Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fat Fingered A Billion?

We came within 70 points of a market closure. Here is the link to the closure information.

LOL, now, how many of us are sitting here discussing exactly what the market did today? My quote from this mornings post, "My target of 1152 is not far away as the 60 and 30m chart are embedding on the bottom (have not seen that in a while). Bottom line is we all know it is going to implode and we just need to be prepared for the worst. At this time momo is down and you have to stick with the NT trend. A corrective is due, but of what size and shape and when is the big question. If we are in the corrective now and a 3rd of a 3rd is coming look out". I then followed with this post which gave you the crack withing 30m of the breakdown. I wish I had more conviction in the wording, but no matter it was there.

Fat fingered a trade? LOL, with the global financial system imploding around us and the charts teeing up the FIRST OF MANY collapses like his to come it was a friggin panic sell. We were all at the friggin gates and we rushed like hell. OK, so your grandfather that rode his BAC down to the bottom last time, ya think he's gonna hang around this time. Nope, none of them are. TWO, count 'em, two market closures I have been predicting for this fall and I might be able to pick the week or day they happen.

Can't wait for Zero Hedge to get back up and running. Who made the trade? Someone wanted out at the top. Someone knows that the shit is about to hit the fan and they wanted their cabbage. Why do you think the Fed has raised billions in cash over the past few weeks. I'm betting that a country or some super rich mofo wanted out cause they know what's coming. They want out!

OK, I gotta go figure out my charts. I have a lot to digest. I am afraid that things might be a little screwey for a few days and we may have to work off even shorter time frames till this normalizes. They are a mess I bet. Pay attention in the am to see what happens overseas.