Monday, October 31, 2011

Afternoon Delight 10/31/11 - Halloween!

Today generated a plethora of links and news. As usual STB would like to have a light post that is Halloween related, but that ain't happenin.

So you say it can't happen here? Riots During the Great Depression - Neighbor against neighbor.

Lets hit the EU issues hard and fast as it is a moving target.

Don't want to get left out of the party? Better get your seat at the table. Three Out Of Four: Spain Joins Ireland, Portugal With A Gun To Its Head, Demanding Concessions | ZeroHedge. Of course this party crashing (it was meant for Greece only) means there is not enough money available and things will have to be reworked just a bit.

Of course when the party is being crashed and it was not all that in the first place, you begin to throw up a little bit. G-Pap Demands Referendum To Rescue Plan, Seems Set To Throw In The Towel | ZeroHedge.

Europe Tries To Kick The Can Down The Road But It Will Only Lead To Financial Disaster

Did you hear about the broker dealer MF Global blowing up and filing for bankruptcy today? LEH incident? Who knows, but it is scary enough as it is. Presenting The Bond That Blew Up MF Global | ZeroHedge. Playing in the Italian bond market is a dangerous place to play I would say.

So, was that just smoke that Obummer and McCain were blowing last week when they were warning leaders of middle eastern countries they "could be next"? "There is a conspiracy involving regional powers that is aimed at overthrowing the Assad regime in Syria, warned Beirut-based political analyst Kamel Al Wazne. ‘Gulf countries conspiring to topple Assad' — RT

In other news -

I've been trying to keep you informed about Fukushima. Last week I hit on this subject - Entire West Coast Hit Hard By Fukushima Radiation | Before It's News

Interesting - Seven Billion Humans And Counting* - Decline of the Empire

This is really cool - Front-Page ABC News: "Occupy Veterans Movement Growing Across U.S." and this video will make you proud and think twice about the OWS movement - Hero: Navy Sailor Stands Tall In the Middle of Oakland Tear Gas Firestorm ... Holding Up the Constitution and a Veterans for Peace Flag 

On the other hand, this is what OWS has, no wonder they are getting ridiculed so badly - Kenyan, Keynesian? We’re in Big Trouble Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Chart of the Day -

Minis 4hr - This morning after the post I mentioned I had added a green channel and that support would be near 1247 -

Minis 30m - Closer view.

And a special chart to set the mood (not that things are not scary enough already).

And on the topic of Halloween -

A good read on the holiday - Halloween - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Google Halloween Doodle 2011 - Behind the Scenes - YouTube

And a little humor -

Happy Halloween!

GL and GB.

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