed to purchase said led laden crap, which thru purchasing the consumer returned the money fiat to the producer nations. Got it? It is a big circle. They produce, we buy, they buy treasuries, they produce, we buy, they buy treasuries, and so on and so on. This is called the global ponzi system.

Now, very briefly, Bretton Woods, the removal of the gold standard and deregulation allowed the Fed to print an unlimited amount of dollars which greatly expanded the ability of the global ponzi. This also allowed debt to really begin to pile up around the globe. Hey, the more money the better the system will work right?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

FOMC Day 09/13/12 SPX /ES

Place your bets. So, do they ease or not? All the hoopla over the past two months will climax today. Sadly I think it will be yet another uneventful day. Why should the Fed ease when a promise to ease without having to spend works just as well? I suspect today, at best we get a target date for the resumption continuation of QE.

At this time I suspect the Fed has opened the playbook from 2010 where they promised at Jackson Hole to begin easing in November of that year. In that case the markets shot up on the news and sold off on the actual event and then began a great rally thru Christmas. Long term readers here should remember that as one of my best calls ever. I suspect they target January to begin the next round of easing.

Calling this market has become increasingly difficult as the stakes have risen. Unprecedented intervention and lawlessness control all aspects of the markets. Nothing is real anymore. The early years of easing were a piece of cake to call. QE ended and the markets fell 20% then they QE'd again. You could see it a mile

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Morning charts 09/12/12 SPX /ES

And then there was one, all that is left now is the FOMC. I'm not sure I quite get the "limitations" the German judges put on the ESM as on one hand there are limits and none on the other. Bottom line is the banksters run the show, they got to the judges and the German taxpayers got thrown under the bus. One of these days, maybe the people will get to vote on their destiny instead of a bunch of bought and paid for bureaucrats deciding what's best in their interest.

We now turn out attention to this side of the pond. With all but the most ignorant (most financial advisers nationwide) now knowing that the markets are totally rigged and QE (hidden or not) is the lifeblood of the financial markets, it is the Fed's turn on center stage.

To ease or not to ease, that is the question? We here at STB have been discussing this for months. The poll question makes it pretty obvious what the majority of the readers think. My vote was in the not ease camp. I suspect this poll's results would be dramatically reversed if I asked the same about the December FOMC meeting.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Morning Charts 09/11/12 SPX /ES

Let the posturing begin. Here we arrive on this historic day where one of the greatest tragedies in global history happened sitting on the doorstep of the next potential tower tumbling event. That "event" would be the German court's vote to move on the EU bailout situation. Now let's not kid ourselves, either way this "recovery" is going to blow up in their face, but a nae vote from the German justices would hasten the process.

Odds are very good that the ECB will find a way around a no vote (which would be prudent) if one should happen and continue the farce that is the global printing bonanza. Legally or not they will find a way to continue to kick the can till something literally breaks. One thing for sure is that this court ruling will have a definitive outcome. It will be real unlike every EU meeting prior where decisions are never made and only promises that "all will be well" are delivered.

So, tomorrow we have a HUGE day up or down and then we drag in the clowns from the Fed. You know that I hate to speculate on what will or will not happen. I believe it is a waste of time. My only suggestion is that you let them play their cards before showing your hand, and that includes waiting on the Fed's moves from their meeting this week. They will have the luxury of teeing off last in this group knowing if they need to pull out the driver or not.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Tick-Tock Tick-Tock 09/10/12 SPX /ES

On the clock are the German judges and the Greeks this week. On top of that the Fed meeting and 9/11 are in the wings. Spain is in really deep trouble. Global economies are collapsing, yet oil and copper are rising anticipating the potential bailouts to come. That makes all the sense in the world doesn't it? We're in the third year of this "recovery" and the global markets now solely react to potential bailouts. So, totally disregarding all reality markets react based on whether the central bank du jour will be easing today or not. This should be the most brutal week of speculation and rampant rumors we have seen in some tome. Friday will be HUGE, no other way of saying that.

I think Germany is going to disappoint and the Fed will ease on the heals of that decision. Remember the EU has meetings all the time that never deliver any sort of solution. More spending is the only answer and the markets are growing wary of this fact. This time will be no different.

