Sunday, May 9, 2010

Minis Up 22.50 (scratch that now 30) - They Are Fighting Back

31.50 - Having trouble keeping up posting the numbers now. Can't wait to see what I wake up to in the am.
30.75 - OK this is getting a little ridiculous.
30 - I bet the CNBS editors are having wet dreams
Update: 23.50

I have to ask the question, doesn't this massive bailout make all that you have heard about the recovery and how good things were appear to be the most blatant lies you have ever heard? I can see it no other way. 

I guess a $500 Billion EU bailout package will spark a move like that. Bloomberg TV has $962 billion mentioned. Let's see if the EWT people have to go back to the drawing board. Told you not to hold anything over the weekend short. I guess it is still early in this move up to speculate. I'll keep an eye on it. That gray rectangle is a gap.

If the rumors are true, the monetization would be greater than historic proportions (now or anytime in the future, cause after this fails there will be nothing left). This move is totally insane as the debt bubble that needs to implode is about to go on steroids. This is the last gasp, last ditch effort by those in power to keep hold of it. This is the last effort to keep the financial world from imploding. Sadly, it has already reached defcon21 and is not salvageable no matter what they do. This is the most insane and idiotic thing that has been done since ... well... pick anything that our current administration has done. More good money after bad. If we had hopes of a recovery in 5 years, this move will shove it back to 10. This is moronic.