Friday, April 5, 2013

Open Weekend Post 04/06-07/13

You know the drill, share the love and the knowledge.

So, do we get an event or some more Cyprusish news after the bell Friday? Will NK drop a bomb on someone? More deposit theft? Some sort of constitutional rape? Who knows these days? All we can do is sit and wait for them to play their little game and then listen to the MSM glorify whatever the government does.

Whatever. I'm bored, tired and sick of this shit. I have a feeling most of you are as well. Can we just end this nightmare? Can we get on with the inevitable, and stop wasting everyone's time and what's left of their money?

STB just waiting on the "event". Catalyst has come. As for top calling - I'd be very surprised if the top was not set Tuesday. I just need to find the nerve and time to make the call. I don't trust them one bit, and my caution has been rewarded. Now I think they've finally bitten off more than they can chew. STB is a bit leery of what they may try and pull off during earnings season.

I suggest you go thru the comments Friday and see some of the charts linked by everyone - good stuff if you missed it. I also want to welcome and thank all the noobs in the comment section for stepping out and up. Great job to all of those.

Weekly Short - Weekly reversal candle needs confirmation.

Weekly Indicator - They love April tops.

Enjoy the weekend.

GL and GB!

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