Friday, January 27, 2012

Open Weekend Post 01/28-29/12

You know the drill share the love and the knowledge.

Not much here for the post - Tired of reporting on this manipulated BS for the week. Little burned out so taking a break. Need to get away from the news and data for a day or two. I may update and get you some links in the post over the weekend. That means you all get to provide the content if you don't mind. Market based, police state, Ron Paul abuse - pick your poison and let it flow.

Looking forward to Sunday, if the Greeks come up with a solution (don't know why - they have missed every deadline so far and it is apparent no one wants to give them any more money or take a massive haircut) it would be a surprise. I plan on being online Sunday night getting ready for next week, watching the futures and updating the charts.

Have a great weekend.

GL and GB!

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