Monday, August 17, 2009

VIX Breakout?

The last time this happened it got sucked back in. I don't think so this time given the dow vol donimance this move has vs. the last time.


  1. A top then at 1018??? Seems the bullishness has peaked. Thanks for the charts.

  2. Near term top yes. I am playing it as the big one and the top is in. The moves south seem impulsive to a degree, but will keep an eye on the potential for one more push north. It just does not seem possible but given manipulation and the fact they can not let the market go, I would not put it past them. The charts will tell us what to do. I am looking for divergences to form on the weekly indicators, for the weekly RSI to break trendline and then mark the end of P2 as it did with P1. Thanks for the compliment and the views buddy. You are appreciated.

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