Thursday, March 28, 2013

Morning Charts 03/28/13 SPX /ES

Let's start this post with the worst thing I have seen since I don't know when. This event, here in my home state of Georgia, seems to put a cherry on top of all that is so wrong. A grocery store was forced to close by STI (SunTrust Bank) cause they had not paid their bills. That's not the problem.The problem is what happened to all the merchandise and food that was removed from the store.

You have to see it to believe it. Easter week of all times, with hungry, homeless and poor people surrounding the mass of food, they do not give it to the crowd. The crowd had to watch as state police threw it all into a large dumpster. How Christian! I told you in my first post of the year that God was gone. That He had been removed from the equation. Welcome to your bankster dominated future folks. Compassion? Gone! Greed lives.

Could this have been handled differently? You bet it could have been, but alas is wasn't. Bottom line is this was the cheapest way to handle the mess for the bank. If they had given the food away and someone got sick then the lawsuits would have been much more costly, so they chose the easy route. That's a simple decision from the top. Now, how well does that describe the system we live in? This is your Hope and Change in action.

There is nothing more poignant than this act to frame the global catastrophe facing us all right now. The Fing banks chose to throw away perfectly good merchandise rather than feed the poor and the homeless. No, this really happened. Not kidding. One of those you have to see it to believe it things. You better wake up now folks. You better pray and prepare. Times are about to get really really tough. 

Onto Cyprus ....Or Syria...Or N Korea ... Or whatever other place on the planet you chose to pick, everything sucks. Well, everything other than our BS rigged stock market. Remember Greenscum said that it was the most important thing right now. Illusions folks, the Matrix, red pill/blue pill, chose your reality. One simple question, why do they want your guns? Is it really to stop violence against children? One word - Tyrants. Welcome to your new reality. You can keep on popping those red pills all you like and live in a fantasy where nothing bad exists and your future is bright, or you can take the blue pill and see things as they really are. A bankster dominated police state, run by tyrants, turning you and me in to debt slaves to serve the system. The choice is yours.

On to the markets -

Daily SPX (Short) - I should change the names of the charts to Horse Shit Daily or something like that, cause they are nothing more than a pile of crap at this point. Anyway for those that still believe these things matter - which I actually do - they are about the only hope I have left - the numbers may lie but the charts as a whole never will - they will always get it right in the end -

Remember the markets are all they have left now. The all time SPX high still sits just above. They made it thru EOM prints. They have milked that number for all its worth to this point. The catalyst (Cyprus) has hit. Now we just wait on the STB "event" to bring down their house of cards. I have forecasted for over a year now that Q1 of 13 would be as far as they could carry this farce. I thought March would be a bad month, and I have shown that the tops in April have been unmistakeable.

A closer look at the upper channel and the massive negative divergences they allowed to develop this week. If she does not tumble today, next week may be another story. That green box from 1390 -80 is my most likely target if there is some sort of severe breakdown. That is not the first target or anything like that, those will come later IF and when this thing turns. That point is just a ballpark for a what it thingy right now.

I'm not going into Cyprus, you know the deal. GS4 has everything under control. Can't you wait till they are stationed at you bank? I've been telling you for years to get your money out, and I'm not stopping now. For you to think this form of oppression is not coming here would be truly ignorant. Remember, it is the $19 trillion in retirement savings they are coming for. Your money as well will be confiscated soon.

As usual more to come below. If you are a lurker or visitor that does not comment and want to, please jump in and share your opinions. Topping 300 comments yesterday and averaging well above 250 for the past couple of weeks, the insights and opinions below are really remarkable. Many thanks to all for sharing.

Have a good holiday weekend and happy Easter and Passover.

GL and GB!

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