Friday, October 14, 2011

Open Weekend Post - 10/14-16/11

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G20 meeting could send some shock waves or the futures into orbit this weekend. There is no telling what sort of crap they will spew about recoveries and bailouts and stimulus. Very dangerous times. I think there was a top placed Friday just before the close. Right now this is only anticipated to be a corrective to the 1170 to 143 area. I think disaster hits in November.

Best to be in cash now and let this BS settle. Obviously the market believe there will be some sort of major bailout/fixit plan that will be the end all be all of savior packages. I guarantee it will be the end all of something....

If you read this blog and think we'r a bit loony read this and see the chart - This is REALLY SCREWED UP!

US Consumers Hit Peak Schizophrenia - A Chart | ZeroHedge

Here is a good video that describes our current situation and what may have to be done for us to have any hope -

Hedges: No way in US system to vote against banks - YouTube

Have a great weekend.

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