Monday, September 19, 2011

Afternoon Delight 09/19/11, SPX, AAPL

The surprise of the day -

From Zero Hedge - The Corporate Bank Run Has Started: Siemens Pulls €500 Million From A French Bank, Redeposits Direct With ECB 

"The implications of this are quite stunning, as it means that even European companies now refuse to work directly with their own banks, and somehow the ECB has become a direct lender/cash holder of only resort to private non-financial institutions!"

And the chart that shows the truth behind reality - 1m Index Comparison Chart - The financials did not do so hot today. Oh, and that would be the Fed's favorite pump buddy (the RUT) falling hard right behind)

And since we no longer need to chart anything other than AAPL - here is AAPL - Does this chart signal the inevitable end of everything? 

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