Monday, April 22, 2013

Morning Post 04/22/13 SPX /ES

Earth Day! Oh joy! Go hug or plant a tree and then ride your bike to work. Seriously, we need to look out for mother nature. She's all we got and if we all don't do our part to make things better, then ....uh....not sure where we will live. I'll make a simple request, if you don't recycle - do. It is easy and although not much, it is something.

On this earth day - deal with me here you know this is one of my pet peeves and you know that I think disclosure will come at a time when the greatest distraction is needed the most from the coming financial collapse - the movie Sirius will be debuting. You can visit the site for more info. Yes, I'm talking ET, disclosure and the latest film from Dr. Steven Greer. If you missed the first Disclosure Project you can see it here. Sirius is round two. Dr. Greer has assembles even more experts and evidence to try and force disclosure that ET's exist. Hopefully this new information will get us closer to the admittance we've been visited.

Nice to know we made it thru the weekend without any more disasters. I guess round one is over. I suggest you realize that these incidents are most likely not over. I do suspect more in number and greater severity to come. I'm gonna hold my tongue on the Marathon incident. I will say I was surprised that the second subject was taken alive.

I suggest that you pay close attention to the disconnect between the demand for and price of physical gold and what the governments want you to believe via their manipulation of the price of the shiny metal. What the MSM tells you is happening and what's really happening are two very different realities. Most know that I think you should be (have been) diversifying some portion of your assets from the dollar into physical (not paper) gold. the last move to save the petro-dollar is underway, but I do not believe they can save it.

Gold - /YG - Gold could have reached a bottom. Some have called the 1300 level as the low point. I'm not sure. As desperate as the Fed is and as corrupt as the gold trade is, it could fall further. I'm guessing 1050 would be the absolute low it could make under severe manipulation schemes. This is where China and Russia really started coming in hot and heavy after the crash. I do not think they will allow these price points to be violated. Bottom line, physical is running off the shelves and selling at a premium to spot. Forget this chart. Continue to DCA into physical gold and silver. I prefer coins in both.

Silver - /SI - Like gold, silver has taken out the long term support of the rising channel off the '08 lows. Silver near $23 is astounding. Major support is near $18.

SPX Daily - 50 DMA, 1540 price and lower BB support all picked up price and reversed it on Friday. This is a major level they must defend. As noted, a monthly reversal candle needs a close around 1514. There is a possibility for a move to 1570 here to set a right shoulder for a nice topping pattern (HnS = ~ 60pts and targets near the 1474 prior top). The bears did get a reversal confirmation - not they must make it stick. Easier said than done in this manipulated market.

Patience is still the word of the day. The catalyst has happened (Cyprus) and now we just need an "event" Nope the BM and TX events were not "events". They were not financially related. They were events in the overall scheme though as the police state and MSM got a great live drill for watch coming down the road.

As usual more to come below. If you only read the posts and leave, I must say you are missing the meat of the blog which is the daily comments section. I urge you to come back and check out the conversation and participate if you like.

Have a good day,

GL and GB!

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