Thursday, August 6, 2009

$USD Bottoming?

If it has not it should be near. I am of the opinion the low dollar and the high market must be protected at all costs or everything will be proven for the farce it all is. I do not think they will let the dollar run if they can fight it. That is most likely presidential order number two, right behind you needing to report every one's opposition of the HC bill.


  1. Shanky:

    I agree with you. I am getting long the dollar. Though we're fighting the government.

    Love the big red G. Unfortunately, we ain't beating the Gators. We can't beat them when they're inferior, much less this year. 2010 and 2011 will be special. This year will be solid, with losses to Florida and one other. Good year to build on.

    Herschel Talker

  2. I'm not long $ yet, but watching closely. Dawgs hopefully surprise this year. We'll know a lot after the first game. They better be ready.

  3. check this out[s174842792]&disp=P

    very possible

  4. shanky, are you short anything yet? sds?

  5. shanky

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  6. anon - SDS this afternoon. 1/3 position with liberal stop. Looking hard at FAZ and how and when I'll get pot committed to the move.

    Jman - look at this 60m chart RSI and where it turned today. clockwork. I get your point as to potential further strength before a larger fall. Thus only 1/3 short. This weekly chart is the one I am following for RSI to show the end of P@ just the way it did for P1.

    60m -[s161800628]&disp=P

    weekly -[s159574112]&disp=P

    Anon - I'll give it a try - running my SECOND sweep of the day to just temporarily remove it so things speed up. Thanks a ton.

  7. thanks Shanky
    it helps
    im not long or short now (except for a few stocks), but sure dont want to miss the next move what ever it may be
    it sure seems like we should be selling off hard already, but it is a stubborn beast
    dont need to say any more, we heard it all 1000 times already, but my sources seem to be telling me to expect more upside into mid-Sep possibly if we just see another mild pullback here soon

    buyin the dips

  8. Jman - here is what I have posted on the blog as to how I see it playing out.[s161660111]&disp=P

    go into the july posts and look for a state of the charts. there is an earlier first post in mid june as well.


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