Thursday, June 20, 2013

I Think I Blew A Gasket - No, Seriously 06/20/13

Post FOMC farce. Tempted not to post anything in protest of, well, everything. I'm tired of the lies, corruption and manipulation. Market is total BS. Nothing is real anymore. I guess we must trudge on. Quitting now would make everything since starting the blog in '09 pointless, so we'll just have to redouble the efforts and smash these forkers even harder. I've never been one to kick someone while they are down, but these sumbitches need to be tarred and feathered or worse for their actions. Destroying this country is not cool, and I personally will not stand idle while they attempt to (which is what they are doing by the way - destroying our rights and privileges and transferring all the riches and power to the elite - if you can't see this by now you are pretty much hopeless).

This Andrew Jackson quote has been in the header of STB since its inception for a darn good reason, "I am one of those who do not believe that a national debt is a national blessing, but rather a curse to a republic; inasmuch as it is calculated to raise around the administration a moneyed aristocracy dangerous to the liberties of the country." I believe it perfectly frames our situation today. 

I suggest you read Who Are The Real Traitors from ZH. It is long, very (as in too) long, but important on many levels. It details historical ideals and how today's politicians have corrupted everything. You need to know this is real. I've often spoken about crossing that line between reality and unicorns. Now is the time to remove the cloak of safety and delusion and open yourself up to the harsh cold facts.

Man I could go on a massive rant now, but will refrain. Those will come soon and in greater frequency as I get back to where STB started - anger driven rage at the system that is has destroyed this once great nation. Let me remind you that this is not all the government's fault. We're just as much to blame. Our self-absorbed, selfish, lazy, uneducated, greedy, trusting, ignorant and lackadaisical selves are probably more responsible than anything.

Keep reading below - it gets better -----

Hell, we reelected O and had Romney as the best second choice while we let them railroad Ron Paul out of the competition. Damn we're some stupid mofos. Who will we elect in 2016 - Clinton II or Bush III - or will O even allow an election? Do you think we really even have a voice in this situation? Uh, that answer would be a resounding NO! Oh, and I'm pretty sure they know now who the next potus will be (that is if there is a next one and O does not become ruler supreme).

Now let me be clear, I have not lost all faith, but am darn close to it. We better step up the efforts to press OUR (bought and bribed for) representatives into action (if that is even possible). If that does not work, I'm afraid other options will have to become available. The Merks, Googles, Monsantos, GSs and the like need to be rooted from power. We must have a government by and for the people, not by and for special interest groups.

More rants to come, I promise. I've had enough. I hope you have as well.

On to the lie -

Bernank is in deep shit. Nothing has worked. Nothing will work. Why they did not start and end the FOMC statement there is beyond me. They should have let the system fail in '08 but Noooooooooo they had to save the banks or else. I'm not going to rail on that here and now. None of you need a refresher course here.

So the meme remains taper talk and that will soon evolve into capital control talk and retirement plan confiscation I assume. My head is so friggin spinning right now. The literally thousands of acts by the administrations of ill-repute and greed, where conspiracy fact has now become the norm is really a bit to much to regurgitate for you. It is too overwhelming to digest and internalize honestly.

I'm still ranting, sorry, but every thought that starts, ends or becomes enveloped by more BS. It does not stop. It permeates everything from every conceivable angle. Man is this gonna end bad or what?

Charts? WTF? Do they even matter? I think they do. The numbers/price will never lie (in this case - not the BLS data type numbers that are massaged as desired). Price will eventually get to the truth. Key word - eventually. Their shit is gonna blow up in their face, and when it does we will be right there. I'm just not sure how we'll come out the other side My best guess is something like this -

I've laid out the support and resistance point for you in great detail. they have not changed and until something breaks I'm not sure I have the patience to call this shit much longer. I've been on a pretty remarkable old school STB market calling run the past few weeks. I'm still thinking down, moar, like a lot moar here if they can break LT diagonal support.

How this market did not puke up a lung yesterday is beyond me. You mean they threatened to take away the A grade hopium and that was all we got to the downside? WTF? As in WTF or how many ways do they have to control this beast? I guess we're all novices at this central planning crap and need to trust that they really know what they are doing.

Lawd bless these great and wise gentlemen. Beeee with them on theyah journey to deliver us the honies and riches they seek. For surely they will sha(ah) all that glorious loot with your servants and we will all bees EBT frees one dayah. We have nothing to fe(ah) as they will delivah. They will delivah! Oh mercy bees, they will delivah!

OK - I have officially lost it. I'm checking out for the night. Maybe I will have come to my senses in the morning. I told you that I could not start one thought without a gazillion others dominating my senses. See how it all runs together? Just remember that hippo above. That is your future when we come out the backside of all this mess.

More to come below - well not more of this - I'll be fine in the moar-ning. I promise.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

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