Friday, August 17, 2012

Open Weekend Post 08/18-19/12

You know the drill, share the love and the knowledge.
I suggest you take a look at The United States’ $122.1 Trillion Debt Visualized in $100 Bills Pay special attention to the last picture where the $122 TRILLION on UNFUNDED liabilities is expressed. Note that $122 T number - that's $122 TRILLION in unfunded liabilities. You may want to look at the National Debt Clock while you are at it. These both do a nice job at visualizing the dire state of the union and quantify the fact that we're so deep in debt we'll never be able to pay it off nor support the interest alone. As I have been saying for years, do the math! Failure is immanent.

And then I suggest you watch (h/t RC) Ann Barnhardt rail the system and tell you to get the hell out cause they are gonna take everything. Silver for barter? You bet! (it will be the only way around the cashless system one day)

This is real folks. the shit will hit the fan and when it does precedent has been set that allows then to take everything (and they will).

I'll update the chartbook this weekend and post a broad updated detailed report Monday morning. We still wait on the Fed and Jackson Hole (non-event). I wait on my catalyst hoping this is not the "big one", cause no one want that to come. It is coming though.

Have a great weekend while you still can.

GL and GB!

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