Thursday, February 27, 2014

Morning Charts 02/27/14 SPX /ES

Yellen at 10:00 and the Russians, with a new moon coming soon, have air patrols over the Ukraine's border with troops being deployed. Those should be the headlines today. As for Syria, Japan (don't forget Fukushima), China, N. Korea, the entire EU, MENA, Israel ..... please just focus on the disaster/distractions du jour please. The global juggling act is front and center and the two balls/chainsaws in the air today are the Fed and Ukraine.

The Ukraine is the real deal. Our CIA has done a spectacular job on the ground there destabilizing yet another country. What, this is 6 or 7 in the past several years? They are getting good at this. Can you say, generating massive weapon sales that must be financed by the banks all the while protecting the petrodollar's dominance. One might be led to believe that the central banks and the military industrial complex were working together, but that would just be conspiracy hogwash wouldn't it?

It appears that their timing for this debacle is near perfect. STB has been discussing for years now how this financial collapse will would end in a war.The war will serve multiple purposes. The war will be a distraction to mask reality and will allow the government even more reason to expand its power and authority over the sheeple. I've often wondered which would come first, the crash or the war. We may be about to get that answer.

As for the Yellen testimony today, it means everything to the markets. As I've told you almost daily for the past several years, it's all about QE and nothing else at this point. As long as there is the slightest hint that the Fed may end the taper or even increase QE, the markets will remain in bull mode. If the threat of further taper and ending QE becomes real, the markets will collapse. If the Fed's liquidity backstop is removed, it is game over for the markets.

The one thing the Fed can not abandon is ZIRP. Interest rates can not rise period, or it will be game over. If rates tick up we will then not be able to service our own debt, and default is not an option (yet). Massive global default comes as a result of the war as predicted by STB back in 2009. Then comes the retirement plan confiscation and severe capital controls, but tlet's not go there today.

So, the war Obummer desperately needs may be on the horizon. If so, so is the end game for everything as we know it. Liberty and freedom are on the line here as well. Get your popcorn and your AR-15's ready, the show is about to start.

On to the lie -

Top, do we discuss that taboo word? Sure, why not? Nothing is taboo here at STB. We ain't sceeered of nuthin - as we say down here. Regular readers know my trials since the 1/15 miniscule short, and you know I'm thinking of entering another short here. I almost pulled the trigger yesterday, but frontrunning Yellen's testimony today forced me to hold off. Let me add that even after this top (whenever that is), this QE on/off game will be employed by the Fed and will cause great gyrations.

Technically this position is even better than the one I shorted in January. All the stars are aligned, but the one problem that remains is that this is still the Fed's market. They maintain complete control, although it appears some of their power is waning.

SPX Weekly - The ED and the indicators below tell a fantastic story. How many double tops in overbought markets with technical overthrows of disastrous internals can they have before this thing implodes? I've shown you this chart with the support diagonals on the indicators and the yellow boxes indicating how much time they have left. Three of the support diagonals below were breached last week, only to have the markets rally to new ATH's all the while leaving disastrous negative divergences. Does the Fed have one last overthorow in their bag of tricks? I've told you all along to remain patient, follow the Fed and that TA would get it right. Welcome to the moment we've all been waiting for. We should be within months now, if not there right now, of this farce finally coming to an end. Is it STB's "event" time?

This chart is Nasty! Two overthrows (black dashed vertical lines) of points where the Fed has gone out of control delaying the top and now here we are again? With that ED? With those values? With a crumbling economy and everything else? And see the VIX at the bottom? It's broken LT resistance and backtested. BLS BS, propaganda and a controlled MSM, NSA blackmail, DHS and police brutality, bought and paid for congress, potus that is a foreign born muslim, that hates America, is a pathological liar and may be the antichrist, debt out our ass, crippled economy .... you tell me how much longer they can hold out.

I've not called a top since the one in April of 2011.I suspect I'll pull the trigger any day within the next couple of months.

I'll do the minis below.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

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