Friday, September 16, 2011

Open Weekend Post

You know the drill - Share the love and the knowledge.

STB had a great week on blogger - so good that we're gonna stay here for a while. Apparently you all like this place quite a bit. I do as well. Blogger does not support some of the stuff I need, but it is better in other ways.

Welcome to all the lurkers that came out this week in record numbers (another plus for blogger). you all did great with the links and maket info.

Make sure you voice your opinion in the new poll to the right, but you need to read this first - Forget Operation Twist: Rosenberg Says Bernanke Will Shock Everyone With What Is About To Come | ZeroHedge. And of course the euro version of the super bailout ensuring every investor all is well - It's A Bird, It's A Plane, No It's SUPEREFSF! | ZeroHedge 

You see - Hakuna Matata - no worries mate!

STB 2.0 was released from purgatory (or blogger exile or hacker land or wherever it went) to me this afternoon (of course I went to do a post on it and I could not link anything in the post - working the kinks out I guess), but WE'RE GONNA STAY HERE for a while. STB working dutifully on STB 3.0 to take us into the future. Release date TBD but not to terribly far off.

Watch my twitter feed on the right or sign up to follow me on twitter - just like following ZH there - even more stuff goes out there. @shankysTB is my handle.

Markets closed on the edge of the cliff Friday. As STB noted, I'm in cash and not playing. I don't like shorting this close to an FOMC meeting. I would speculate we may get a disappointment or sell the news event then.

I'll get some charts updated and post a few here as the weekend goes by.

GL and GB.

(Oh - Let's avoid the wide rights this weekend shall we)

SPX Monthly Support/Resistance chart -

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