Thursday, September 15, 2011

Afternoon Delight - SPX

Ramp me up Scottie!

60m chart is not quite there but where it could turn. That said, the daily chart has plenty of room to run. Without a whipsaw 30m should get a MACD and TRIX bear cross in the morning. Based on the daily position this would offer no more than a corrective, but in these volatile markets (the 15m charts were the best signal for the last 4 turns) you can't trust anything. Given the jobs report and Philly Fed report this morning basically noting what an economic disaster area this nation is, nothing matters other than news (does not even have to be factual - just a rumor will do) from the euro zone at this time.

SPX 30m -

From the "most interesting chart of the day" files -

Bullish percents is .... falling? Open this one and look at it closely, then try not to scratch all the hair off of your head.

STB update - I actually saw the blog this afternoon! The server and whatever other transfers that are going on are almost complete. At this time it looks like we're gonna stay on blogger for another week while I do some housekeeping over there. I'll be with developer tonight working on the new blog, so I'll be here late.

The results of the first ever STB Poll are in. I guess either someone is acting like the government and messing with the data or I lumped a sensational set of questions. Bottom line is the results (based on the winning selection) proved that the blog IQ has been raised by Sir Rich. Congrats RC, the crowd has spoken,

Rich brought the blog IQ above allowable levels
  17 (27%)
Inc's 13/34 charts were like cheating
  13 (20%)
Shanky takes it too close to the edge
  16 (25%)
STB was too dominant in the blogosphere
  16 (25%)

Votes so far: 62 

How bout some suggestions for the next poll?

Thanks for a great day.

GL and GB.

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