Friday, January 6, 2012

EUR/USD Update - Confusion?

Looking at the confusion relating to currency movements - Why anyone would want either the EUR or the USD fiat is beyond me, but they are all we got (till gold reasserts its rightful place in monetary history). So, we cover them till they implode.

For long term charts on the EUR/USD see my earlier post here.

STB has long been on the EUR/USD call of a move to 135 then 125 then 116. Right now the pair is at 127 two points from the 125 target and from the 1.2572 next major low. It is also just above diagonal support off the '02 lows near 1.24 here.

After the backtests of the rising channel off the '08 lows it has been all down hill for the EUR/USD. Now the pair is thru major support at 129 and about to test lower channel support at the 125 level. When do they fight back or does the devaluation continue? Can they fight back may be a more appropriate question? There is pretty fat positive divergence going back to September indicating that this move south is tiring.

Here is the dollar at resistance testing upper channel resistance at the same time.

Bottom line is both are testing/cracking key levels with a final backstop just around the corner. If those backstops fail, parody is coming.

And how does a 20 year chart of the XEU and the USD work out? Amazing if you ask me (and some say central planning is impossible).

Right now it looks like they either reverse the recent process or a collapse is coming in the EUR. The question is will or can the dollar rally? That would not be good for the markets here. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts mentioned that they are strengthening the dollar and weakening the euro to prepare for a war effort which makes a lot of sense. On the other hand economic conditions across the pond are dictating this move as well (never mind economic conditions here - they are not important).

GL and GB!

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