Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Morning Market Summary and Charts 04/03/12 $SPX $ES

Get with the program folks. If you don't fully understand we're headed for the cliff, like THE cliff of all cliffs, you better. Like TD says, "Good night." America's Future, Interrupted | ZeroHedge. We're aging and can't afford the costs associated with it and do not have enough jobs and worker bees to support the system that is in place. The funny thing, as if this picture is not bad enough, I'm not addressing the debt issue and everything associated with the last great bubble.

SPX Daily - And the liquidity pump makes for a pretty picture of that cliff. Well, this chart just covers the top of the cliff. There is plenty more room to fall not seen on this chart. Glad I did not update a bunch of charts yesterday or I'd be bitchin about having to raise all the fibs again. The double divergence here are just sick indicating that when (along with like 1,000 other factors) this market does turn the fall will be swift and come in large chunks. Sadly with the Fed under total control in this election year the catalyst will have to be something earth shattering (What? Do you thing the Fed is gonna stop printing and pull liquidity? HA! That's funny.).

Easter and Masters week, so I'm toning it down a bit. Thanks for the comments last night on my first short story They Stole Easter. As for investing, the STB record is still broken and I'm one of the few who has still not called a top (of the 5 that should have been in any normal or naturally free market). Patience, form and follow the Fed is all you need. Gangsta style hit and run trading scalping short or long is what we've been reduced to up or down.

I'll update some charts today and as usual tweet the important intraday charts and give you the more specific market calls below.

Congrats to Skysurfer for winning the 3rd Annual STB NCAA Challenge!

GL and GB!

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