Saturday, August 29, 2009

Weekend Video Pleasure - Pachaebel's Canon On Electric Guitar.

Sorry about yesterday. We moved offices and they shut down the servers at about 8:45 and I was not finished with my post. Needless to say I busted my butt moving stuff all day and never got web access beck. Monday am I will not have a post either (unless I do it Sunday night) as the servers may not be on line yet.

On to the video -

The most bitching version of Pachelbel's Canon. Next time you are at a wedding listening just play this version in your head. This is really awesome. 62mn views says so (or that you have seen it).


  1. Shanky, still watching the H1N1 virus? Didn't know if you'd seen this yet... School starting up across the US... Certainly has me concerned.

  2. Iguan - I think the possibility of something major with SF is a good possibility if not certain. No telling how bad it could get. This is something the media should get behind pretty good and spread the fear. Thanks for the link and visiting.


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