Friday, March 2, 2012

Open Weekend Post 03/03-04/12 - #Birthers and #Breitbart

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OK after drawing my own conclusions and listening to AJ this week, I think the time to be scared s-less is closer than ever. This Breitbart media release of Obummer footage was to close, and I believe the odds of his demise being a hit are pretty good. The man was going after Obummer in an election year and one of his last interviews was with Sheriff Joe (the man who released the proof of falsified birth cert and selective service card Thursday - video below). The man was going to single handedly take down Obummer, and I think he probably got whacked.

AJ was discussing what other radio and media personalities are saying. They all are scared and there is a supposed blackout (your life or your job will be lost if you report on any of this stuff - see The Secret Memo That Explains Why Obama Can Kill Americans - The Atlantic) on anyone that covers this stuff. Think about it. We have a president that could not pass a background check to work as a sheriff and he's got known radical socialist background and he's from Chicago. The man is all about racial division and social warfare - divide and conquer - is this hope and change and unity? DUH!

I think the possibility of someone else going down in the next week or so is pretty good. This is one hot potato. Possibly the hottest of all. They are fighting for the presidency here. Add to this the racial charge that will come down if he's proven a fake (Not to mention the slight problem of having an illegal president for the last 3 years). Not good. It can NOT be proven he's a fake under any circumstances - NONE! Breitbart was going for the jugular and got taken out.

This is what happens when you blindly follow those you think you should trust - Tosh.O Dick of the week / Shovel Prank - YouTube (h/t DG)

You may want to read Michael Savage: Was Breitbart assassinated? 

First you need to watch - Breitbart: I Have Obama College Films - YouTube

Next see Steve Bannon: We Are Going to Release the Obama Harvard Tapes in One Week to 10 Days - YouTube

You also need to watch The Mysterious Death of Andrew Breitbart: Infowars Nightly News Alex Jones' Infowars

Finally if you have not seen sheriff Joe's presentation here it is. This should blow your mind. MCSO: Obama Eligibility Cold Case Investigation (Full Press Conference) Alex Jones' Infowars. I can't believe youtube has not pulled all of these videos yet.

As for the markets - LOL - just another rigged game. What isn't these days? See my Friday morning post for extensive chart of gold thru the EUR/USD.

Minis 60m - holding support (again) for now. Could be an interesting weekend. There is a massive hole under that purple support diagonal. I'm positive the fall will start this month.

SPX Daily - This chart looks particularly nasty with divergences really starting to fall off now. I still think we need to wait on the FOMC on the 13th, but that may not be possible. Patience. This thing is gonna bust hard soon.

Have a great weekend!

GL and GB!

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