Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Shanky Makes The Market Ticker Blogroll

In what some would describe as a great marriage, I am truly flattered to have been added to Karl Denninger's The Market Ticker's blogroll.

My long term readers and permabear buddies know that I often link to posts from Karl because of his excellent, insightful, honest and timely reporting on the financial crisis. Karl does top drawer work focusing on the true problems facing the nation today. There is no fluff, no green shoots and no BS in his posts regarding this financial crisis just the truth.

To learn more about Karl visit Karl Denninger's Home Page here.

Please visit The Market Ticker if you have not and take a look around. Karl has developed quite a community and his site is a great resource for news and traders.

Thanks a bunch Karl for including me in your blogroll and for all your fine work!

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  1. Shanky,
    Congrats on the link to your blog on The Market Ticker. A few months back, as I was becoming more serious about trading, I happened across your blog, and have enjoyed it ever since. I followed the links on your blog to Denninger and to Zero Hedge, as well as Kenny and Dan. All are now my daily staples. Your blog is the best for irreverent humor, but also for good analysis and links to other breaking stuff. Don't listen to your few critics and keep it real. Thanks!


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