Friday, August 14, 2009

The Truth - Ronald Reagan Speaks Out Against Socialized Medicine

Another video for your weekend viewing pleasure. Lets call it a twofer! This is a classic that demonstrates how the man was really on his game. This dude was a true American. In this must watch video you'll hear a very important and telling message. Just how long have they wanted socialized medicine? How long has this been in the works? Were the problems as great back then as now or do the problems really exist as they say? Listen carefully. This is the money shot.

Hat tip to BT310 from my Irreverent Political Commentary blog for this excellent find!

Ronald Reagan Speaks Out Against Socialized Medicine


  1. 1961? Unbelievable. I'm 29 and am shocked this is not online everywhere.

  2. shank, luv ur blog

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  3. It is scary to listen to Reagan and even JFK, who warned about a lot of this shit. Obama is just the latest, super-hip / super-slick shyster pushing the same agenda. WAKE UP, PEOPLE

  4. BT - Glad you are young and awake - please let your friends know what's going on. Great find here. You sould go back to my JFK post from a few weeks back and listen to that one.

    WM - Glad you look at my charts. I'm long a 1/3 pos in SDS with tight stop. Got stopped out of another 1/3. Keep an eye on the UNG and don't be afraid to dump it. Watch that falling wedge.

    TH - Scary as all hell if you ask me. Wake up is right.

    Thanks to all for the views and comments. Good post on Rahm on my IPC blog.


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