Tuesday, August 21, 2012

SPX Full Spectrum Charting 5m to Monthly

My condolences to those that have tried to short this manipulated POS. I'm just gonna sit and wait on my catalyst. See if you can identify the blow off top point. I still contend the markets should have topped at 1374 double top. I still hold my 120 first and 1170 second targets. Patience Grasshopper. Right now it looks like the 1390 to 1380 area will be a first move target. Of course that is YTBD cause the Fed is in total control.

Do me a favor if you have not already and favorite my charts on stockcharts and like them if you are able or willing to.

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SPX 5m -

SPX 10m -

SPX 15m -

SPX 30m -

SPX 60m -

SPX Daily -

SPX Weekly -

SPX Monthly - Yes, those lines are my prognostication for what's coming. I just keep moving them to the right.

If you can't see the problems here or if you have any questions ask below in the commentary.

GL and GB!

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