Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Toxic Assets Still On The Books You Say? Must Watch Video.

This is some good stuff for the permabears. Elizabeth Warren, the chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel, does a great interview on Morning Joe. The green shootists are living in a fantasy world. "You could have big trouble, and I'm gonna make it worse" Warren says when addressing the commercial mortgages coming in 2010 and beyond. "Let's rebuild the bomb", ROF LMAO. This is a great must watch vid.

Update - One of my proudest moments in blogging (second to making the blogroll on the old ZeroHedge) was the super kind HT I got from TD when he linked to my blog in his post on this video. That was way cool. Thanks TD!


  1. So Uncle Ben writes a check for $700B on money he doesn't have (just creates it out of thin air because he can), and Hank and Timmy push it into banks so banks don't default, and somehow the economy will now recover because of these "genius" actions??

    That said, she's a MILF. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hey S135 - your monthly macd his is at -0.335. Calling all divergences and your def of milf needs help. I would not do that with your gsec.

  3. didn't we "sweep these under the rug" with like that PPIP or M2M plan or something?????


    hot potatoe, hot potatoe......
    its gonna end even uglier the longer they wanna toss it around...

    very nice read from Denninger today on FOCM and USD

  4. OK, I admit that Iam rather nieve to all of this stuff. Sounds like the bailout money may be funding most of this last market run-up? Sure feels like a huge shell game unfolding. Future revenue growth coming from...more government spending??? Who will ever pay these debts off?

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