Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Morning (Rant) Charts 11/27/12 SPX /ES

Does anything matter anymore? About a year and a half ago I threw in the towel. That was when I finally figured out that all hope was lost sans revolution. What sort of f'd up world do we live in where only perception matters, reality does not exist and as long as we all get our free iAnythings all is good?

This place is no better than a pile of horse dung. The crony parasitic capitalists have successfully destroyed their host. Dumb ass greedy mofos did not know when to stop. Rape is never good, but they've basically run out of lube and are basically committing necrophilia to the nation at this point. We're the walking dead. Debt has killed us and as we speak we're getting ready to take even more on to save the nation. Now that's funny.......We're so friggin stupid. 

We're done. We are toast. There is no hope left. BS Shanky, there is always hope. Uh, nope, there is no hope unless we decide to take this country back from the bought and paid for government, the military industrial complex and the special interest groups that control everything. Care to tell me how that's gonna work out as they plan to take our guns, put up even more surveillance devices and launch drones to track our every move? Have you not figured out that we the sheeple are now terrorists is our own country? 

Taking back the nation is a tall task when our side is perfectly divided down the middle. They got us right where they want us. If we can't come together there is no hope. Uh, who did we reelect as president? Really, at a time this nation needs a real leader we kick RP to the curb and put up a Muslim liar and a Mormon crook for our top post? I told you God has been removed from the equation. The almighty dollar (LMAO - that's an oxymoron) and greed now drive this self serving, self absorbed nation. 

And some people think the stock market matters? HA! That's funny. It is gonna suck when you come back here and say STB told me so after they steal literally everything from you. Corzine was the test run, then PFG and soon there will be another. The markets are a great illusion and distraction to what's really happening. The government and banks are stealing everything, militarizing the nation and are about to create the greatest socialist state to ever inhabit the earth. 

Every single ounce of freedom you have now is being ripped away one chunk at a time. Soon there will be none left and you then will be a servant to the grand masters. The freedoms we all enjoyed will be lost, and instead of serving yourself and your dreams you will be serving the state. Congratulations you bunch of self absorbed, ignorant, greedy, disengaged idiots, look at what you have achieved. 

Unless there is some sort of miracle (with God removed this is a tough call), and we can all come together to fight the system and take government back our path is set. Don't like or agree with what I have said above? Tell me about it below. I'll tell you you are a blind fool if you think differently. The welfare, corporate monopoly, militarized state is upon us. Capitalism and democracy are dead. 

What pisses me off the most? The people that say what happens happens and there is nothing they can do about it. That is F'ing BS! That is the cop out every child gets a trophy attitude. You can do something. Let them hear your voice at the least. Call your representatives. Complain loudly. Let them know you actually give a shit and be heard. That is the best place to start. How hard is it to pick up the phone or write an email? Apparently that is even too difficult a task as we are all to busy to give a shit, and we'll ultimately pay the price. 

Daily SPX - As I say, for what it matters - 

Minis 4hrs - Well, nice to know the STB points still work. Gotta love 'em. Critical moment here for the markets. The BS Assholes need to drive price thru here or the pain for the bulltards will continue. If they can manage to drive price up the 1432 s/r is possibly the best target. 

Sorry for the rant above, but you folks must wake up and accept the harsh cold reality and deal with it. If not everything in your future will be dictated to you. 

GL and GB!

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