The charts have been ready now for weeks and the final missing piece of the puzzle came in last week. All we need now is a catalyst. This week should see some violent swings as the on/off easing rumor train swings emotions violently. My suggestion is to keep on scalping long or short. Get in and out. Take your profits and run or cut your losses and get out.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Open Weekend Post 09/08/09/12

You know the drill, share the love and the knowledge.

Not much to say other than the speculation and rumors this week will be astounding regarding the German vote and the FOMC meeting. Throw in the potential for a 9/11 event and the suspense should be exhilarating.

Have a good weekend. I'll update the chartbook and see if anything has changed. The charts are ready, now will the Fed or the markets cooperate?

Fresh new high on the minis after the close.

GL and GB!

Morning Charts 09/07/12 SPX /ES

I'm tired of talking about bailouts that will never work, promises that government's can't keep and markets that can never fall because of the backstops that exist. We  were confused yesterday by the dazzling EU bailout propaganda (no solutions, just rhetoric that sent price action on a meteoric rise). Today they dazzle us with a jobs miss that is great news cause it increases the Fed's odds of easing.

Did you catch that? The jobs miss was a good thing. It was something to celebrate cause it may cause the Fed to release trillions more to support or raise the markets. So releasing trillions more on top of the $16 trillions we can't afford to pay back in the first place is totally awesome? Did you catch that? It "MAY cause" the Fed to ease. Like a Draghi promise, all it takes these days is the mere promise or hope that more easing will come and the markets react accordingly ramping to new heights.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Morning Charts 09/06/12 SPX /ES

Is anyone else confused? Choice can do that to you, especially when under pressure. From what I have seen is the EU is going to the buffet style, all you can borrow of whatever type of bailout you desire for $5.95. BRILLIANT! How else would you think this crisis would come to an end? The ultimate crescendo, party on Garth (Heather be they name schwiiing), hopium for all as the economies of the globe deteriorate at an exponential pace and the banksters take all the fractalized money and run.

Before I go off the deep end, I'm just gonna let this BS parade play out today. The EU has not come out of one of these meetings with any sort of viable solution other than increasing lending and expanding austerity (which neither has worked yet, DUH) . Don't forget we have our own extend and pretend parade next week! Whoopee! Also, don't forget that there is no possible solution to the hyperrepothecated expansion of debt that we have experienced over the past couple of decades.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Morning Charts 09/05/12 SPX /ES

Well, things are moving according to plan. Nothing is happening, as should be suspected. Nothing has come out of the past several EU meetings (Except a couple of failed LTRO's), and this one should be no different. But wait, they must come up with a solution. No, not really, as the promise of a solution and continued bond buying by the ECB have been all they have needed to keep things alive for now.

As suspected, the Germans are not cooperating. They are not willing to follow the rest further down the rabbit hole of debt. Wiemar me once, shame on you. Wiemar me twice shame on me. The people of Germany are speaking loudly against further aid to the periffery, and the head of the German bank is taking the role as the lead bad guy in this shit storm. Apparently at least one group over there can see the light and is not living in fantasy land.

We're close to the end. Greece is hanging by a frayed thread and Spain is literally imploding in front of our eyes, but the markets seem to care less. The Bernanke put is in place. The promise that the central planners will always be there in every emergency is all that is keeping the markets afloat now.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Waiting Game 09/04/12 SPX /ES

This market action may remind you of being in a long line at an amusement park like Disney. Going nowhere fast is about all you are going to get. To add to the misery, what promise does this ride you are waiting on hold? Of course you have heard all the rumors and hype, but will it deliver? Adding to that misery is the fact that when this ride is over Friday you get the pleasure of moving straight to the next attraction where the line will be equally as long and painful next week.

Of course the line we're in now leads to the EU roller coaster. It takes you on a wild up and down ride thru Italy, Spain, Greece, Germany and a host of other EU countries. The scenes are contentious at best. Poverty, culture and government clashes, massive debt issues and what ride would not be complete without the scene where the big banks glorify themselves. Some say the ride is not nearly as pleasant as it was before the remodeled it back in 2008.

The next ride is the FOMC express. Known as the fastest coaster on the planet, this ride is famous for taking you to great heights and then dropping you like a rock off a fiscal cliff over and over again. This one scares the hell out of you. The scenery is similar to the EU ride, just the action is far more extreme.