Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Next Step? 09/19/12 SPX /ES

What is the next step? What other totally ludicrous or inconceivable acts will our government (the Fed is now included - no longer separate) try to pull off next? When you've launched every gun and broken every law what's left? We've been following the Fed for what seems like several eternities now. Where to next?

Where to next has to be separated into two piles, the sheeple and the government. How's that possible if we elect the people who run the government you may ask? Well we may put them in office, but they serve a different master. Do I really need to expand on this subject for any of my regular readers?

Thanks to the government deregulation and the elected politicians being controlled by their corporate special interest masters the sheeple no longer have any voice. This next election is a great example of that. Can anyone tell me why the Manchurian Manbat not only made it thru to this point but is actually in the running for reelection? Seriously? Jack Welsh on CNBS this morning said, "it is frightening that Romney is not leading the race." I totally agree.

What you get with Romney will be no different than Obummer. With O it is the shortest and quickest route to virtual hell, and with Romney we're just gonna take the long way around. They are no differences other than skin color. They both will be controlled by the same puppet masters.

I suggest you read 2 U.S. Supreme Court Justices – And Numerous Other Top Government Officials – Warn of Dictatorship. I've been discussing this for years. I love it when conspiracy theory becomes conspiracy fact. The sad part lies in the ignorance (perfect word here) of the sheeple.

How about Lethargic - Without emotion or interest: apathetic, detached, impassive, incurious, indifferent, insensible, listless, phlegmatic, stolid, unconcerned, uninterested, unresponsive. There, I just described your average American. Any questions as to why we are in this mess? Far from being a patriot which is now a term that is associated with being a terrorist.

I think it is time for STB to get back to some of its roots and return to opening the eyes of my readers about the conspiracy fact. Conspiracy fact is your future. The markets are a total distraction to whats happening behind the curtain. It is time for me to return to what is now considered a terroristic way of telling you about the FEMA camps and martial law, the destruction of posse comitatus and constitution, the destruction of every right you have as an individual and where this nation is headed.

Where to next? I implore you not to think about yourself, but future generations. What type of world will you leave for your children? Will you stand by and let this great nation got to waste? The time is coming where you will be called to be a sheeple or a patriot, and I surely know where I stand. Do you?

The markets are a total distraction to reality. The market stuff is simple, continue to do as I have been recommending since about this time last year, follow the Fed, scalp long or short and get out until my "event" happens. You need to know no more. Trading for dummies 101 stuff. See it, take it and leave. Not sure you really need charts anymore to chase a Draghi or Hilsenrath rumor or trade a Potter PPT afternoon liftfest. About the only other thing you can do (and probably the most prudent) is to begin a process of hiding your wealth and getting out of dollar and into real assets.

I'm not gonna stop calling the markets or posting charts, but I will be returning to a heavy focus on the evil that is in control. This means the AD's are coming back.

GL and GB!

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