Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Head for The Hills 09/26/12 SPX /ES

I believe it is time to head for the hills. If you disagree with any of the below let me know in the comments section.

We all know that the charts have been saying major top for at least a month now.

We all know the fiscal cliff is coming.

We all know that earnings season is set up to be a disaster.

We all know that our government runs trillion dollar deficits and has not had a budget for nearly four years now.

We all know that congress can not and will not do anything to curb real spending.

We all know that kicking the can or extending and pretending will solve nothing and is only making the current underlying problems even worse.

We all know that our government is powerless to control or even curb the financial collapse that is on the horizon.

We all know that the banskters and special interest groups control basically everything.

We all know the markets are totally rigged, and we live in a period where unprecedented market intervention is the only reason the S&P still has a pulse.

We all know that current debt levels are unsustainable and they are expanding.

We all know that when the first CDS triggers that the Quadrillion dollar market of derivatives will implode taking every ounce of wealth (not in PM's) with it.

We all know that the government data is manipulated to give the illusion that all is well.

We all know the Constitution, the greatest document ever written, is being dismantled and your freedoms are being taken one by one.

We all know that the DHS has purchased enough bullets for domestic use to put 5 in every one of us.

We all know the NDAA is real and has destroyed basically every God given right we have.

We all know that the government is rapidly trying to implement a police state to control and track your every move.

We all know that I am most likely considered a terrorist for posting what I post here, and that you are most likely on a terrorist list for even reading this site.

We all know that on the other side of the globe things are actually worse.

We all know that I could continue to list many other factors that continue to support that everything is on the verge of total collapse, and that the world is in the early stages of a transformation that will totally change the way of life for everyone (but the poorest) on the globe.

Given what we all know, then why are we here and where do you think we are headed?

Please watch this video. The problems we face are much larger than the market crash. The markets and their elevated state are a distraction to the real agenda of the globalists.

I believe it is finally time to start really studying the charts again. I believe we have or are about to enter a period where true market forces will demonstrate their will. I believe the top is set, it is just a matter of me making the final call in an official post.

Daily SPX - This is the best chart I have to show the current situation. I believe this was the final wedge in the multi year formation and it is all downhill from here.

Minis 30m - 1432 support hit on the number. Let's see if they can get some sort of pop here. If not 1400 is the next stop.

Fear is being generated again. This time I think it is real and the central bankers have real trouble on their hands. Germany is not playing along and may take their ball and go home. Is it possible that some country somewhere has a set big enough to stand up to the globalists and actually support their people over the system?

More on all of this in coming posts. It is time to get serious folks.

GL and GB!

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