Thursday, February 16, 2012

Afternoon Delight 02/16/12 - Charts

Patience and form. IMO they are getting as much altitude as they can before the net turn, Really putting on a show for the sheeple to get them as complacent and sucked in as possible. March dates for FOMC, EU and Greece loom larger every day.

Daily SPX - Indicators embedded and diverging for months now. As a bear I like that NTMO falling off a cliff.

Weekly SPX - STB was waiting on this chart to catch up and it has, still not optimal with divergences, but finally overbought. I really like the HnS presented here. Note- Right shoulders have been launching points since the '09 QE1 run. Either mass market insanity is about to commence or the sell off is closer than it appears. 

Monthly SPX - The Internet bubble, the housing bubble and now the final leg, the debt bubble. Just note the waning volume and the severely diverging indicators. 

Monthly Comparison - As Beavis and Butthead used to say, "Breakin the rules! Breakin the rules!" The backtest breaking thru at these levels with this economy, are you serious? This is sick manipulation. 

More charts to come. It does not matter where you look now, the signs of a top are everywhere in the charts. Sad part, "they" see it to. Everyone sees it. The inevitable will come, just remain patient. Gangsta trades, hit and run, scalp and out up or down. Keep the stops tight and follow he Fed. March dates are the key. Market should sell off in anticipation of the "event" (not sure if this will be my "event" or not), but may not with the threat promise of QE3.

Just hang on cause the break could happen literally any second at this time.

Sorry no news coverage. Actually too much to cover right now things are happening so fast. I'll pick it back up Monday. 

GL and GB!

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