Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Morning Rant and Charts - What My Kids Need To Learn To Be a Successful potus - Shanktified - 06/05/13 SPX /ES

Disclaimer - total /sarc below. I think you will get my point by the end.

I understand that I'm being a bad AmeriKan when I lecture and teach my children to be clean, honest and respectable. I know it is horrible that I teach them to be responsible for their actions and if they make a mess they need to fix it or clean it up. They are going to grow up to be horrific citizens in the eyes of the government. I mean, it's not like I'm raising a future banker, Wall St. executive, congressman or president is it? If so, I've got it all wrong, very wrong.

GOP Rep. Jim Bridenstine’s (must see vid here) description of potus and his veep is so spot on that it needs to be repeated here, "“[Obama's] dishonesty, incompetence, vengefulness, and lack of moral compass lead many to suggest that he is not fit to lead. The only problem is that his vice president is equally unfit and even more embarrassing.”

What's the problem Jim? Having an illegal that is a glorified Kim Jong Un as potus is a problem? This man is perfect for the job, and if I'm responsible for raising the future of this country isn't this supposed to be the model I should follow? We really don't want kids like the Heroic Canadian schoolboy  who was disciplined for disarming knife-wielding classmate because it broke school rules to be involved in the future leadership of anything on this globe. My kids need to learn how to swindle, cheat and bribe their way to the top. They need to be heartless scumbags that will sell their souls to the likes of Monsatan and be willing to let their own father rot in poverty as they enjoy the excess they have confiscated. Most of all they need to learn to be a puppet to their masters.

They need to be willing to ignore the teachings of Jesus, Jefferson, Adams, Washington and the like and forge new paths for the country along their more selfish and personal guidelines no matter how anti-AmreiKan and Marxist they are. Scrap history and everything once deemed sacred, shove all that crap aside and forge a new path where they can build a power base so strong that not even the laws of the land have a chance in their wake.

They should become proficient at using the most powerful tools at their disposal like the IRS to reign in and shut down the undesirables.They need to learn to threaten and control the MSM so it will bow at their feet and print whatever propaganda is required without ever questioning anything they do. They need to learn to wage heartless and meaningless wars that destroy countries in the name of democracy and kill thousands of soldiers and innocent people in the name of corporate global dominance. Fortunately I think they have already learned how to spend like no tomorrow and ignore budgetary issues.

They need to set up a police state that scares and intimidates the shit out of everyone. One with internet, mobile, and every sort of surveillance possible, cameras everywhere, a state where no one can hide, all data is stored and analyzed where pre-crime arrests can be made before anything or anyone ever gets too far out of line. Maybe they could set up a unconstitutional domestic force used to feel up all the hot chicks and little children at airports and buy up billions or rounds of ammunition so there is none left for the citizens?

My kids need to be taught the art of using a good false flag event to their advantage. They need to learn to promise the moon with a straight face while whipping the ignorant masses into a frenzy and then pull a 180 and lie so well about the about face that everyone buys it. They need to learn to promote whistle blowing so the whistle blowers can be strung up by their balls from the highest tree. I guess I have erred in raising them as Christians as well, for those teachings are so outdated. They need to be Muslims for sure.

Sadly my kids will not have the biggest advantage of all. The one trump card that trumps all others. You see, my kids were born White. I know, they have all the advantages and such but one - the race card. Well, they don't need it, but it would be nice. If I follow the road map laid out above I believe the boys will be able to fit in somewhere in DC or on Wall St. Now if I could only find the perfect model for them to follow?

On to the lies -

What can we rely on these days other than a well timed PPT ramp or Hilsenrath rumor to generate another fundamental-less stick save out of nowhere? It is all about easing and nothing more or less. The Tuesday magic came to an end yesterday. Omen? Possibly. Speaking of omens, how bout the third recent Hindenburg Omen? Been there, done that and got the T-shirt. Benny and the Ink-Jet printers can fend off feeble technical anomalies with impunity. Maybe the jitters coming from Japan are more real than imagined. They should be.

SPX 60m - While tinkering last night I found a potential channel in Red. We'll know by the morning if this has any merit or not, but it is something worth considering (till the open in the morning at least). The positive divergences on the shorter term charts and a possible dead cat bounce may have occurred. Lord knows the Fed will do whatever possible to keep the markets from cratering and this may be a spot that want to reverse it. I'm not saying they will, the Tuesday ramp failed and this potential formation is just that, a potential formation. So is that blue bull flag. Bottom line is if the bears pull something off here with this bull set up and the Fed's backing, something much bigger and more bearish may be in the works.

Minis 30m - The RS of the larger HnS which RS has another HnS (I think I got that right) has a 1595 target. The backtest of the neckline has proven a bit tough of a nut to crack and the red near term (NT) resistance line is just above as well. Inflection point? Could be. I'll be very surprised if this market can drop on no news. Maybe the wear and tear of a global economy on the ropes and a market held up for years via smoke and mirrors is finally going to show us a crack.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

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