Friday, February 3, 2012

Open Weekend Post 02/04-05/12

You know the drill, share the love and the knowledge (while we still can freely).

I'm not going into the BS with the BLS or anything else in the post. I may address some of it in the comments this weekend. As usual, Friday comes and I'm spent and even more frustrated (not mainly with the markets or price action, but with the destruction of the country and total disregard for the law and as politicians continue to spend their way out of the mess and never solve any problems) than the Friday before. Rinse/Repeat

Let's focus on something different today. We could all use a little release from reality (well, that is the "we all" that get "it" and do not permanently live in fantasy land).

Super Bowl weekend, check out some of the prop bets here as they are always entertaining. You can get your Super Bowl Party Prop Sheet HERE.

On the coin toss - NFC has won 14 straight coin tosses - any of you play roulette?

My thoughts on the game - two mediocre teams playing for the championship. Brady carries the pats and the D carries the Giants, so there is your match up. That leans the game to the Giants as their mediocre O plays the just OK Pats D. The whole world is on the Giants to win. I find it hard to bet against Tom Terrific. One would assume that the game is rigged like the rest of the markets (since we know the Fed's tentacles reach into every crevice that move the markets). Since if the Giants win that is a bad omen for the future of the markets, you know it will be the Pats winning and covering on a late TD. That's guaranteed like a QE ramp on a bad news day. (In other words, look for (as is typical) the public to get punished in the most brutal manner in the last minutes,

I suspect Vegas will leave the number at an even 3 to minimize losses, thus making the spread possibly irrelevant. If they don't have a hook (half point) it would be basically criminal. If they do it will be the public moving the line to 2.5.

STB came up with some prop bets for the markets and other events - 

Over under number of months before the Iran war starts - 7

Who will fire the first shot?
Israel 100/1
Iran  200/1
USA  500/1
False Flag 2/1

How long will it last?
1 week 50/1
1 month 200/1
1 year 500/1
Till Obummer's approval rating is where they want it 7/5

A Greek default will hurt whom the most?

Greek Citizens 10/1
ECB/Fed/IMF 666/1
The Banks 100000000000000/1
US Taxpayers 1/2

The Fed will ease -

Never again 1000000000000000/1
Another decade 2/1
Till eternity 1.01/1

Hot Dog sellers at the Super Bowl will falsely ID (and send to jail for unnecessary reasons) how many "terrorists"?

Over/Under 63,000

(Special note: we're all terrorists if we have more than 7 weeks of food in our home, so this is a trick/gift play as 63k is stadium capacity)

How many fans attending the game know the NDAA was signed, and if the government wanted to it could just lock the doors at Lucas Oil Field and them put them all in jail indefinitely if they chose?

63000 1000/1
31000 500/1
5 2/1
0 1.1/1

Add your own prop play if you like below - I may pull the best up into the post.

I'll definitely be online Sunday night during the game updating charts.

Enjoy your weekend and the game.

GL and GB!

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