Thursday, April 5, 2012

Open Weekend Post - 04/06-07/12

You know the drill, share the love and the knowledge.

Happy Easter to all and to others, happy holiday weekend.

Not much to say other than I'll be watching the futures (and the Master's replay) with an eagle eye Sunday night.

My best effort at retaining the charting holiday spirit. Laugh with me, not at me. Yes, that is an Easter Bunny! Trust me, I could have done many things with this little dude, but I refrained. He almost had a gun in one hand and an American flag in the other, but I thought the Handler would have frowned on that. LOL.

GL and GB to all on this very special weekend. Enjoy!

Updated 60m chart - There are 5 fibs on this chart and the most recent off the 1340 low's 38% retrace is acting as a floor around the 1390 lows here. Channeling? Rolling over? M triple top?

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