Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Glimpse Inside

I was able to sneak in to get a post done for you. This is what my brain looks like. LOL Yes, every line is important. These are what my work charts look like before I clean them up and present them to you.

Lines everywhere as I try to decipher where we are and whats going on. Sure the chart is ugly, but I wanted you to see what its like trying to figure this crud out. OK, at this time this is the best I have got. I think we possibly just had the C touch on the blue wedge which would have possibly completed the 3rd wave. If not there is a little more weakness to get a 5 of 5 of 3 down here then the corrective. Up for 4 to the top blue line near 1075/1080 or backtest of the last wedge and down for 5. The other option is that we are still in 3 and it really lets go from here. The corrective call here is a little bold if you ask me, but it is what I'm calling. There is no up option other than a corrective at this time. Daily price has fought it's way back above the lower BB which is at 1053. The lower weekly BB is at 1037 which was almost touched this a.m. My 1020 to 995 targets range is still in tact. Price took out the 1044 February low and then the PPT put a break on things. We have entered my target zone for the fall in price (big green circle on the Morning Post not bad if you ask me calling the top and the fall to a specific target range over a month out in time, especially such an aggressive fall), but not on time. My time placement was based on some cycles that have been shortening, so I may miss the time side, but I have already won on the more important price side.