Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Morning Charts 11/21/12 SPX /ES

Pretty much everyone here can see thru the smoke. For years I've kept you well versed in the "math will never work" Greece is a total train wreck scenario. So, why do they extend and pretend? Why do they continue to act like they can actually salvage something from this situation? Why do they continue to throw good fiat (what used to be good money, that's all gone now) down the hole? If you get the dynamics of any of that let me know? Other than pure delusionalism, raw insanity, greed or some sort of self righteous power trip I really done get it.

This is the first Turkey Day in the past four that a bankster holiday is not being discussed front and center. If the zombie banks are still alive at this time next year I will be surprised.

Hamas could not keep their hands to themselves or Israel false flagged them to keep the conflict going.

Minis Daily - Channeling down with two potential STB points above at 00 and bellow at 41 on the 27th.

SPX Daily -  Let's see how much kick they can get off these oversold conditions. Remember the set up was not hat how and the monthly and weekly charts are bearing down as well.

More below as usual.

GL and GB!

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