Friday, August 14, 2009

A Threefer Video Weekend - Tyler Durden On Max Keiser - I May Giz Right Here Right Now

A threefer video weekend bonus play! The guru of economic doom meets a smarter version of Wall St Pro 2 without the shit hanging from the ceiling. Give it a good listen. The second vid is the meat. Thanks TD for going on the show. Can't wait for your podcasts.


  1. Max clearly can't sit still. I wonder if he is on something.

    Shanky - stick to chicks.

  2. Nice find. Good to see a voice behind that site. Max should be the one blogging(what an annoying guy).

  3. That is a damn awkward silence when Max asks if Tyler has a Series 7. There is a reason Tyler sidesteps that question. Tyler is Daniel Ivandjisiiski ( and has been banned from the securities industry (


  4. He can't answer specifics like that. I called the hotline and they are very iffy and coreographed on how they answer questions. No one knows who they are (well - someone knows) - that is part of the mystery. He may or may not be. All I know is they are all very smart and are well educated. No doubt that there is industry experience in the trenches. I very much appreciate their insight and reporting.


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