Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween Charts 10/31/12 SPX /ES

Happy Halloween STB! Spooky times right now and getting worse. Welcome back from the Sandy induced holiday. I hope everyone out there made it thru the storm OK.

I read a spooky post this morning on ZH, Only Global Banks Will Benefit From A Cyber-Attack On The U.S. that sounds a lot like something you would read here and fits (yet another) with my external or exogenous "event" theme. "Globalists need a macro-crisis, a world-wide catastrophe, in order to present their “global solution” to the desperate masses. This solution will invariably include more dominance for them, and less freedom for us.  A global crisis can also be used to manipulate various cultures to forget concerns of sovereignty and think in terms of one-world action." This runs parallel to my UFO theme I have been presenting.

They will need a distraction and an "event" will happen. I have not discussed eugenics much lately, but maybe it is time to bring that dire thought up again. My thoughts quickly, so you have a increasingly dependent global populace needing government assistance to survive. The costs associated with keeping these unproductive individuals, that do little more than reproduce more of the same, alive is growing exponentially. Is there a better way to eliminate this problem than mass murder thru some sort of virus or plague? Poof! More money and food for the rest of us and the larger problem is solved. (Uh, hello, Obamacare and death panels) Truly sick thought, but you have to get into their shoes every once and a while. These people are truly evil.

And you think your government is above such actions? Think again. Shall I run thru just the events of the last decade where countless lives have been lost in the battle for (what I think) is global energy control? Explain to me why our troops are guarding the poppy fields in Afghanistan again and then we have a supposed war on drugs? The controlling elite do not care about your life or mine. They care about one thing and one thing only, power. If eliminating the dregs and drags of the planet improves the economic situation and improves their profit margins, don't think for one second that eugenics is off the table as an option.

Global governance is real. The New World Order is real. Agenda 21 is real. Them discussing a single global currency, the Bankor, is real. The USA rapidly becoming a corporate controlled police state is real. Scary stuff indeed, and these are not spirits from the beyond, they are real. Stuff that can not only scare the pants off of you but things will literally drive the world into poverty so the elite can control all.

While we all were away they managed to ramp the minis? Are you surprised at a 20 point move off the lows?  Big blue held and now backtesting green potential HnS neckline that if in play targets the 1330's. The intersection of pink and yellow above at 1432 is a possible STB point. It looks like gray diagonal resistance has been busted which gives (with the 60m charts) some credibility to upside action here.

I'm not sure what sort of data manipulation events will come from this Sandy disaster, but you can count on them using this disruption to their advantage in multiple ways. Masking the truth is their specialty, and I suspect everything from employment to GDP will be skewed because of the storm.

Chart of the day - Spooky, I know. Not as scary as the real thing though.

And some Halloween humor -

Have a happy Halloween!

GL and GB!

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