Saturday, August 8, 2009

Quick RANT On HC And Our "President"

Thanks to ZH I did not have to look far for something to piss me off (I am at the beach drinking some cool suds and living the life - you are not supposed to get pissed off in that situation), but this jerk really can get in my shit big time.

From Reuters (via ZH) - Healthcare critics make outlandish claims: Obama "President Barack Obama accused his critics on Saturday of resorting to "outlandish rumors" and "misleading information" aimed at derailing his efforts to overhaul the $2.5 trillion U.S. healthcare system."

Misleading information? ROF LMAO - Let me ask this question? Hey BO (LOL, good name), have you read and understand all 1,000 plus pages of this bill? Well, no one else had had a chance to digest it and fully grasp the concepts presented therein, so back off. I get the feeling you are giving the country and congress a HC enema that we have no desire for at this time. Let me say this, you are acting like a 4 year old that is not getting his way and now you are beginning to throw a presidential fit to get your way.

All the facts? ""Some have been using misleading information to defeat what they know is the best chance of reform we have ever had," Obama said, adding it was critical for Americans have all the facts as they meet their lawmakers in home districts." Uh, excuse fucking me, but it is widely known that most have not read or studied the freaking bill?

Hello? BO, it is my opinion that you don't give a SHIT what anyone thinks. You are on some freaking power trip and OBTW we are not your servants. Leave it to one of the fine fellows from the great sate of Georgia to give it back. "Republican Rep. Tom Price of Georgia took aim at this White House move. "When no one is listening to them, sometimes people have to speak up," Price said in a statement released on Saturday." "Rather than listening to the concerns of those who will face the consequences of the legislation, the White House has laughed off the thought that Americans might have sincere concerns about a plan that relies so heavily on government involvement in health care." I could not have said it better. They are laughing off any concern you or I may have regarding this bill. Ain't that sone shit?

This is some real bullshit folks. Please, if you have the chance voice your opinion. I do not care if it is for or against the bill, just say something. I want HC reform. Yes, I am for it, but only in the right way, done in agreement with a bill that has a fucking chance of working that people have studied and understand. Not one shoved down our throat by some fascist pig.

Now, can I please enjoy the rest of my vacation without someone else pissing me off. I doubt it.

Have a great weekend.


  1. Feel the same way, maybe even more! Happened to be watching Glenn Beck just now as I read your post. Do you realize there are eugenics theorists also behind this, appointed by Obama as his trusted advisory czars?! There's more of course ... Yuck.
    I've bookmarked your site - enjoy the beach, will enjoy your work going forward!

  2. "Thanks to ZH I didn't have to look far for something to piss me off"

    ROFLMAO, you crack me up shanky!

  3. Shut off your laptop and GSEC the wife, again.

  4. Thanks for the comments. Look for "Shanky's Irrevrent Political Commentary Blog" coming soon. I have a feeling I need to expand and keep the politico off of here.

    GSEC working just fine. Got a smile on my face this morning, and I wont be reading ZH till at least noon.

    Note: Sunday mornings Biography on History Channel always does cool bois on some great bands.

  5. Ariel - BO has some really fucked up people in his merry band of followers. I know about a lot of that crap. Funny how some are labeled conspiracists when the FACTS they produce are not in line with what "they" want you to think or know. Look for the new blog. I think You will really like it. Thanks for the visit and comment.

  6. Edit to earlier comment - Bigraphy show is on A&E not history.

  7. If this HC debate has not highlighted how retarded our congress and political discourse as a whole has become I don't know what will. The (R)s have to stop being obsturctionist and offer a viable, detailed alternatives, loudly and pubilcly. Until they do that they will just look like fluffers for the insurance industry.

    I'm pissed at the the proposed health care reforms, but I can get behind ideas easier than I can unfocused anger.

    The (D)s are just born failure artists. Nobody can implode like the democrats. They are the Bill Buckner of political parties. There is NO NEED to cram a hastily patched together bill through congress. If this is as important as they whine that it is, then they should take the time to craft a bill that will make substantive changes to HC that will benefit the citizenry.

    All congress has become is a never ending election cycle. Congressional term limits should be instituted and then maybe our reps will actually represent us.

  8. P.S. Hope my post didn't piss on your vacation. I just think that there needs to be substative debate about something so vital, and I don't see that from either side.

    P.P.S. For those taking as gospel the trash spewed from 'entertainers' on FOX, MSNBC, CNN and CNBC makes one just as brainwashed as the BO's merry band of followers. We've become a lazy generation that relies on blindly repeating talking points drilled into us from the media, instead of researching the facts and forming reasoned opinions based on those facts.


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