Monday, August 17, 2009

Ratigan Interviews Dan Gross On Unemployment Issue.

The profit concoction du jour, if you fire all your workers then you make more $$. Ratigan interviews Dan Gross of Newsweek and Slate on the current unemployment situation. Dan, "No great expectations that employment will really bounce back". 6.2mn unemployed and their time on the clock is running out. We are doing more with less. We are sending jobs to China, outsourcing is up and productivity is thru the roof. We are surviving recession thru reducing employment. This has led to a very dangerous concentration of wealth not seen since the last great depression. Ratigan, "We have never had more wealth in a smaller group of hands." Bottom line is job growth is non existent and won't be for a while. Something tells me there is something flawed with this profit model. Ya think?

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