Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Introducing The GSEC - SPX 15min

One of my spontaneous rants at KENNY's site generated the naming of a new chart formation that has caught on, the GSEC (Goldman Sachs Expanding Cock). This is a large channel up that is formed during an unexplained and unwarranted strong move up in the market like the one we have experienced over the past several weeks. When there are no fundamental or technical (or any sensible reason at all for that matter) for a market "rise", and it forms a large channel resembling some huge dildo that they use to fuck the shorts in some violent fashion.

Thus, the GSEC was born. Look for it frequently on a chart near you and be careful. This is not your standard dildo, it is the GSEC. This one is powered by your tax dollars and can be wielded by numerous male and female figures (Pelosi, Frank, Ben, Timmay et-al) without any regard to your personal preferences as to which orifice they decide to fuck you in. Since it has a virtually unlimited power source it can grow to any exponential size they can imagine.

The dangers truly lie in being short when one of these gets aroused. The beating can be humiliating and painful (as some of you know). To date there are no chat rooms that I know of offering support for GSEC abuse, but there should be. So, look out for the formation of these new chart patterns and warn your friends. See chart below for the most recent example.

GL trading.


  1. Lol, I can always count on shanky.

  2. Great post. I keep thinking, but I can't come up with anything better than the GSEC. I guess I just don't have what it takes. The only thing I could think of is what comes next for the longs after repeated market GSECs -- the 'Goldman Shower.'

  3. Following up post above, 2 classic 'goldman shower' formations today. first occurred from 1:30 to 2:05 EDT on the 1-minute. This formation will become much more prevalent in future trading sessions, as GSECs fail to engorge, and bulls are subjected to humilation.


    Note the arcing downward pattern, and the pronounced 'splash' formation at its bottom.

  4. Here's one; note the name. Perfect!


  5. Thanks sol and anon.

    Thawk - golden shower LMAO perfect. I guess the GSEC may "peter" out or have a "blow off" top.

    S135 - LOL Inflatable Emperor - Perfect! Next time I'll use some pictures that the formation can be rightfully compared to.

  6. A blow-off seems to be the proper ending to such a formation. The TARP funds the government has provided, seems to be the K-Y that makes such a thing possible.

  7. important astro conjuncture tomorrow could spell a big big crash type event check the futures tonight and watch asia post it on every blog you can, major divergence with the late moon eclipse is having major influence right now, putz crash window still opened and tomorrow is it.

    Maybe the greatest fall ever

  8. The last eclipse only led to more upside if I remember correctly, but thanks and I'll keep an eye on things in the am. Prech the heads up. I'm also more interested in the cycles in sept and oct. thanks anon.


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