Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Morning Charts 09/25/12 SPX /ES

Is there really any point in doing market analysis this morning? About the only two farces to be discussed today are the Seahawks touchdown and ESM Purchase Details Leaked. I may have to place the NFL side by side with the globalist agenda to illustrate for the sheeple what is happening as the NFL drifts into a Nazi oppressive style of leadership that is destroying the game all in the name of profit.

We all know now that every EU meeting that is supposed to generate a solution only generates band aid solutions that garner even more meetings.  So the question must be asked Is Draghi's Bond-Buying Dream Circling The Drain As ECB/Bundesbank Lawyer Up? All I have to say is the rumor that started this whole ramp and the unprecedented intervention I warned about a few months back is about to be refuted. Will the markets give back the gains that accompanied said bullshit? Of course not.

So let's spend another day watching another volume less rumor based ramp on the hopes that even more bailouts will save the system (when all we really know is that more bailouts are the worst possible thing that can happen here).

I am still leaning very heavily on calling a top soon. I don't see how the Fed will be able to fight off the coming storm.

Daily SPX - same chart as yesterday. I just wait on my catalyst. There is a chance we have a sell the rumor spin here very soon.

Minis 15m - Enough to make you sea sick. No volume and consolidating with 1445 as support. That will be your key number today.

I've been asking you to learn about Agenda 21 for some time now. If you do not understand where we are headed as a society under UN and globalist rule, you need to read this and see the video. This is some freaky shit and it is real. Globalists Want Chinese-Style Control for Americans Under Agenda 21

I need to add that I am very leery of all the recent updates that Microsoft has been installing on my computer. What seems like more than the norm and more like a flurry of updates have come, and I must admit my computers have been slowing down progressively since their installations. Flash player crashes are far more common and I even got the dreaded blue screen on LS1's computer last night for no apparent reason.

As usual, if something were to happen I'll cover it real time below with targets and such.

GL and GB!

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