Monday, October 24, 2011

Morning Post 10/24/11, SPX

OK - I did a whole post and blogger did not save it as chrome crashed - Lovely - Crap!

Let's get the executive summary shall we -

Gold and silver look to be topping.

Oil looks to be breaking out, but is may just be a bear flag.

Natgas is filling the gap from the 10/26 open last year near 3.33 - to those /NG doubters - This is STB's favorite economic indicator. I was right two years ago it would hit 3.25 and I'm confident my $2.40 target will be net eventually.

Currencies - All sorts of resistance, but you can't trust anything at this time cause of intervention. Best to remain cautious. Most look bearish.

5, 10 and 30yr all fell fast this morning but remain range bound. Watch the bond markets.

Copper - double bottom dead cat bounce or a move to 2.85 here? I like the fall to 2,85 to coincide with a SPX move to 1040 and then QE3 comes for the last pop to set the right shoulder for immanent destruction.

No sense in discussing the EU situation. Bottom line is they can/might save it. If they do it will only be the last time they can kick the can. Then the match catches up to them and it all goes boom.

SPX Weekly Target Chart - I added a new pink scenario. I like the idea of a severe fall in November.

Weekly minis - /es - Last week I pointed to the weekly bull cross in the MACD - not a call, but pointing out the possibilities. See the red box at 1330? That is the convergence of a gazillion trendlines. This can fit with my sell the news event fall hard in November scenario.

/es minis 1m - No trendlines? That's right. We're in no man's land. 1280 or 1218 - pick your poison.

Sorry bout the post - that crash got me.

GL and GB.

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