Friday, October 21, 2011

Morning Post 10/21/11 (Rapture Version 2.0), SPX

STB's gonna take this rapture theme and run with it - If you do not like dire things then you may not want to read this.

STB is skipping to the end game - 

Rapture would be a sensational alternative to the BS we're all going to have to live through. I don't think that is gonna happen anytime soon (rapture that is). I think the Big man upstairs wants to see us all endure some serious pain before he comes back again. We've had it so good on an awesome planet with everything we could ever ask for and look at us now. If you are into the rapture thing, today is the day! 10-21-11: NeeD I ReMiND You YeT AGaiN? THe END Is NeaR! | ZeroHedge 

How is this financial and global mess all your fault and mine? Simple, we elected crappy, greedy, self serving representatives that always chose the easy way to riches and did not monitor the process. We then turned our heads and became self absorbed  lazy, uneducated sloths and allowed them to sell out the system to the greedy, corrupt, self serving assholes that run the banks and corporate ameriKa. We lost our "check" in the check and balance system. We're now living in a police state that serves GMO foods and sprays the air with aluminum and other savory things. Can we stop any of it. Nope. Remember those crappy elected officials? Yup, we're screwed. 

I don't see anyway that the antichrist (or whatever your religion calls it) could not be on this planet right now. If Obummer is reelected, that may solidify my belief he's the one (it not he's still in my top 5). STB discussed the papal prophecies earlier this month (one of the most viewed links I have ever posted). Mayan prophecies aside, start adding up all the earthquakes, eruptions, mass deaths, storms, flooding, diseases, add the riots to the equation, the elimination of political leaders and the escalation of all of this in recent years. 

Rapture? No, we have to go thru living hell first and that is what I see coming. Never has a financial situation like this not ended in a war and the next one has the potential to be the biggest of them all. This blog discusses "preparedness" almost daily int he comments section. I suggest you pay attention. 

You gotta wonder what (mine or your) God is thinking right now? Ya think he's laughing at just how screwed up things are and how lost we are as a civilization? Is he thinking, "Darn, they did it again." Ya think he's thinking, "Man, I could have done a better job than this?". Either way, the devil has his talons relentlessly digging deep into the gaping wound of global politics and finance. 

Look, this whole market thing is really screwed up. In reading the depth of the issues behind the EU's troubles and knowing there is no way out. Then add the insolvent unregulated corrupt banking system in the US. Throw in a little pinch of MENA and China. It only leaves you shaking your head at how 1) everyone is not in the streets raising hell (like Greece), 2) how governments are in total denial of the extensiveness of the issues and are incapable of addressing the issues, 3) how the markets are ramping and considering breaking out on the "hope" (there is that word again) of salvation via printing more money and adding it on top of the existing debt that we can't deal with in the first place.

As I said, salvation is not in the neighborhood and for all intensive purposes is moving at a snail's pace and may as well be on the other side of the globe. If you think I am being paranoid or excessive consider yourself in the 99%. No not the OWS 99%, but the 99% that refuse to wake up and accept the cards reality has dealt. If you are reading this, odds are you are in the 1% that has a clue. The question is, can you cross the line or pull back the veil to see the reality that is on the other side? 

There is no magic bullet. There is no amount of money that can be printed to stop the global financial meltdown that is coming. When there is a financial meltdown everything blows up. See Greece? Now impose that on every country. Ya think they will ever get control back? Nope. 

I ask that you try and grasp the severity of the situation. You have a bout a year to get ready. My thought is that we come out of this a corporate controlled planet with, yes, a one world government controlled by the corporations. Something like Robo Cop. Best case scenario? You got a direct line to God? Tell him he better get his but down here and fast. 

In protest of the rigged markets and the pile of shit this financial system has become no charts today.

Ramp on market. Every once of additional amount of greed that is thrown on top of this heaping pile of shit they call a market will only make the back end that much more painful.

Your comments (good or bad) on this post would be appreciated. 

GL and GB. 

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