Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Morning RANT 08/29/30 SPX /ES

Like trying to get cold ketchup out of a bottle? Remember that old 'Anticipation' Heinz commercial? Agonizing isn't it? And we can't even beat our hand on the 57 to make the flow go any faster. The only problem is that in this case nothing 'good' (market crash or global financial ruin) is going to come out of the bottle till something extreme happens (my "event"). Well, what comes out can be considered 'good' if you are like me and want a total implosion of the global financial system to happen sooner than later so we can get on with our lives and stop living the lie.

Kicking the can, extending and pretending, call it what you want. The hopium trade must end so we can remove the virus that is the crony capitalist elite and restore the state to its rightful owners. That would be returning it to the people and taking it from the special interest dominated system. The greed and excess that the fractal fiat system has created must be wrung out in order for us to move forward towards prosperity. 

One of my prognostications is that this nightmare will not be over till you see the minimum wage lowered (yes, I said minimum wage lowered). Not till the lest common denominator is reduced will this charade end. (I'm not going to address nationalism, global competition or us shipping jobs overseas or any of that mess that you know exists in this post) 

Look at all the excess and waste around you. Look out your window and consider what's necessary and what's fluff. How much does all that fluff cost? OK, here is the huge problem, eliminate the fluff - easy enough - saved a ton of money, but in the process how many jobs did you eliminate? Ah ha! And why are we staring massive unemployment in the face right now? Cause we're as lean as we can get and the fluff is gone. There are simply not enough jobs (for those into eugenics - population reduction - and Agenda 21, we can discuss that below in the comments section). 

There are not enough jobs to go around and never will be. So, in the end there must be massive wage deflation (you are seeing it or experiencing it personally every day) in order to get everyone back to work (or you reduce the available workforce which I sadly think is coming - that is whole nother post). 

Those attorney friends what were making $250k are happily working now for sub $100k. That is waste being removed from the system. (Using attorneys and waste was a good analogy I thought) Expect a lot more of that to come (and that is a best case scenario). 

If that's the case everything must deflate. Now how is that gonna be possible with the current debt and the Fed having printed more fiat than the sun could burn in a lifetime? Sorry, a bit exaggerated, but you get the point. 

Nothing works. There are no solutions to the multitudes of problems that the hyper-repothecated fractal money creation system has developed. How about all that regulatory reform we got after that 2008 crash? That's working really well isn't it? Your pussy ass pwned government bows down to the banksters (cause they are solely funded and owned by them) every whim and threat of global financial destruction (blackmail). They can't regulate, cause if they did the system would implode. They can't install one iota of reform.

Quick question - has anyone gone to jail yet? If Corzine did not get locked up what the hell does that tell you? 

So here we are four years later with the only solution being more of the same that got us into this mess in the first place. That leaves the Fed in a big pickle. What is the Bernank gonna say that is any different this time? What sort of new financial voodoo can they come up with to get us out of this mess? There is no solution. There is only kicking the can and that is what they will do till the gutting finally occurs. 

Their backs are finally against the wall. Bullshit will no longer work and that's all they got now. The printing presses will print forever, but basic math will overrule this system and bring it down when the interest on all their debt (to themselves, created out of thin air on the back of bullshit worthless fiat) can no longer be afforded.

Why are we in this situation? How are the brightest financial minds on the planet leading us down this path of destruction? It has become one great money grab by the elite. If you are not in the club, sorry. You have now become a debt slave to the system and will forever work to pay for their excess. As for your children and grandchildren, they will get hit the worst by this mess. 

Over the past three weeks I have posted endless charts with the double top scenario and all the fixins that come with it. I've been verbally mulling over calling a top here and in the comments section. We're in a blow off top here. The end (of some sort) should be very bear if not already here. Also on August 2nd I tweeted that we had finally entered a period where unprecedented and blatant intervention is what you can expect from that point forward. That statement was greeted by this recent run from what should have been the top at 1374 and the ramp from 1349 to here. 

About the only two things left to complete the top are a divergence in CPC and TNX. That's all that's left. Those are not necessary, but if they set, you better be ready cause the shit will hit the fan then. 

The manipulated POS market will do what they want it to, when and how as long as they maintain control. There is no need to get caught up in all the BS the Fed is spewing or the hope hype (not to mention the BS presidential choices). All that matters now is the you know is that the end is coming and it will not be pretty. Get prepared now. They will confiscate your retirement plans as a last ditch effort and your investment accounts will be gone after the crash. All you will have is what you have in your safe at home. Get ready now. The DHS did not buy 1.4 BILLION (enough to put 5 in each of us) .40 cal hollow points for target practice. 

Here is the only chart you need to see today. Nothing now and most likely more of the same till the FOMC meeting on the 12th. Upside should be limited but one last hype pop on Bernank/ECB/Hilsenrath/Draghi/Merkel news is still possible. That heavy blue diag is the upper bull market resistance off the 2007 top and the March top. It is dominating price here. I'd go to guess anything sub 1394 and the door could then be opened to further downside. 

GL and GB!

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