Friday, September 9, 2011

Day Two in Exile - 09/09/11

Well, I did get in STB last night for a bit. If you don't get timed out and have all the time in the world the page will load. Takes close to 5m to load a page, so for me to do a post last night just to get into the add a post page took close to 20m. Not acceptable, so when I got in I railed a bit on the host for their severe lack of communication and failing customer service skills. It was not a full rant. Their prior good grades and my good nature have kept the STB dogs at bay - for now.

Interesting side note - I started surfing on chrome about three weeks ago. My daily infection level went to ZERO. Surfed on firefox yesterday for some reason and got 122 pieces of crap on my machine.

Let me thank each of you for making the quick transition yesterday. It is always a nerve racking thing when a blogger moves or is disrupted, wondering how many readers will get lost or simply go elsewhere. I am tickled pink at the results of the team. I bet whoever it is that is trying to bring STB down is quite peeved right now. This is their 4th hack attempt and to see the results from yesterday we all sent a big FUCK YOU to the hacker.

Feels good doesn't it. The power of community, open thought (which is what the system is attacking I think - this hack appears to be military grade), kindness, giving, sharing - this blog is everything they don't want us to be. STB averages over 100 countries per month hitting it. We all get along just fine regardless of our differences. We share, communicate, assist and work as one for the betterment of every participant (and even the lurkers). Can you believe that in these times something like STB would be attacked and not promoted?

STB readers are taking care of that by themselves. The people speak with their clicks each month. This attack, like the last, came at a time of record hits and visitors. STB at the time of the last attack (#3 the complete shutdown) was doing about 1,4 million hits per month. Guess what STB did last month? 2.4 million. Most impressive is the number of daily visitors almost tripled. Average time on the site - an astounding 7 minutes. They can't stop good. We'll keep kicking ass.

I can't thank the community enough. Without your involvement this place would be what it started out as, me blogging to myself. Instead, we move the needle now. That is you and me. This is a place for you to speak freely (with few limitations), voice your concerns, views, opinions and share the love and the knowledge so we all will be more informed allowing us all to be better global citizens. Sadly, someone out there disagrees with this thought.